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December 15, 2012

Steven asks…

Where to go in Las Vegas Nevada for lesbian couple?

Me and my girlfriend, 22 and 23, are visiting Las Vegas Friday through Sunday and would like to know the best places to go for lesbian-friendly clubs, bars, shows, restaurants whatever. We are down for anything. I’m not as much looking for links as I am for feedback from people who have already been there and know where to go. Thanks for the help.

Administrator answers:

If you are worried about being uncomfortable, don’t worry about it – you can pretty much go anywhere without worrying about drawing attention, it’s a big city with lots of tourists and nobody is going to look twice at two young women out together.

If you are looking for places that would be of particular interest to lesbians that is a different question.
Cathouse is a high-end restaurant and lounge that markets to the gay community and has lots of hot girls working there :)
Krave and Freezone are popular gay clubs, but are more focused on guys.
Zumanity is a pretty much pan-sexual show that covers gay, straight, bi, and everything else.
Everyone is also welcome at other topless production shows, but some strip clubs may hassle you if they think you are actually straight girls that are going to hustle the male customers

Michael asks…

What is the best adult show in Las Vegas?

What is the best adult show in Las Vegas. Ive been to vegas a million times and plan on going again for my birthday. Is the show topless or completely nude? Whats the best for the money? Anything helps. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Zumanity at New York New York is brilliant its not expensive it is very well done and great fun it is only topless.

Sharon asks…

What is the club that LC went to in Las Vegas?

Lauren Conrad went to this club in Las Vegas in the show The Hills. What is the name of the club?

Administrator answers:

I think I read it was LAX nightclub.

David asks…

How is the Carson Tower Deluxe Room at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas?

All the other available rooms at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas are full except for the Carson Tower Deluxe Rooms at the Nugget. Should we book? Is it clean? Family Friendly? View of the Freemont Street Experience Laser Show at night? Distance to restaurants, pool, and casino? Any thoughts and or experiences with the rooms I’m describing would be appreciated. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The South tower(Carson) is a bit of a walk to the pool, casino, restaurant, Fremont Street area

The rooms are smaller than the North(Rush) tower, but the South tower rooms are still real nice IMO

For a view of the Fremont Street light show, you will want to do like the rest of us. Head out onto Fremont St, look up and stare,

Family friendly – Yes, downtown is generally a family friendly place.
A couple of our favorite buffets are downtown. Main Street Station, especially their lunch buffet is a heck of a deal. And we love the seafood buffet at the Fremont
LV buffet info

Main Street Station also has quite a collection of antiques, artwork and artifacts**. Including a section of the Berlin Wall in the men’s room.
**the front desk has a brochure.

Lizzie asks…

What is the best thing to do in Las Vegas for Halloween?

I’m going on a road trip and have the option of staying Halloween in Las Vegas. What is the best thing to do in Vegas on Halloween?

Administrator answers:

Las Vegas goes all out for Halloween! The best known attraction is “Frightdome” at Circus Circus casino/resort but there are others like the Freakling Bros. Horror show at Sunset Station Casino.

All the casinos around town are doing costume contests — lots of big money prizes — celebrity guests, celeb DJ’s and more.

If you’re looking for a huge night of music, check out the Fabulous Festival happening at The Orleans Arena on Saturday the 1st.

Carol asks…

What are some activities to do on my honeymoon in Las Vegas?

We are going on our belated honeymoon (four years now!) to lovely Las Vegas. We want to do the most romantic activities the city has to offer. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Dining…with a view…

Mon Amie Gabi…at Paris…(Lunch?)…but on the outdoor patio and watching the Bellagio Fountians!
Eiffel Tower restaurant (also not cheap) for dinner…beautiful evening views!
Mix restaurant (has a nightclub you can transition to after dinner?)…at the top of Mandalay Bay/The Hotel…gorgeous views, great food!
Believe it or not…Top of the World restaurant…at the Stratosphere….again, good views…good food…probably less pricey. (Haven’t been there, but always good reviews!)

Indoor skydiving for two? With a ‘memory video’? Not cheap…but unique?
Gondola rides throughout the Venetian property…yes, they sing to you too!

