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December 18, 2012

Donna asks…

What are the best things to do in Las Vegas on a Budget?

My in-laws are from Romania and have never been to Las Vegas. They do not gamble but still want to see the city.Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do besides gamble in the city that never sleeps?

Administrator answers:

You should be able to pick something out of interest from these sites.


Best of the free spectacles
Fountains of Bellagio
Fremont Street Experience
Masquerade Show in the Sky – Rio
Volcano/White Tigers – Mirage
Aquarium – Silverton >Thursday through Sunday is best, Mermaids from 2-7pm”Summer of CIrque”


Lisa asks…

What’s the best Cirque du Soleil show to see in Las Vegas?

I’m going to Las Vegas in late May and I really want to see Cirque du Soleil. Since there are a few different ones, I wanted to know which are considered the better ones to see. That said, I also need to take price into consideration. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

It depends on YOU…

In general…nearly all the concierge and travel/show-booking people in Vegas…recommend MYSTERE as the best 1st-timer Cirque Du Soleil show to see. It’s considered a great value for your money and you’ll get to see if “Cirque” type shows are your thing!?!? Also the theatre is well designed for good viewing from almost anywhere in the showroom.

After Mystere…it’s more a matter of personal interests/tastes really.
KA is Asian themed, focusing on Martial Arts and some of the most amazing technical/mechanical machinery etc moving the entire stage nearly upside down at times.
“O” is very “Water” oriented of course…but a bit mellow in musical theme, if you are not a night person, do not sit in the back during the late show…It’s an incredible show (I have friends, etc that work there) but, a couple people I know have fallen asleep during the late show (people who ‘like’ waking up at 5 or 6am normally).
Le Reve…is NOT a “Cirque” show…but the look and feel is similar…and it is one of my favorite shows in town, personally. I’ll see Le Reve again, anytime.
Lion King…also not a “Cirque” show…but great singing and amazing costumes…seen it a few times too.
Love and Elvis…are ‘themed’ for people that really like that music, especially. So if YOU like Elvis or Love (The Beatles)…then see them ‘for sure’ as your only show, if chosing just one. I’m not the ‘greatest fan’ of Beatles music..but saw the show and was Amazed and Impressed!!! Even if you aren’t a Beatles fan…you’ll be able to appreciate the how impressive the show is!

Plenty more to learn about Vegas and Vegas shows, dining, etc…but just not enough time in one answer or short conversation…lol.

Thomas asks…

How does the media portray a biased/manipulative image of Las Vegas?

I’m writing a paper on this and I need some key points to think about.

I was thinking along the lines of gambling, adult entertainment, nudity, dirty money etc.

But I’ve never been to Las Vegas, so I was wondering if anybody could expand on a few of the points just a little. I know the media and stuff show showgirls in Vegas and stuff.

10pts for best answer!!!

Administrator answers:

It doesnt.

Vegas is what it is. The last true “free” city on earth. A place where we dont have to live by lame and uptight rules. Gambling, drinking, sex, is basically at your fingertips 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.

If anything, the Media makes vegas look cleaner and more family oriented then it actually is.

Ken asks…

What type of guard card do you need to work in Las Vegas, Nevada?

What type of guard card do you need to work in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Does Nevada require a guard card to work? I see some places require a PILB Card and other want a sheriff’s card. Whats the difference? I am aware that to work security in a casino you need a TAM card and a gaming license. From what I believe, The gaming license replaced the actual “sheriffs card” a few years back. Also what do you need to get you armed security license?

Administrator answers:

Basic security guard work card issued by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board (PILB) and who need to carry a firearm on the job.

You go to the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Bureau to obtain one. It used to be that you got the card from the Las Vegas Sheriffs Office but that has changed.


An alcohol education card (TAM Card) shows prospective employers that you have completed a course in alcohol awareness. Anyone serving, selling or working around alcoholic beverages, such as: bartenders, servers, security staff, cashiers and management, must have an alcohol education card for employment at an establishment (casino, bar, hotel, restaurant or store) in Southern Nevada.

TAM of Nevada
3900 Paradise, Suite G Las Vegas, NV 89169

Since 1947, to work on the premises where liquor and gaming are present a person must obtain a Sheriff’s Card, (Work Card). It is mandatory in the State of Nevada regardless of what your position is in a gaming establishment. The purpose of the work card is to document, investigate and license all employees of the gaming and liquor industry.

