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Your Questions About Las Vegas Hotels

February 19, 2013

Susan asks…

What is a great hotel to stay in Las Vegas?

I plan on taking a trip to Las Vegas this coming fall and I am starting to look at prices for hotels and airlines. I am looking for a suite for my boyfriend and I. Does anyone know a good hotel that they have stayed at or heard about in La Vegas. Preferably located on the strip. Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

If price is not a concern then go for Wynn, Encore at Wynn, Bellagio, Palazzo or Venetian. Not the basic rooms either, get one of the more expensive fancy rooms.

I’ve stayed at Sahara, Circus Circus (don’t laugh), Westward Ho (which is now gone), Luxor, Paris, Treasure Island, Rio, Venetian, Bally’s, and Mandalay Bay.

My favorite of them all was Mandalay Bay. The basic, lowest priced rooms (they are designated “550″ since that’s their size in square feet) are the best of all those casinos, in my opinion. I liked the Mandalay Bay room even better than the Rio basic suite and Venetian basic suite.

I paid extra for a strip view but all the 550 rooms are otherwise the same.

Paul asks…

What to do after wedding ceremony in Las Vegas?

My fiance and I are getting married next year in Las Vegas and will have about 50 guests attending. We are getting married at a chapel near the strip (3pm), but have not made plans on any events after the ceremony. Any ideas? We’re trying to keep it relatively inexpensive.

Administrator answers:

My brother just got married in vegas a few months ago. Their ceremony was also at 3pm in the Treasure Island Chapel.

Her dad had rented a van (but it could very easily be done on foot or on the “duece” as well) but we drove around and took pictures at different locations in Vegas (Ceasars Palace is wonderful for this), drive out to the Vegas sign (there’s also this really tacky pink elephant en route that was funny to take pics with as well)

I’m assuming you’re not having a reception? They had theirs at Mizuno’s (in the Tropicana) and it was $1100 for 30 people. Maybe hit up the MGM’s seafood buffett for dinner…have it as an open invitation and make sure everyone knows that it is “on own”, I think that if you don’t have a plan for after the wedding, everyone will drift around and lose contact in Vegas.

Or if you or a family memeber has a large enough room/mini suite in the hotel you could head down to cosco and pick up some beers, bottles of wine, and meat/veg/fruit trays and have an “open house” until 7pm-ish. And then hit the town with whichever guests want to come along!

After my brother’s reception, we went to New York New York and went on the roller coaster in all of our wedding apparel…including the bride! So much fun!!!!

It’s Vegas, baby! There are no rules and no expectations. Just roll with it and have an amazing day!

James asks…

How is the pool at the Wynn in Las Vegas?

I’m trying to book a hotel room at the Wynn in Las Vegas but heard that the pool’s sun gets blocked by the Palazzo at around 2:30pm. Does anyone know if this is true?

Administrator answers:

Like everything else at the Wynn – overdone and over hyped. Try the Mandalay Bay, or Caesars or Hard Rock

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