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Your Questions About Las Vegas Hotels For Families On The Strip

May 12, 2012

Robert asks…

Can anyone help me find a nice short term condo rental in Las Vegas?

My family is flying in from Korea for our wedding in Los Angeles, and I wanted to send them to Las Vegas for an overnight trip after the wedding. I’m looking to book on the 17th of October till the 18th and there are 8 people in the group.

After looking at a lot of hotel rooms, I figured that a condo rental might be a better idea. Koreans are notoriously ethnocentric, especially with food, so it’d be nice if they could have their own kitchen to prepare their meals and a more laid back environment than a hotel on the strip.

Can anyone recommend any good rental companies that would be able to accomodate a party of 6-8 people? The location would be preferrably close to the Strip and with 2-3 bedrooms. Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Check the timeshare properties. They have two bedroom apartments and rent them out as hotel rooms. Check Polo Towers, Jockey Club and Carriage House as a couple of choices. You can go to this site and pick out the timeshares to check rates.

Mary asks…

How much money should I bring to Las Vegas?

My 3 year old son and I are traveling to Las Vegas in October. My son is the ring bearer in my cousin’s wedding (hence, why I’m bringing a 3 year old to Vegas). What I want to know now is, how much money should I plan to bring along? Here are a couple items to help you, help me. :)

1)My trip is all paid for (plane tickets and hotel.)
2)I have rides from family from and to the airport, so I won’t need to plan for cab fare.
3)There is a FREE shuttle that will take us to/from the wedding. There is also a shuttle to take us to the strip whenever we want from the hotel.
4)I won’t be gambling at all. ** I don’t like to gamble and I will have my son with me.
5)We will be there Thursday – Monday. I need to plan for Thursday lunch & dinner. Breakfast Friday, (the wedding is Friday) and all meals Saturday – lunch on Monday.

I hope someone can help me figure this out. I’d like to take my son to a show, but I’m not sure what would interest a 3 year old??
Wow, thank you to everyone for your responses. I thought I would need to bring $1,000 or more! Gives me peace of mind to know that $500 should be sufficient. The shuttles are scheduled out, but they are free. Being with a 3-year old, I don’t anticipate we will be out too late, so we should be good as far as the shuttle goes. Mandalay Bay, Billagio Fountains, and Lion King are great ideas! I’m not sure why I have been so worried about finding things for him and I to do. I suppose it’s because Vegas isn’t really meant for small children, but as some of you have said, the casinos and such try to appeal to the parents to get them inside to spend some money. I am very excited to go! Thanks again to everyone that has helped out and to those of you that may have more ideas for us. It shall be a great time in Vegas!

Administrator answers:

It’s really up to you.

Just keep in mind the sole purpose of Las Vegas is to get you to part with your money. It’s going to be very flashy, very exciting. Every place you go there will be gambling. First thing you will see when you get off the airplane will be slot machines. Go to a grocery story – slot machines.

Food prices in Vegas are all over the map – just depends on what your up for. The restaurant choices vary from over the top celebrity chef restaurants (Bobby Flay, Emeril, Mario Batali are a few examples), to hot dog carts on the strip. So, whatever you want for food choices can be found.

In my opinion the thing that will interest a 3 yo the most is going to a swimming pool. If your hotel has one, there ya go.

One option is the shark reef exhibit at Mandalay Bay –

Another for a fee thing he might like is the Gondola rides at the Venetian. Http://

Haven’t been in there for 25ish years, but Circus Circus might be entertaining to a 3 yo too? Circus Circus is a hotel casino – but the theme is Circus. I remember they had flying trapeze show, a kangaroo boxing a midget, clowns all kinds of cool stuff going on. You don’t have to pay for any of this it’s just going on in the casino.

Rio casino has a show that a child might find entertaining too. Theirs is a a “Carnival (Mardi Gras)” theme show that runs periodically over the casino floor. Lots of people in bright color costumes dancing, singing and throwing beads. Again, no charge.

For a budget, I’d suggest planning on $20 for breakfast, $20 for lunch and $40 for dinner (for both of you), Assume you will need to take a couple taxi rides, so about $30-$50 for taxis total (you can get almost anywhere in LV for a $10 taxi ride). Take maybe $200-$500 extra to cover something like the shark reef and some souvenirs.

Me personally – I plan on $300/day/person. But that is mostly for booze:)

Steven asks…

What to do in Vegas (been there many times)?

My family and I are going to Las Vegas this weekend since school just ended for me (I’m 16), and my sisters are free. My dad gave me the responsibility of choosing a few places to go while we’re there. The thing is, we’ve been there so many times, that we’ve seen most of the stuff. We go there at least once a year. We haven’t really explored any of the new places (Aria, City Center (we’ve been to the big shopping mall)). So is there anything worth visiting in those new places? We’ve seen many shows, so are there any really good ones that you would recommend. I’m more interested in magic/exciting shows rather than musicals and whatnot. As a family, we’ve seen Phantom, Jersey Boys, Jubilee, Criss Angel Believe, Steve Wyrick, Lion King, O, Bellagio Fountains (if you count that as a show), and some others. My dad recommends us to go see Penn/Teller this time. Is that any good? I feel like the comedy/magic is just gonna be boring/dry? I’ve been able to find some discount tickets for that and Le Reve. Which one do you think is better? I’m personally okay with those Cirque kinds of shows. And I’m the youngest at 16 years of age, so do you have any other recommendations? As for shopping, we’ve been to most of the well-known places: outlet malls, Caesars, PH shops. And we’ve visited most of the hotels on the strip: Ballys (that’s where we’re staying), PH, Bellagio, Paris, Caesars, MGM (M&M store). And we have a car since we’re driving from LA, so getting around isn’t a problem. We haven’t really been towards the end of the Strip. Is there anything worth seeing at Wynn/Encore. And of course we’ve been to Circus Circus before. So, I’ve pretty much given you most of the things we’ve done in Vegas, are there any other fun things to do?


Administrator answers:

- There were you can see these shows_

- Cosmic rockers still out of this world
They look a little older. Their hair is a little grayer, but after more than four decades of performing, The Moody Blues still know how to rock.

- Brad Garrett reveals his love of comedy, Vegas
By Caroline
Brad Garrett has always considered Las Vegas to be a second home. Most people know Garrett for his role as Robert Barone, on the Emmy Award-winning TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Before he was entertaining TV audiences, Garrett was making people laugh as the opening act for headliners on the Las Vegas Strip .

- It’s ’80s night and the feeling’s right in downtown Vegas
By Caroline Fontein
Fremont Street Experience and Nina Blackwood send guests “Back to the Future” this summer.

- Spacemen, cowboys and quarters
The scene at 1610 East Tropicana Ave. Is a lot like any given Las Vegas resort on a busy day.
A symphony of quarters clanging, low-fi beeps, upbeat digital sounds and faintly distorted classic rock provides the ambiance.

- Museum breathes life into Vegas’ mob history
Las Vegas’ newest attraction brings the mob to life – literally.
The $25 million Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana Las Vegas uses character actors, hologram celebrity guides and interactive elements to bring you into the world of the mob.

- Come see a Dam good view

I’ll be honest. I’m not really a sightseeing type of girl, especially when it comes to old buildings, structures, monuments, statues and the like. But when I was told that I should check out the Hoover Dam, I didn’t realize I was going to have such a “dam” good time.
I actually visited Hoover Dam a..
- Have fun!!

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