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December 30, 2012

Joseph asks…

How old do you have to be to go the end of summer block party in las vegas ?

I want to buy tickets for the end of summer block party here in las vegas , but I dont know how old you have to be, im 15, is there a specific age you have to be ?

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you go to the site selling the tickets and ask them, we don’t know where this End of Summer Block party is?

But if you mean the one at Henderson Pavilion

They say on their site not much, but it looks like a all ages show, but go to the ticket booth nearest you and ask!

Michael asks…

what is the best place to take your kids to in las vegas besides circus circus?

im taking my family to las vegas this summer and i want to know the best place to take them to have fun!

Administrator answers:

There are some great activities to do in Las Vegas with families. I visit there often for family and I have a 7-year old and these are all approved by her! I’ve included some links – I hope you have a great time with your family!

Hoover Dam Tour – very cool and historical.

Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage – animals are well taken care of and it is a nice facility.

Las Vegas Zoo – small and reasonable, not impressive – but it is a destination.

Magic Show, like Rick Thomas – geared towards the family and they have 2:00 P.M. Shows. There is also a Pet show, but the magic shows are cool.

Red Rock Canyon – visit the park, see wild creatures – it’s a nice drive with good scenery.

KidsQuest at the Station Casinos – Now this is my high recommendation! KidsQuest is a babysitting facility for all ages with many fun activities. The kids play while the parents get to visit the casino and have a nice, romantic dinner, catch a movie, bowl, or gamble. Family time is great, but sometimes a break from all that togetherness is beneficial for all! Reasonable rates too.

The Pool – spend the day in the hotel’s pool. Most of the hotels have outstanding pools.

Star Trek: The Experience – Okay, I’m a trekky and this is a great ride/adventure. You actually get beamed aboard the Enterprise! You can even eat at the Star Trek restaurant. It’s in the Las Vegas Hilton on Paradise Rd.

Centennial Hills Park – City of Las Vegas Parks. This park in particular I have been to and it is good for young ones with a water feature. Pack a picnic and spend the morning or late afternoon (it’s hot).

I believe the MGM has an amusement park too, but I haven’t gone.

Lizzie asks…

What is your number one reason to Visit Las Vegas?

With all Las Vegas has to offer, many people go there for different reasons.So if you had to pick one what would it be…gambling, shows, food shopping etc.
I personally go there for the shows because gambling is all over the country now.

Administrator answers:

The pulse. The general vibe. The energy, as lvgeno says. The place is always buzzing, like a hive. Bzzzzzz. It’s bright, stunning, in your face. Everything is over the top, larger than life. It’s not one thing, per se – it’s not the show, the food, the gambling – its the fact that THAT town has ALL of that and more. It’s Disneyland for adults – you can do whatever you want, in some cases BE who you want. And whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? ;-)

Laura asks…

Where is a good, cost effective Las Vegas restaurant, to hold a wedding reception for 15-20 people?

My fiance and a few of our close friends will be coming to Las Vegas in March of 2012 for a wedding off the strip in Las Vegas. We are looking for a restaurant that will be able to host a reception dinner for about 15-20 people that will have the room for us, and not break the bank.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Try Maggiano’s. If you like italian, they have great food. My Brother had a small party there for a Baptism. They had about 20 people, and the food was served family style. The restaurant is located in the Fashion Show Mall, it is however, on the strip, but it’s a great option. They also give other options for parties, and offer different types of rooms for parties. Good luck!

Mark asks…

Where can I find good coupons for Las Vegas attractions?

