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October 20, 2012

William asks…

What else can you do in Las Vegas other than go to shows?

I heard about a rollar coaster in one hotel, aquarium in one, water show in one, there is a r&b club on the strip, shark ref, etc. Could someone tell me the name of the hotels and which one has those attractions?

Administrator answers:

Here is a list of Vegas activites including thrill rides, museums and free attractions.

Maria asks…

What are some live shows to see in Las Vegas?

Shows for teenagers also?

Administrator answers:

Another vote for Blue Man Group. By the way, don’t show up late, or they will embarrass you!

Jersey Boys is amazing, but teens may not like that kind of music. They have a sign that recommends that kids be over 12 because of some coarse language.

There are some surprisingly good shows off of the Strip, and they are less expensive as well. If you could give a little more info on the type of show you want (music, magic, etc.) you might get some more detailed answers.

Sandra asks…

Which website is reliable for buying show tickets in Las Vegas?

I need to buy tickets for shows in Las Vegas, but I don’t know any reliable web site. I’ll be thankfull for any sugestion?

Administrator answers:

You have a few choices….My suggestions are as follows….

1. Downtown–There you will find the best prices on dining. Most of the Buffets down on the strip are $25.00 Plus….Downtown $10-15 per person. Most all the downtown Hotels are also completing renovations. Plus the Freemont street experience is downtown. You can catch the bus (THE DEUCE) tickets are $6.00 per day or like $20.00 for the week. And ride unlimited to the strip if you want.

2. Strip–Everything is the same a downtown as far as casinos go…they are all about the same. There is more nightlife on the strip, Nightclubs in many casinos. More shopping etc….Again Higher priced for the Tourists.

3. If you like Culture, I suggest going to the Googinheim Museum at the Venetian Hotel….Very nice exhibits there, Saw Gaugan and Picassos there.

4. If you have some time, and want to save on stuff. I suggest sitting in on the Hour and a half timeshare promos that you see the people in the lobby of most all the hotels. If you dont mind wasting 1.5 hours out of you life, then you can get 2-4 Show tickets and other discounts. Ticket vary 75-200 per person per show, So a great saving is possible.

5. I highly Recommend Vegas Club Downtown, All new rooms just got renovated, and the freemont street experience are there. More Casual area, All around better experience, and you can take the Deuce to the stip if you want.

6. Make sure you get the Players cards from any casino you go to. I travel to Vegas 4-5 times a year and I dont ever pay for Hotels or meals anymore, they will send you hotel and meal comps. (Complimentaries) well worth it….

7. I suggest the night time helicopter over vegas ride. $85.00 But well worth it…..

8. Wear comfortable Walking shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Check out the shows—-Blue man group and any of the Cirque de Soliel shows are Unbelievable…..but expensive, again I recommend sitting in on the timeshare talks, save some money….

10. Break your money down into spending (Losing) a set limit per day and don’t go back into your cash until next day….It is easy to do….otherwise can be an expensive trip and regretful.

Daniel asks…

Fabulous Las Vegas: What acts or shows do you really like?

Alas, Bette Midler’s last show was January 31. I’m going in two weeks. I’ve seen Kaa and Love — both were terrific. What do you recommend? Any girlie shows you liked? Variety? Comics? Magicians?

Administrator answers:

We were out there back in August. We took in the following:

Legends in Concert at Harrah’s: I was quite skeptical to be honest of this show, but once I saw it, I loved every minute of it. Obviously all the entertainers were impersonators, but they were all first rate. The looks might have been a bit off, but for the acts we saw, the singing was spot on (I thought they were lip syncing until I could hear “Brittney Spears” breathing real hard in her singing after her 3rd or 4th number)

Nathan Burton at the Flamingo: We caught this magic show on a $20 buffet & show deal. The buffet was less than spectacular and I thought the show was just OK. There is no way I’d recommend someone pay full price to see it. It was a nice way to fill our afternoon, but it was just an “average” show to me.

Wayne Brady at the Venetian: I thought this was a great comedy show. The show was much like the old show “Whose Line Is It Anyway” with Brady, Drew Carey, and others. I liked that show, so I was not disappointed in this one. The comedy was improv, there was a ton of audience participation, and he did some singing at the end that actually was quite good. To fully get the experience of the show, I’d recommend getting the VIP package (all the interaction is done with the VIP section). Personally, we bought the cheap seats and it was still a great show.

I can’t speak too intelligently on other shows as I haven’t seen any other ones that are still playing.

I’d recommend making a list of shows and finding a Tix4Tonight booth. Basically, they sell show tickets for that night at a discount. We got some great deals through them. Http://

Enjoy your trip!

Charles asks…

How long is flight from Las vegas to Baltimore MD? Schedule shows departing at 6:30 pm arriving at 1:50am…..

but is 1:50 am Nevada time or Maryland time? This would make a several hour difference in the actual flight time if I could find out. Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

The flight time would be 4 hours and 20 minutes… The arrival time of 1:50AM is EST… Which is equal to 10:50PM “your time”.

Linda asks…

Recommended Shows In Las Vegas?

We are going to Las Vegas for our first time ever in June and are limited on funds. We would like to go to one show but not sure which. Would you suggest: Tony & Tina’s Wedding, Wayne Brady or Blue Man Group or something else?

Administrator answers:

A really good show is V the Ultimate Variety Show at the Planet Hollywood. It is a great show featuring great acts of all kinds. You can usually find discount coupons all over Vegas. Like the old time production shows Vegas use to be full of.

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