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January 31, 2013

Sandy asks…

What to do with Luggage in Las Vegas while Walking the Strip?

I just realized that my flight leaving las vegas leaves at 7:00pm But i have to check out of my hotel at 11:00am. So what do i with my luggage the other 8 or so hours? While i explore the strip. Any help PLEASE!!!

Administrator answers:

You hotel should have a room near the check in counter that they allow you to store youe luggage in while you wait

Mark asks…

Best way to obtain free tickets for nightclubs in Las Vegas?

Going to Las Vegas tomorrow for 3+ nights. Looking to visit a nightclub on strip with friend @ Wynn, Encore, or Ceasers Palace, is there a way to obtain free tix? Any other clubs you suggest? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Go to your hotel’s concerige and tell them to put you in the guest list. It worked for me when I stayed in Bellagio.

Lisa asks…

What is the song from the movie 21 when they are in the car driving down Las Vegas for the first time?

It is when Ben is looking out the window at all the hotels and lights because it is his first time in Las Vegas.

Administrator answers:

“i am the unknown” by The Aliens from Astronomy for Dogs album

Betty asks…

How long should I holiday in Las Vegas?

This will be my first visit to Las Vegas, I am not into gambling and shopping. But I will be spending one of the days on a tour to the Grand Canyon (8 hours – hotel to hotel). Please no rude answers.

Administrator answers:

I think 4-5 days would be plenty – it gives you time to do your Grand Canyon tour, and also plenty of time to see all of the major Vegas sights, enjoy a show or two, etc. Vegas can get old pretty quickly – a week or more is too long, especially if you aren’t gambling or shopping.

David asks…

Is Las Vegas one of the cheaper options for a family vacation than other US cities?

I have to prove in an essay why vegas is a good family destination, one being how inexpensive it can be. What makes Las Vegas so inexpensive?

Administrator answers:

No. Vegas is expensive as a tourist destination. I was just watching something earlier today about the swimming pools at some Vegas hotels. Some charge upwards of $10,000 for a section by the pool. Lemme see if I can find it….

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