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November 20, 2012

Lisa asks…

Is there a website showing the entertainment in Las Vegas at the smaller bars and pubs?

I’m leaving for Las Vegas in about 24 Hours.

In Pittsburgh we have a thing called the city paper It list all the bars in the entire city and what bands thay have playing on what nights along with DJ’s. It list all of them by the type of music they are playing.

Is there something like this for Las Vegas? The only thing I can find is the listings for the big hotel shows I’d like to know what is going on in the small local bars.

Administrator answers:

LV entertainment


Michael asks…

How to get an autograph from the Phantom of the Opera Las Vegas?

So I’m going to see the Phantom of the Opera Las Vegas Spectacular and I want to bring a white mask for the Phantom to sign after the show. My goal is to get as many Phantom actors as possible to sign it. The problem is, I don’t know how I’m supposed to get his autograph. Is there an autograph session at all afterwords or a way that I can mail it to him or something? Please help?

Administrator answers:

Sometimes in musicals they hang around after te show to do autographs especially on broadway and stuff because I remember Jenna did one for me. You have to have good seats or a good position when they do give autographs if they don’t then write a letter to the company because their not that famous so they will probably get it

Lizzie asks…

Are we about to have a champion with only one victory all season?

Carl Edwards has one victory at Las Vegas to show for his efforts. How will it look if he wins the championship with just one win all year? Two if you count the non points All Star race. There’s still time for the #99 to visit victory lane again, but it probably won’t be more than once.

Administrator answers:

Its very possible but i do see him wining a race at Texas

Steven asks…

Where do they find all of the talented crazies that perform in Cirque De Soleil?

These guys amaze me and like “O” in Las Vegas has two shows per day. When do they find time to practice and rehearse?

Administrator answers:

Where do all the gymnasts go that don’t qualify for the olympics?

What else are you gonna do if your bearded lady mother and ringmaster father didn’t let you have a real education?

I’m guessing CDS is a mix between real talent (e.g. The aforementioned gymnastics) and a degree of “magic” (a good example can be seen in the movie “the prestige”) where someone designs/choreographs the performance, designs/manufactures the props and sequences the show.

Sharon asks…

Does a portion of the profits from the TV show “Toddlers & Tiaras go to help stamp out kiddy porn?

This show seems to promote kiddy porn by dressing 4 and 5 year old girls to look like Las Vegas show girls.

Administrator answers:

I donno anything about how they spend their money, but I think they really appeal to a different demographic. True pedophiles aren’t really that interested in seeing kids made up to look like *adults* and the people who watch the pageants probably have no interest in seeing kids have sex.

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