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October 12, 2012

Laura asks…

Las Vegas deals for Las Vegas…shows/restaurants/day activities?

I’m planning on going with wife to Las Vegas from Tustin, Ca and I wanted to know what deals are available and where can I find them. I’m looking to go the weekend of October 5th weekend. I’d like to see the O show and visit a couple of “great/cheap” restaurants and maybe offer some day activities.

Thanks a million. It’s my wife’s birthday that weekend.

Administrator answers:

If you are on facebook i suggest you like most of the hotels like mirage luxor etc and you will gt some deals right now you could probably get excalibur luxor monte carlo flamingo harrahs treasure island and mirage at decent prices some as low as $40 a night

the show o is worth every penny the best you can do for a slight discount would be to check tickets4tonight at bills gambling hall or casino royale

cheap restaurants is a bit harder you could get some deals at ticetsfortonight for some dinners if you want cheap off strip has a lot of deals but if you eat in the casinos it will cost a pretty penny

Lizzie asks…

Criss Angel and Las Vegas Shows…..?

does criss angel have a live show that he does in front of a large audience, like lance burton and all those people?

if so can i have his show schedule

Administrator answers:

Not yet. It was supposed to open in September at the Luxor but it’s been delayed due to technical difficulties. He IS there doing rehearsals so it shouldn’t be too long.

Ruth asks…

Can you help me find a las vegas show girl halloween costume?

I am 13, and I really want to be a show girl for halloween, but I can’t find any costumes online for it! And if I find one they are extremely inappropriate. I am pretty tall, about 5’6 or 5’7 so I can’t fit into many childrens costumes some tweens and some adults if they are not extremely inappropriate. Could you please help me find one? If not, could you please give me some suggestions on making some or other costume suggestions? Thank you.(:

Administrator answers:

Take a look at these ones:

Here’s a search with a bunch of them listed:

If you want to get 10% off go here first and click on coupon for BuyCostumes:

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Linda asks…

What is there to do in Las Vegas besides gambling and watching shows?

Not really much at all other than just walking around and taking pictures, huh?

I thought so!
DisneyWorld and Universal Studios are more fun!!!
Even the county fair is more fun!!!

Clubs and perfume, geeez, I was right, there isn’t much to do there. Las Vegas sucks.

Administrator answers:

Sure! You can go to the pool, check out the different hotels:

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