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December 1, 2012

Richard asks…

How much money should I take to Las Vegas?

I am going to Las Vegas for 4 nights. I don’t need money for airfare or hotel or transportation. We plan on eating at buffets and places like that. No where real fancy. I want to gamble a little, maybe see a show or two and just sight see pretty much. How much money should I bring??

Administrator answers:

Well each show will set you back $100 average each. If you do three buffets a day on the strip that could cost you $45 each a day. Gambling can get away from you so unless you have great will power be very very careful. Don’t forget to tip just about everyone. You set your own destiny so only you can decide how much you should take. Most people figure $1000 and spread it out over the trip.

Thomas asks…

Can someone help me find a graph of billboards in las vegas or america?

Need a graph showing the amount of billboards in las vegas, but if cannot find can be billboards in america generally. Also if you can I need a graph of the amount of tourists that come to las vegas each year.

Administrator answers:

You can check out Lamar Outdoor Advertising. They are the second largest outdoor billboard advertising companies in the US.

James asks…

What places in Las Vegas/Henderson are showing Pacquiao vs Marquez 3?

Anybody know any sports bars, bars, or restaurants that are showing it here in Las Vegas or Henderson?

Administrator answers:

I too am looking for somewhere to watch the fight.. Im new to town and to feel like forking out $60 for closed circuit. Looking for a good bar showing it

Lisa asks…

What is the BEST showgirl revue in Las Vegas?

This will be my husbands first trip to Las Vegas and he wants to see a really great showgirl show. Any suggestions out there? And should we buy before hand or while there?

Administrator answers:

Bally’s is home to the Strip’s most critically acclaimed topless revue – Donn Arden’s Jubilee! With spectacular sets, elaborate costumes, talented singers and stunning dancers annually voted the Best Showgirls in Vegas by Review-Journal readers, Jubilee! Is the larger-than-life production extravaganza that’s dazzled crowds like no other for 25 years. See the Titanic sink right on stage. Be amazed by specialty performers. And don’t forget the rhinestones!

Time: 7:30 PM & 10:30 PM
Price: $52.50;$72.50; $92.50; $112.50

Maria asks…

What gifts should I buy to give to my friends from las vegas?

Im going on vacation to las vegas What should I bring hime for my self and friends? Were all girls!

Administrator answers:

Anything that has “Las Vegas” on it is popular.

Great places to shop
The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace>this place is far and away the best.
Desert Passage – Aladdin
The Grand Canal Shoppes – Venetian
Fashion Show Mall

If you want to go to some of the outlet malls this site has a list “VEGAS INFO” >attractions >shopping

Hard Rock Hotel & Planet Hollywood souvenirs are very popular.

The one dollar tokens that casinos use make a nice collectable. Even though almost all slot machines are now TITO(ticket in ticket out) the hotels still have the coins at the cashiers cage. And a lot of the casinos have commerative casino chips too. My favorites though are the “Silver Strike” they are $10 silver coins. There are not very many of the Silver Strike machines around anymore. I do know the Orleans has 1 it’s Northeast of the Alligator bar near the entrance to the business center.



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