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December 21, 2012

Paul asks…

What is an idea for a female las vegas costume?

I need a las vegas party costume for a girl. Not too revealing.

Administrator answers:

How about a cocktail waitress uniform, over some type of devil costume.
We have a lot of cocktail waitresses and it is SIN CITY :)
or maybe a show girl outfit, over some type of devil costume.

Good luck and have fun

Steven asks…

How does an Australian get married in Las Vegas?

I was wondering how and Australian on holiday in Las Vegas gets married? Do you need to apply for a marriage licence the same as a us citizen?

Administrator answers:

I got married in Las Vegas, I’m a British citizen and live in the UK but I’m sure it will be the same for you.

You need to register at Clark County Court office to get a licence, we needed ID (passports) and my husband took his divorce papers just in case he needed them but he wasn’t asked to show them. We paid $35 (in 2000 so it might be a bit more now) and we were given the licence. Once we had the licence, we booked The Little White Chapel on the Strip and got married 2 days later.

Once you have the licence, you can pretty much get married anywhere. We didn’t plan anything in advance of arriving in Las Vegas, it was all done once we got there.

The Court Office is open from 8am to midnight but from Friday to Monday it was open 24 hours – just turn up and join the queue.

We are legally married (although I think sometimes my husband would like to think he’ll be able to get off on a technicality!)

It was very easy and there was no fuss but I’m sure if you want the fuss, you can have it. We were married by a minister in the Chapel, the limo picked us up from the hotel and delivered us back after it was done – if I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Lizzie asks…

How to save some money in Las Vegas?

I’m going to Las Vegas next month for a vacation and I’m just wondering if anyone has some good tips for saving a little extra cash in this notoriously expensive city. Good, cheap places to eat? Things to do? Any little tidbits would be greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

There is a Denny’s on the strip, and there are also a few McD’s and other fast food places on the strip and in some of the hotels. All of the major hotels have a food court with relatively inexpensive food. We try to eat at places like those for breakfast and lunch, and then usually eat a nicer dinner. Buffets can be a good option as well, but stay away from the really cheap ones. The buffet at Paris is $20 for dinner and is really good, and the Rio buffets just cost a bit more and are fantastic.

There are several free attractions:
*Bellagio fountains and conservatory
*Mirage volcanoes
*MGM lion exhibit
*Treasure Island pirate show

And these attractions aren’t too incredibly expensive:
*Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden at Mirage
*Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay
*Bodies and Titanic exhibits at Luxor
*Eiffel Tower
*Stratosphere tower
*Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum (often coupons for this)

For show tickets, you can check out the Tix4Tonight booths on the strip. They offer same-day tickets for up to 50% off. The selection changes daily, and you can’t count on them having a particular show available, but it’s a great way to see a major Vegas show at a discount.

The taxis usually have coupon books in them, which can get you discounts to attractions and restaurants, and many of the hotel concierge desks have them too.

George asks…

What is there to do in Las Vegas besides gambling?

Im going to Las Vegas next month for my 21st birthday with some friends of mine for 2 weeks and I was just wondering what is there to do besides gambling? I’m from Ireland and I have never been to America before.

Administrator answers:

There are many wonderful and interesting places in Las Vegas where you can go & visit with your friends, such as, “O” or Ka shows by Cirque Du Soleil, Awesome show Le Reve at Wynn, inexpensive funny comedy Magic show by Mac King at Harrahs to many free shows like The Aquarium at the Silverton to Bellagio’s Botanical Garden or you can visit the World’s largest and finest classic car showroom 125,000 sq. Feet The Auto Collection at Imperial Palace. There are many large shopping malls like Las Vegas Outlet Center to Galleria at Sunset. I usually visit this informative website: to get most of my information on where to go and shop in Las Vegas. Good Luck and have a great time with your friends in Las Vegas!

Charles asks…

Are there spas in Las Vegas that allow people under the age of 18?

My friends and family are going on a Bachelorette Weekend in Las Vegas. Two of the bridesmaids (her sisters) are under 18. One is 15 and one is 17. Other than Circus Circus, what things can they do in Las Vegas? AND are there any spas that allow people under the age of 18 in Vegas?

Administrator answers:

I know of two spas that allow minors.
MGM Grand – 12YO
NY NY – 16YO

You can check any spa you are interested in for times, prices, etc

There are hundreds of things for teenagers to do in Las Vegas. Ours is 16YO, she has been going since she was 3 and absolutely loves LV.


