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Your Questions About Las Vegas Hotels

February 13, 2013

Linda asks…

What room should I ask for at the Imperial Palace Las Vegas?

We are headed to the Imperial Palace, Las Vegas, at the end of the month and would like to stay in a strip view room, on a high floor. Does anyone know what these room numbers are, or have any experience requesting a similar room type?

Administrator answers:

Imperial Palace is the worst dive hotel on the strip. I suggest you change to Bally’s or Bill’s, which are both center strip and much nicer for about the same price.

Anyway. When you make your reservation, ask for a strip view room on a high floor. They always give you what you request unless it’s not available.

The “Roman Luv Tub” rooms are the nicest they offer.

Mark asks…

Where are good cheap places to eat near LA and in Las Vegas. Any ideas?

We are vacationing to Disneyland next week then to Las Vegas. Any ideas of budget friendly places to eat? Also what are some fun must see/do activities to do at both places besides the usual Disneyland. We do have 3 girls the youngest is 7 going with us. Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Universal Studios – they will love it more than Disneyland.

When you arrive at your hotel, there will be brochures for many attractions and restaurants in your area. I would also suggest you speak to the concierge at your hotel or at a large hotel nearby. They know all of the inside information and can help you make the best decision for your group

Richard asks…

Where can I get a cheap hotel in Las Vegas?

I want a really cheap hotel in Las Vegas.

Administrator answers:

Stand alone hotel/motels have to make their money renting the rooms. Casino hotels rent the rooms to make money with the casino. Your best bet is the check on hotels in downtown Vegas. They are going real cheap. Cheaper than motel 6 and places like that.

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