Work card processing includes interviewing, fingerprinting and photographing. Work Card is similar in size to a driver’s license and is issued the same day as applied for provided there are no complications during the process.

The LVMPD issues work cards :

Las Vegas Office
5880 Cameron St.
For general information, call (702) 828-3271

Michael asks…

Where can I find cheap show tickets for Las Vegas?

I am looking for show tickets for Las Vegas but at a very reasonable, cheap price. Does anyone know where I can find something within a budget of about 20-50?

Administrator answers:

Craigslist. There is a lady on there under the heading tickets that sells entertainment tickets for 15-25 a piece. I have personally used her many times. There are hypnosis shows comedy shows and plenty other shows to see for under 20 bucks per ticket. Nathan Burton was a good magical show. Good luck.

Daniel asks…

What is the best way to get a traffic citation dismissed in Las Vegas?

I haven’t had a citation in over 10 years and never in Las Vegas. I recieved a ticket for “failing to stop at a stop sign” on the same street I live on when there was no traffic on a Sunday morning. I made a left into a center turn lane before signaling right into the main street. Nobody comes to a complete stop at the sign because there is a center turn lane to turn into first.

Administrator answers:

Ask for a hearing. A lot of times the officer will not show up. If he does show up, talk to him before the hearing and ask him if there is any way he can drop the charge down to “not obeying traffic signs”. Most times they will. It is just a fine, no points and does not hurt your driving record.

Lizzie asks…

How much money should I bring for a week in Las Vegas?

My husband to be and I are getting married in November and are going to Las Vegas. I need to know about how much to bring. We don’t plan on gambling hardly at all. But I do want to do some shopping. Can you help me figure out how much we need to bring…I want this to be the best Honeymoon.

Administrator answers:

My husband and I took $1,000 for our first year anniversary in 1999 so I would say at least that but probably more if you want to do shows which are $50 – $100+ per person.

We were staying in a time share and ate quite a bit in the room so if you plan on eating in The Strip property restaurants, even the cafes, I would expect a $30+ bill for two people for each meal, more for dinner.

Maria asks…

what to do in one night at Las Vegas that is exclusive?

I am going to drive from DisneyLand ,California to Las Vegas on May 2nd,2010, and stay there from 4pm-11pm, What to do or see that is exclusive in Las Vegas? I don’t want theme park or just regular kind of shows, but something that is remarkable in Las Vegas. Also advice me some specific places where I can take pictures that show exclusivity of Las Vegas.

Administrator answers:

This depends on your tastes, so I’ll list a few options:

For the classic Las Vegas experience, go to Fremont Street. It’s also called Downtown and Old Las Vegas. It’s where the old, run-down casinos pooled their money to build a light-encrusted canopy over the street to run multimedia shows. It’s also a great place to walk around as the sun goes down, drink cheap beer, eat at great or greasy restaurants, and see showgirls, suits, foreigners, mullets and madness.

For thrills and scenery, try the Stratosphere tower. The worlds tallest thrill rides and a great view of the whole valley cost about $35. It might be tough to spend seven hours there, though.

Or, try the standard only-in-Las-Vegas experience: Begin around the Flamingo or Bellagio. Walk up one side of the Strip, drinking beer, stopping to gamble, and flirting with good-looking-people. Buy a half-priced ticket for one of the $30-$50 dollar shows you’ll be passing… Shows with hypnotists, topless revues, or comedians. Walk until your feet are on fire. Return on the other side of the Strip, drinking beer, watching the Bellagio Fountains or the free pirate show at Treasure Island. Get back into your car exhausted, dehydrated, and happy.

If you’re planning on driving all night after your brief Vegas stay: good luck.

Richard asks…

are there any grocery stores in las vegas that do double coupons?

I keep watching the show about people saving so much money by using coupons and practically getting everything for free. I am wondering if there is a grocery store here in las vegas that does double coupons?

Administrator answers:

I am not fully aware of all the different stores in Las Vegas. I believe you have a Albertsons and Safeway, BOTH which double coupons. Especially Albertsons. Albertsons is one of the better stores to coupon at. They have coupon doublers come out in the Sunday inserts pretty frequently and you can also ask at the service desk to get a copy of their doublers. They will double the value of any manufacturers coupon up to $1.00 which is really good.

If you are starting out with coupons, here is an awesome coupon site you should find really helpful. They have everything you will need to know about using coupons plus they are great at keeping you up to date on all the latest deals, promotions, free stuff, samples and more.


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