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October 23, 2012

Nancy asks…

Las Vegas Male Stripper Shows Bad?

A friend of mine that i really like is going with 2-3 friends to see a vegas stripper show For Her 18th Birthday.

Now, My biggest concern is that they manhandle her and either wipe their STD’s Junk all over her face and force her to give a bj, or even home base…

She says shes been to Las Vegas many times, and its not even a full nude show… but arent all strip shows go all nude?

Im just really concerned!
Please help a fellow out!

I hope all the videos i saw from porn, are only from porn. Is this an actual event in strip shows where random strangers will blow off a stripper or more?!


Administrator answers:

Sounds like the “Chippendales” or “Thunder Down Under shows”. Totally tame stuff. No full nudity. A bunch of guys dancing on stage; joking, teasing, etc. It’s sort of theater seating I believe. It’s not at all like going to your local strip. Just a place for girls to laugh, look, tease, and have a good time with their girlfriends.

I’d be 100% comfortable, for example, with my wife going to one of these shows with her girlfriends.

John asks…

How can i get some one in the las vegas show to say happy birthday to my freind?

You see Me and my friend are going to eathier watch criss angel belive or another show and then a couple of years ago lance burton said happy birthday to some people in the audiance that it was there birthday so i was wondering how they got him to say that cause i would really like to do something like that to my freind

Administrator answers:

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