Renew your vows…serious, of fun…we have all kinds of ceremonies!

Phantom of the Opera….? It IS a love story afterall. (?)
Le Reve…it’s my favorite show in Vegas…beautiful show, music, costuming, amazing performances!
Lion King…sorry, but I DO like this show…beautiful music, amazing costumes (one of my top 3 shows in town!)… Amazing voices!…an experience you’ll remember! (It’s NOT just for kids..but great for kids, of course!)

Spa services…they DO have His & Her massages, etc etc etc…

WHEN are you coming…that would help as far as weather, etc.

Paul asks…

How doed Tahiti Village time share in Las Vegas work?

I heard about Tahiti Village giving free hotel stays and tickits to free shows in Las Vegas. Has anyone done this and what is required when you get there? are there any required seminars or anything you have to buy to take advantage of this or is it just to get you to Vegas.

Administrator answers:

You will get to select FREE tickets to what ever show they offer. There are several top shows to pick from. You will have to sit through a 3 to 4 hour presentation, showing you the Village and then a hard sales presentation one on one. Not as a group. There will be three hard pitches to sell you on the Village. Then they will see what tickets are available. They you will get your tickets.

Now if you are going to buy into Tahite Village, it’s a good deal. Just don’t buy on the first sales pitch. The price is kinda price-eee!!! Just keep tilling them NO!!! They will bring out another person with a lower price and try to sell you on it. Tell them NO!!! It’s just out of your price range, or something like that. The third time they will bring out another person who will even lower the price even further. They will have some excuse of why it is so low. This will be the lowest they will go. If you buy into it, this is the time to do it.
Good luck and have fun in VEGAS BABY….

Daniel asks…

How easy is it to pass for 18 in Las Vegas?

I’m going to Las Vegas at the end of the month with my sister who is turning 21. Sadly I’m only 16 but people always say I could pass for 18. How easy would it be for me to enter an 18+ club?

Administrator answers:

First, besides the fact that they will check ID’s, the only 18+ clubs are in Henderson and not Las Vegas. If your sister is looking to get a feel for Las Vegas she’s not going to get it there. Does she really want to spend her time in Vegas around teenagers as young as 14? She wouldn’t be allowed in anyway because it’s only for 14 to 20 year olds. Your sister, not you, would need the fake ID.


Second, If your sister goes to any clubs or anyplace without you, Las Vegas has a curfew for minors. It’s 9pm on the Strip and 10pm off the strip. Metro Police does stop anyone looking under 21. Just be aware of this if your sister goes off to do something without you. After 9pm on the strip, you would either need to stay with her or go back to hotel room. So say that they stop and ask you your age, you say 16, you’ll probably just get a warning since you don’t live here(you’ll need to go back to your room because they do keep track). However, if you lie about your age, it’s going to be a $500 fine which will be for both lying and not following the curfew.

A better option would be to both go to Fremont Street which is a huge party in itself that you don’t need ID to attend. You wouldn’t be allowed in the Casinos, but outside is where all the fun is anyway. Your sister can get cheap alcohol along the street so she’s happy. Plus there are nightly concerts, preformers along the street, stores that never close, a zip line that goes down the street, and a huge screen light show so your happy. Since all the casinos and store have open doors 24/7 and there is a covering it’s also cooler than the strip would be (expect the temperature to be in the 100′s). This is sort of important if you can’t really go into any casinos and you plan to be outside. Nearby there is the Mob Museum in the old courthouse ($15) and the Neon Museum (free) which starts outside by the Neonopolis.

Lisa asks…

What are some different things to do in Las Vegas off the strip?

I am traveling at the beginning of February.. looking for different things to do in Las Vegas- maybe off the strip… I am thinking of going to Hoover Dam for one thing… Can anyone give me some good ideas?? Some different shopping places to go? I am planning on renting a car so I am willing to drive to places..

Administrator answers:

See the flamingos at the Flamingo hotel/casino
See the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel/casino
See the fountains/water show at the Bellagio hotel/casino

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