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November 13, 2012

Charles asks…

where can i find a photoalbum of las vegas hotel lobbies?

i recently purchased a photoalbum (thanks to yahoo people) showing
las vegas hotels and outside sights. many of the hotels in las vegas
have beautiful statues, pictures, ceilings, fire shows you name it.
where can i find a company that will sell this? thank you

Administrator answers:

Your question is confusing. Are you looking for photos of Las Vegas hotel lobbies or are you looking for someone to sell your album? Not very clear.

Jerry is looking for a photobook of the wonderful insides of the properties because most are of the exteriors.

Carol asks…

Does anyone know of any free buffet, shows, and other stuff in Las Vegas?

I am going to vegas this month for a couple days and need to know if there is anything free, also any military discounts?

Administrator answers:

Thank you for serving our country. There are tons of things to do for free in Las Vegas. You just have to ask the right people. I keep an ongoing personal list of free shows. Here is my list:

Imperial Palace / Auto Show Collection

Flamingo / Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

Free Comedy Shows in the Valley

Imperial Palace/ Jeff Civillio Comedy in Action

If you are looking for things to do while you explore than check out this site. It lists over 100 free things to do. There is also a section of printable coupons.


We also use alot. You purchase discounted coupons from the site. A $25 certificate will usually cost about $5. Then you take the certificate to the restaurant. You will need to order a certain about of food. It says on the website what the restrict is and will probably be $35 or $40. The restaurant will deduct the amount of the cost from the certificate. You can easily save half or more of your bill.

As for completely free food, the only way to get that is by getting enough comps. However, the Lexus Dealership of Las Vegas is currently running a promotion. If you test drive a car, you can get a free $25 mastercard gift card which you can use to get your free food. I think that you need to go to there website to print something out to get the deal. They also have free bagels and stuff in the lobby. Its sorta like a buffet.

Michael asks…

What are some good kid shows in Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater Vegas&State=NV&cid=1&s=null

Squawk! The show with birds performing at The Royal House.
Of course, at Circus Circus is the indoor circus
Excalibur has Tournement of Kings, the medieval dinner show
There is the roller coaster and games at New York New York
Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage
and the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

James asks…

are there going to be anymore shows of Las Vegas?

in the last episode of mamorial Vegas they think Cooper died so they turned the weddings into a funral and somthing goes wrong with Delindas baby then its just over and says to be continued but there hasnt been another episode sence 2/15/2008

Administrator answers:

Sorry the show was cancelled in feb of 2008

Steven asks…

what are good family shows in Las Vegas

Administrator answers:

A really good show is Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur. It is a dinner show and costs around $50 and worth every penny. Kids love it because you eat with out utensils and you are encouraged to yell, scream and bang the table to root for your king. Lots of energy and the food is pretty good too.

Mark asks…

How do I know if a celebrity autograph is real?

My daughter is a huge fan of Criss Angel. We have seen his Las Vegas show several times and even been a part of filming for Mindfreak. I want to buy her an authentic signed picture for her collection. How do I know it is real or not?

Administrator answers:

It will come with a certificate of authentication.. If not its probably fake..

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