Best of the free spectacles
Fountains of Bellagio
Fremont Street Experience
Masquerade Show in the Sky – Rio
Sirens or TI – Treasure Island
Atlantis & Festival Fountains – Forum Shops CP
Aquarium – Silverton
Lions – MGM

Fun stuff for a few $$
Stratosphere Tower & Rides
Manhattan Express – NY NY
Speed – Sahara
Adventuredome – Circus Circus
Star Trek – LV Hilton
Madame Tussauds – Venetian
Shark Reef – Mandalay Bay

The pool

Info on the awesome pools in LV


Forum Shops at Caesars Palace >far and away the best
Miracle Mile – Planet Hollywood
Grand Canal Shoppes – Venetian
Fashion Show Mall

Bargain shopping
Premium Outlet Mall
Primm Outlet Mall

Gameworks – Showcase Mall next to MGM

Orleans “18″

Teen nightclub

Daytrip – tours
Mt Charleston – Toiyabe National Forest
Grand Canyon
Red Rock
Hoover Dam >not recommended right nowthey hand out coupons for this show in the Carnival Court next to Harrah’s “generally” around show time(2pm)
EXtreme Magic – Tropicana – “What’s On” the LV in-room magazine often times has 2-4-1 coupons

For 1/2 price and discount show tickets

Buffet info

IMO these are the best “value” buffets
Main Street Station
Gold Coast
Palace or Boulder Station – Breakfast
Green Valley Ranch – Lunch
Silverton – Lunch
LV Hilton – Dinner
Mirage – Dinner
Planet Hollywood – Dinner
Fremont – Seafood Buffet – Sun/Tue/Fri

Restaurant info

Have a great time.


Sandy asks…

How would you recommend i spend one day in Las Vegas?

We are going to LA for 10 days during thanksgiving and want to travel down to Las Vegas for a day. How long of a drive it it to there from Aneheim and what are the must see attractions!?! It’s for 2 parents, and three kids, 18, 14 and 3, so no gambling advice please! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Go and see the dolphins and white tigers at the Mirage. Your older kids may like the Star Trek Experienceand Quark’s restaurant is reasonably priced and kid friendly(well for the older ones), 3 year old may not like the Borg and Klingon! You may like the fountains at the Bellagio, timings may have changed but during the daytime on the hour, evenings every half hour. The showbus of the Stars is from Planet Hollywood, you get a ‘celeb’ guide who sings, goes up and down the strip, that’s quite fun and you’ll see all the main strip hotels – may even catch the Treasure Island show,Gondoliers at the Venetian etc. If the traffic is slow. One tip the monorail may be cheap, but you won’t really see much travelling on that and if you only have one day-probably not worth bothering with.

Richard asks…

what happened to a female agent with blonde hair in csi las vegas?

I’m a big fan of CSI las vegas.
I’ve watched CSI without missing any episode.
in season 9 or 8, there was a female cute agent with blone long hair in the lab, just right after Worick (or whatever) died by a gun shot.
but in season 10, I can’t find her. did i miss anything?
why isn’t she on the show? she just fell off the show? I’m curious.

Administrator answers:

Her name was Riley Adams, portrayed by Lauren Lee Smith.

Season 10 will open with Riley Adams having departed the Las Vegas crime lab as a result of actress Lauren Lee Smith leaving the show. Executive producer Naren Shankar says the decision to let Smith and her character go was “an issue of how we were feeling the ensemble was working.”

In the Season 10 opener, Catherine finds a report from Riley Adams, written before her departure, criticizing Catherine’s leadership skills. That same report states that Adams accepted “a law enforcement position in the Midwest that offered more opportunities for advancement”. This reports stirs a fight between Catherine and Ecklie, and causes Catherine to question her own leadership skills.

Daniel asks…

What can people under 21 do in Las Vegas for fun?

My family and another family will be going to Las Vegas this summer. Problem is, there will be four young adults (including myself) under the age of 21; our ages are 19, 19, 18, and 20.

Are there any under 21 events in LV? All we really wanna do is go to a dance party or a club or something like that. We don’t want to drink or resort to fake IDs. I know the question’s vague, but any legitimate suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

You’re probably not going to find a dance party anywhere. There is one underage dance club here, but it is in Henderson and about a 20 minutes drive from the strip. They also allow age 14+ so you guys being older probably wouldn’t have a whole lot of fun there being around a bunch of high school kids. You could see what concerts are going on at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay… Most of their shows are all ages or 18+. There is a hookah lounge called Cloud 9 that is semi-close to the strip that is 18+. It’s a lounge of course, but they play a lot of club type music… A lot of people dance in their booths. Plus the hookah is great! You guys could also check out Town Square and eat at the Yard House or Cadillac Ranch. These places are pretty popular on weekends, but they are also restaurants, so you guys could just get a table. Cadillac Ranch has a mechanical bull, so I don’t see why you’d have to be 21 to give that a go. They also have a dance floor area, but I’m not sure if you can be out dancing if you’re not 21. I kinda don’t see why not, but you never know. And no matter what, don’t resort to fake IDs… They only work at crappy dive bars in this town. I hope this info helps!

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