My husband and I are going to Las Vegas for the first time on Wednesday. I was just wondering where I can find good coupons or show discounts. Thanks for any help you can give :)

Administrator answers:

The two best are not free, but they are well worth the price
2007 American Casino Guide
Las Vegas Advisor – POV

The Fremont Street Experience has a very nice sheet of coupons – Go to the FSE office at 425 Fremont, it’s located on the second floor of the parking garage next to Walgreens, show an out of state ID. You get
2-4-1 buffet Main Street Station
2-4-1 buffet Fremont
2-4-1 buffet Fitzgeralds
$10 free play Binion’s
$10 free play Golden Nugget
& a few more – The MSS buffet L & D buffets are already the best value buffets in LV, 2-4-1 makes them tough to beat. The coupon is good 7 days a week for lunch/brunch but only good Sunday through Thursday for dinner

Silverton is giving $20 free play to new slot club members, and if you earn 1000 points they give you 2 free buffets. >Deals like this one change, please call them first.

Bally’s will give you 2 free tickets to see Jubiless if you’re a first time sign up for their “Total Rewards” slot club card. And, if you would like to see Mac King have the other sign up for the “Total Rewards” card at Harrah’s, they will give you 2 free tickets. Both are very good shows.

The free magazines in your room or in the hotel’s gift shop will have some good coupons in them. “What’s On” is a good one. They also have a $10 free play coupon for Binion’s(I have 2 LVA POV’s also, Binion’s honored all 3 $10 coupons(each) for my Aunt & Uncle) -

There are a few great deals in LV that you don’t need a coupon for, you just have to know where they are, such as.
.99c shrimp cocktail – Golden Gate>Maybe the best deal in all LV

$4.95 steak dinner – Ellis Island>you have to ask, it’s not on the menu

$1 – Frozen Margaritas & Michelob – Casino Royale

Premium beer $1 and a foot long 1/2lb hotdog for $1.25 – Slots-A-Fun

one of my favorites is the $7 prime rib dinner at the Triple 7 Restaurant(Main Street Station) – The menu says 8oz prime rib, “it’s huge” – If you order the “large” lol , good luck. This one is served after 4pm.

If you’re a night owl, or an early riser, try one of the great “graveyard” specials

Web sites for both 1/2 price ticket outlets

Many LV attractions are free >free spectacles


Linda asks…

What are some local/community things to do in Las Vegas?

I just moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and I don’t know anyone besides my father and step-mother. I am 18, getting pretty lonely, and want to go places where I can meet people my age and maybe join some local activities or groups. When I look online all I can find is tourist information and I don’t know where to go in town to find local information. Any info would be helpful. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Go to Look for Las Vegas meetup groups.


Mary asks…

What a good place to take teens in las vegas?

Going to a convention in Las Vegas and wanted to know where would be a good place to take the high school students on their free time.

Administrator answers:

MGM lion habitat
Mandalay Bay Shark Reef
M&M World next to the MGM Grand
Stratosphere rides on top of the tower (not for small kids or weak hearts)
Animitronic shows at Caesars Forum Shops
Roller Coaster outside NYNY
Bodies the exhiibit at the Luxor
Titanic: The Artifacts Exhibition at the Luxor
Motion Rides at Excalibur
Tournament of Kings at the Exaclibur
Mac King Comedy Show at Harrahs
Lance Burton Magic Show at Monte Carlo
Many shows are kid friendly – check each show on this site for age restrictions.

Steven asks…

What should I take pictures of in Las Vegas?

I am vacationing in Las Vegas and need some ideas tp take pictures of while I am there. I am an amatuer photographer and not really sure where to go to be able to create images that POP. Please be so kind as to answer my questions and dont hesitate to think “ouside the box”. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The top level of any of the parking garages at any of the casinos on the strip. You can get good pictures of the buildings below and around you without 5000 people staring at you or being in the picture.

Behind the Luxor is awesome. The roof lot at Bellagio is good and Wynn is a great place to take a picture from.

The road BEHIND the Excalibur …SW corner.
Great place to have a picture of yourself with the entire building behind you.

I would also take good pictures of some of the unusual billboards. They’re only temporary…
Bring a tripod and take pictures of yourself in front of these great backdrops.

Fremont Experience… The lighted roof over Fremont Street is AWESOME to photograph.
Plan on taking at least 30-40 pictures of each show.
I have hundreds from when I used to live there.

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