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November 15, 2012

Mark asks…

What cities make good vacations for photographers?

I want to plan a long weekend trip for my boyfriend and I. He is really into photography, and I like to nuture this passion. We enjoy nature, gymnastics (Las Vegas show type), food… all the normal 20-something stuff except alcohol. We also scuba dive. What cities/activities do people recomend?

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you are from the US. I would say San Juan, Puerto Rico. You dont need a passport because its a US territory. Old San Juan has so many gorgeous buildings & historic sites like El Morro Fort. They make great photos. Plus there is nightlife & casinos great for 20 year olds.Then you can take a short 45 min drive to El Yunque Rainforest where you can take photos of exotic plants, animals & waterfalls. Oh & the tropical beaches too of course. And there is great scuba diving :)

Helen asks…

What are the best magic acts in Vegas right now?

Has anyone seen any Las Vegas magic shows lately? Who’s worth the big bucks? Is there a place where I can see new or undiscovered rising acts? What’s good?

Administrator answers:

1) Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo is good and lits like a family type of show, good crowd
Show Prices:
Prices exclude live entertainment tax and service fees.

2)Criss Angel I havent seen it but the reviews for his show are not that good

3)The amazing Johnathan is AWESOME!! Truly i think the best magic men in vegas
Link =
Show Times: 9 p.m. Tue. – Sat.
$68.70 General Admission and Ticket Upgrade Special
$79.70 VIP

4)Then you have guys like David Copperfield who is in vegas on and off.. He is currently at MGM Grand, but he moves around to casinos to casinos to do shows in vegas.

March 19 – April 28, 2010
Hollywood Theatre
David Copperfield has been hailed by audiences and critics as the greatest illusionist of our time. From soldout tours to broadway shows, David Copperfield has brought his magic to the world. See him live at the Hollywood Theatre. Show times: 7:30p & 10p with 4:30pm matinee shows on Saturdays.
Tickets starting from $69.00 ALL SEATS (Includes LET & Handling Fee)

Sandy asks…

What are you supposed to wear to a fashion show in Las Vegas?

on sept. 1 im going to las vegas to watch a fashion show
now this is my first fashion show
i have NO IDEA what to wear
i have plenty of dresses and stuff at home but i dont want to go out and buy stuff so if you can, show me an outfit that is just right for a fashion show
if you want and if you can, please add advice, make up tips, and accessory tips tooo :)

Administrator answers:

Knee high socks are in style this fall/winter 2009 season. So accessorize an outfit with knee socks. Here are some photos:

You will look chic stylish and sexy all at once. I am sure you will get lots of looks!

Jenny asks…

How old do you have to be to be able to go to the consumer electronic show in Las Vegas??

I have a 12 year old son that is very interested in consumer electronics, and so am I, so we were thinking about going to the Consumer electronic show in Las Vegas. I was just wondering if there was an age limit to go to the consumer electronic show, and if so what it is. If you know please answer and if you can show your source. Thank you so much.

Administrator answers:

I am sorry to say most trade shows are closed to the general haveto be in the industry to attend
i hope that link works
the trade show i attened was the NRA (national Resturant Show) and for that show you have to be 16

Paul asks…

What is the best comedy show in las vegas?

I’m looking for a really funny comedy show in las Vegas.. what are some recommendations and why?

Administrator answers:

Well not really funny but the knight show at Excalibur is really really cool haha and you get to eat old century food :D

Lisa asks…

Does anyone know what happened to the group the art of teknique on americas got talent?

The 3 little boys that are amazing dancers were not on the Las Vegas shows? Does anyone know if they made it through or if they just weren’t on??

Administrator answers:

Controversy over an “alleged” contract signed by the groups “manager” prior to America’s Got Talent audition, which in turn makes them not eligible for the competition. There was no way to resolve this before the Hollywood show starts, so AGT had no choice but to recuse them from the competition :( ((

Mandy asks…

Where can I purchase a flashing siren in Las Vegas?

Hello everyone,

I”m headed to a trade show in Las Vegas and need to purchase a flashing beacon/siren. Radio Shack and other common electronics stores don’t seem to have them in their online catalogue, so I’m hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.


Administrator answers:

Frys might have one.
They are at the end of Las Vegas BLVD at the 215. Enjoy your stay.

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