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December 8, 2012

Donald asks…

What kinds of costumes could I wear for a viva las vegas theme?

It’s homecoming week next week, and I can’t think of what to wear on Viva Las Vegas day. I don’t really want to be a show girl and a stripper would make my principal crap a brick. I honestly can’t think of a single other thing that would scream “Viva Las Vegas.” Does anyone have any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Ur already wearing ur costume :-B

Helen asks…

How can I surprise my boyfriend in Las Vegas?

My boyfriend is going down to Las Vegas this weekend with friends and my family happens to be going as well. He thinks I’m staying home for work but I’m actually going to go down for a night. How should I surprise him just be like what’s up and he will ask me the same so I can say oh just laying by the pool which wouldn’t happen where I live. Or like show up somewhere he’s eating dinner. What do you think?

Administrator answers:

Dress as a hooker and knock on his door late at night. You can say the hotel management sent you up.

Maria asks…

Will anywhere in Las Vegas be showing the Chamions League Final on May 27th?

Will be in Las Vegas for the Champions League final this May as a Man Utd fan. Where would be the best place to watch it for atmosphere? Went to Moscow for the final last year and gutted my holiday falls on same day as the final, so looking for a good place with a good atmosphere!


Administrator answers:

Oh either the MGM grand or the Hilton would be the best spot but where all the british fans go when they are in vegas is crown and anchor which is a british pub and youll for sure see it there.. That were all the Hattan fans that come to vegas go during the fights and futbol english games Link here =

Carol asks…

Which is the best show in Las Vegas?

I’m planning to go to Las Vegas in October and I wanted to know which show is best. From what I have seen in Youtube and the web, I’m between Le Reve and Cirque du Soleil. If you have gone to Las Vegas recently, which do you think is the best show?

Administrator answers:

DEFINITELY Cirque Du Soleil, but the question is which one? There are eight Cirque Du Soleil shows in Las Vegas right now…

O – “An aquatic masterpiece of surrealism and theatrical romance”
CRISS ANGEL Believe – “The most spectacular illusions from the magician of the century”
Ka – “A spectacular tale that defies the laws of gravity”
Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour – “An electrifying production that unfolds inside the creative mind of Michael Jackson”
Mystere – “A high energy Cirque Du Soleil classic”
The Beatles LOVE – “A celebration of the musical legacy of The Beatles”
Viva ELVIS – “A tribute to the life and music of Elvis Presley”
Zumanity (you must be 18 or older)- “A cabaret exploring the spectrum of human sensuality”

They’re all great shows, I really can’t pick a favorite, you’ll have to ask around and do some more research haha.


George asks…

Does anybody know where and when the today show will be in Las Vegas ?

I hear the today show will be in Las Vegas, for the series of Today takes a Vacation. Anybody know where will this be and at what time?

Administrator answers:

Right now they are in upstate NY so it will be several weeks to make it out west if they hit some of the popualr place in the USA> I would check the web page for the show to see.
I watch news 3 and never a mention as of this posting.

Mark asks…

Does anyone have a good idea for a honeymoon in Las Vegas?

I’m sure people have asked this before, but my fiance and I are traveling to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. We are wanting to know where to stay that isn’t going to break the bank and will allow us to still have some fun while we are there. We want to gamble a littlt but also would like to see a show. So if anyone has any ideas of how to make our honeymoon fun, cheaper and staying in a nice place please let me know. Thanks for all the replies!

Administrator answers:


Well I just came back from Vegas a couple of weeks ago and the place is simply awesome. I would suggest you to check out the deals on southwest airlines on every Wednesday mid night. They have great deals coming out at that time. You can do your booking for flights, tickets, cars and shows at their website.

Bellagio is good. Check out the fountain outside the hotel which is simply fantastic. Its casino has a great ambience, really world class. Try to avoid weekend as the prices will be about 2.5 to 3 times more expensive then weekdays.

You can also go on a tour to Grand Canyon on Day 2. It is about 4 hrs drive from Vegas and along the way you can visit Hoover Dam. Outlet shopping is also avaliable at Vegas, which is about 10 minutes drive from the main strip. For more information on Vegas, you can check out videos on Discovery Travel website.

Hope the information helps.

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