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Your Questions About Las Vegas Hotels

January 20, 2013

William asks…

What hotel should we stay in when we go to Las Vegas?

My boyfriend and I are going to Las Vegas next month and we are trying to decided on what hotel we should go to. The hotels that we have in mind are the Luxor and the Stratosphere. We really like both hotels but we are torn between the two. The Stratosphere and the Luxor have everything that we need. Maybe some one has already been to the Luxor or the stratosphere can help us to decide which one is has more activities to do. It would be a great help. Thanks a bunch.

Administrator answers:

I stayed at Harrahs last August because we got a deal through Expedia, and I really loved it. It was inexpensive, had good restaurants and a huge casino on site, a few little shops, and was right in the middle of all of the excitement of Vegas. If you are set on the Luxor or stratosphere though, I would go with the Luxor as the stratosphere is pretty far from the main stuff. If you are flying into Vegas try looking at a flight+hotel package on Expedia, it will save you tons!

Jenny asks…

How much of an influence did Howard Hughes have on cleaning up Las Vegas?

The casinos were owned and/or operated by the mob. I know in the late 60s and 70s, he bought up hotels and casino, many in the Las Vegas area. How much of an influence did he have in “cleaning up” the city’s casinos?

Administrator answers:

Their is a new Mob museum in downtown Las Vegas Now. Come by and visit it! Plus a different Mob museum in the Tropicanna casino/hotel.

I guess he got the mob cleaned up and outta of town! NOt the cops!

Steven asks…

How do I find a hairstylist that will come to my hotel room on my wedding day in Las Vegas?

I’m getting Married in October in Las Vegas and I have no idea how to find a good hair stylist. I’d like someone to come to my hotel room and do my hair and makeup that way the women in my family can be there with me to help me get ready and relieve some tension before the big moment.

Administrator answers:

Ask the concierge at your hotel for recommendations…

Ken asks…

All the hotels in Las Vegas are unioned?

I am looking for a J1 workplacement in Las Vegas and I hear most of these hotels are unioned therefore they dont take international interns. Is that true?
Thanks for the answers!

Administrator answers:

You could look outside of Vegas.

Nancy asks…

How much does it cost to go to Las Vegas?

How much is the airfare from Greensboro, North Carolina to Las Vegas? A round trip ticket! No need for a hotel!

Administrator answers:

I live in Las Vegas and frequently visit NJ which is close enough to NC to give you an idea. Airfare right now is expensive. Expect a round trip coach ticket to cost about $600 and a round trip 1st class ticket to cost about $2000. You may also want to check out the buget airlines – Spirit, Jet Blue, and Southwest. Typically this airlines require that you purchase tickets directly from their site for the lowest price and they don’t usually post tickets on the sites like Priceline. If you don’t care what time your flight is or what airline you’ll travel on then there is Pricelines Name Your Own Price feature. This could cut your cost by 40%. Good luck.

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