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Your Questions About Las Vegas Shows

October 16, 2012

Betty asks…

Where can you find discount tickets for shows in Las Vegas?

Sunday night preferably

Administrator answers:

There are 5 locations on the strip and downtown


Jenny asks…

How do I get discount coupons for shows / dining / rides etc in Las Vegas?

would love to save a few dollars in las vegas but do as much as possible :)

Administrator answers:

Alot of the hotels have them when you walk in the door, Your hotel room will also more than likely have a copy of Best of Las Vegas magazine with coupons in it. If your looking for discount shows you can check the Fashion Show mall there is a half price show counter that sells all the last minute unsold tickets. Got some great deals there that were even better than Las Vegas resident discounts.

James asks…

What should I wear to a show in Las Vegas?

I am going to Las Vegas In October and one of the shows I will be going to is Donny and Marie Osmond. What should I wear? Is it Formal? Do I need a nice dress?

Administrator answers:

Hey there!

No, you won’t need a nice dress and definitely nothing formal. There’s no dress code, in fact. You’ll find that most people in the audience will be wearing business-casual attire, although some tourists will go in T-shirts and shorts (btw kids who are at least 5 years old are allowed, so you know it’s casual).

Have fun! This website will give you more tips on the show, too.


Joseph asks…

Does anyone know of a bar in Las Vegas that shows mainly Houston sports teams?

I’ve seen lots of bars here that show mainly NY games and draw ex-New Yorkers, same for Boston, etc., but I can’t seem to find one for us Texans…any ideas?

Administrator answers:

I really don’t know if a bar exists that specifically caters to Houston sports. Most of the coverage that I saw showed a lot of Phoenix and Los Angeles based sports. During football season I did see Oakland Raider coverage and the San Francisco 49ers. But that’s obviously just an extension of California sports. The only suggestion that I have is to go to one of the sports books. You can pick and choose what to watch there.

William asks…

What is the best affordable Las Vegas SHOW?

We wanna go to a show that is under $100 and very entertaining :) Any tips on pricing- where to buy tickets would help very mucH!

Administrator answers:

Just go the half price ticket booths around town and see what they have. All of their shows are well under $100. Just see what they have available for that day. You really can’t go wrong doing it that way.

Steven asks…

Any Suggestions for Hotel, Shows, Restaurants, Bars, etc. in Las Vegas?

I’m turning 21 next summer and in the works of planning a trip to Vegas. Never been before so I need some help deciding where to stay, and figuring out what are the “musts” to do in Vegas are. Not trying to spend a fortune, so some money-conscious choices are desired. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

First check out

You hardly spend time in the room so you need a bath and bed, not much more. You don’t have to gamble to have fun so set a daily budget and stick to it. Charge the room, shows, meals, souvenirs so that is less money to carry. Need more for tips and drinks though and clubs.

You want to see one of the Cirque shows Use their web site to see descriptions

You have to enjoy at least one buffet – lunch is best

You have to go to the top of the Stratosphere – 101 stories high and see the entire valley and a fantastic view of The Strip, plus there are 3 rides

IF I were staying I would go to Venetian or Palazzo or Luxor. They are all good so base choice on price of room at that time.

Richard asks…

Bite – Las Vegas show… If I’m a bit of a jealous girlfriend, will I be able to handle this show?

I’m not a psycho crazy girlfriend, but I will be on my honeymoon in Las Vegas this upcoming weekend (getting married February 14!) We are going to so many shows in Vegas… and the soon to be husband has heard Bite is a good show… I’m a bit worried the whole time I will be green with jealousy because of the topless girls… Is this a decent show to go see, or will it just be a strip club hour?

Administrator answers:

There is quite a bit of difference from a strip club and a show. This is a musical show for adult audiences. There is no touching of the girls by the audience. It is a show. Read a review of it here and you will feel better about it.


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