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Your Questions About Las Vegas Shows

October 7, 2012

David asks…

What shows would you recommend at Las Vegas?

I have seen the Rat Pack Is Back, Tournaments of the Kings, and Lance Burton.

Hated the Lance Burton but really enjoyed the other two.

What other shows would you recommend knowing that I liked the other two shows?

Administrator answers:

I havent seen any of the ones you have seen but I did see Ka and Mystere by Cirque du Soliel and I must say KA was by far my favorite of those 2. I would say to go see that but many people disagree on which is best. So let me put it into a summary for you. KA has very little talking well that you can understand anyways. They do talk but it’s in a made up language. Anyways, it’s about imperial twins getting seperated and the journey they go through to find each other while there are people after them to kill them so that they can gain control over the empire. Very great show with lots of martial arts and stunts. The theater itself is worth seeing the show i think. There probably arent any bad seats in the theater although i had 3rd row seats and i loved them b/c i could see the facial expressions on the actors but i didnt like them at some points b/c i had to bend my neck to see things above me.

Mystere on the other hand i thought to be boring. If going with kids i guess it would be okay but it did not really seem to have a great story to it and was confusing to me and my husband. It was funny at some points but most of it wasn’t that great.

I hear O is really good also but i wouldn’t know just stating what people tell me.

Mark asks…

What ever happened to the show Las Vegas?

The last time I saw the show Las Vegas, Delinda was like 7mths pregnant and she started to bleed at her fathers false funeral. I believe it was the season finale. What happened after that? I have never seen it since. Was it cancelled because I don’t ever remember any commercials about it and I have never seen it on the TV listings.

Administrator answers:

It was cancelled due to it’s large budget.

Mary asks…

What are some good kid shows in las vegas?

Administrator answers:

Definitely Tournament of Kings at Excalibur! It is a dinner jousting show with knights on horses. They serve you tomato soup to start, then game hen, broccoli, and a roll, and a pastry for dessert. All are eaten without the use of utensils because utensils did not exist in the medieval times! Neither did Pepsi really, but that is what they serve. It requires audience participation in cheering for the knight from the country you are assigned to. Even my two-year old daughter was completely mesmerized by this show, she didn’t touch her food and I’ve never seen her sit so still! It is only $58.24 per person which includes the dinner.

Another show is the Mac King Comedy show at Harrah’s. It’s an afternoon show at 1pm and 3pm and you can get free tickets from the tickets4tonight (or half price tickets?) booth in the big coca cola bottle. Mac King has kids of his own and the reason he only does his show in the afternoon is so that he can be at home with his kids in the evening and he even says he enjoys entertaining families with children.

Joseph asks…

I’m looking for discount show tickets for Las Vegas?

As the title says I’m looking for discount show tickets for las vegas shows. I’ll be going in april. so im in no real rush but i would like to be prepared to look for a place that sells shows at discount prices. any tips?

Administrator answers:

You can try

Susan asks…

What to wear to a las vegas/ show girl party?

Right so me and my boyfriend are going to a las vegas themed party. I have to dress up but what should I go as I also have sereouse body hang ups. I’m not at all fat, I’m an average size but i have faint stretch marks on my chest because i am a size 32 F. what should i wear and should i cover them up or just forget about them??????
please be nice.

Administrator answers:

Get over the stretch marks! Especially if they’re faint. Most women have the somewhere – I have them on my hips (probably from exercising), and on my chest, because I’m a G cup – so probably the same marks you have. But no one can see them but me, because I’m aware of them! I never feel the need to cover them up. Just be your fabulous self. Remember, the thing about hang ups, is people only notice them if you make them into a big deal. :)

Try these outfits!


Go forth and be fabulous. X

Sharon asks…

What are the newest shows to open in Las Vegas?

Interested in the headliners that have been added in the last year or two or that are scheduled to open in the next few months.

Administrator answers:

Here are a few

1) Vegas! The Show at Planet Hollywood – Miracle Mile Shops
2) Celine Dion at The Colosseum March 15,2011
3) SINATRA Dance With Me at the Encore

John asks…

Where can I purchase cheap tickets to Las Vegas Shows?

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Here are some free and low-cost attractions:

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