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January 4, 2013

Helen asks…

What should I do for my boyfriend’s birthday in Las Vegas?

My boyfriend and i are going to Las Vegas for his birthday but i dont know what to do for him while we are there. We dont have that much money so i dont want to go crazy but i do want to do something fun and sexy. He is not really into clubs so i know i dont want to do that. Oh and we have dinner reservations at the Stratosphere already. The questions is what to do after or before dinner?

Administrator answers:

Take him to a show like “Bite” at the Stratosphere while you are there. It is a very sexy show. Then go back to your room and dress in one of these outfits to make the night special.


Sandra asks…

Where to eat and what to do in Las Vegas?

I leave for Las Vegas on Wednesday there is a group of 8 going (including myself) It is my 21st birthday and none of us have ever been there! Do we need to make reservations at any resturants? What resturants should we go eat at? What is a must see when we go? What should we avoid? and Last, What sho should we see? We are interested in one of the cirque shows but there’s so many! (KA, O, Mystere, Zumanity) Please help! Any last minute suggestions would be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Here are a few places and things I LOVE to do while in vegas:

1. Drink at clubs and lounges – RAIN (PALMS casino) and PURE (Caesar’s Palace) are amongst the best two clubs with the best dance floors, decor, and setup. There is also Tao (Venetian) and Tangerine (Treasure Island).

2. If you’re into rides, then the roller coaster at NEWYORK NEWYORK casino is the best roller coaster in Vegas. There is also the Big Shot and INSANITY rides atop of the Stratosphere Casino (with the best views in the city, as good as a helicopter view).

3. Eat at buffets and other great restaurants. Buffets like Bellagio’s or Wynn’s have trancended the common buffet of stale food. They serve gourmet dishes like Kobe beef and hand made desserts. Great food, good service, clean and fun atmosphere. You’ll definately enjoy this.

4. Watch the sunrise by staying up all night and partying and then seeing the drunks and broke gamblers barely make it back to their hotel rooms in the early morning. It is the quietiest time in Vegas, and a little relaxing. You can really see how Vegas can ruin you for those that you see are completely distraught over losing – but its a good way to keep your sanity while you there.

5. Go swimming and treat yourself to a massage. This will be fun. When you get out of the pool, you can feel the heat radiating on your back and your feet will feel warmer than getting out of the pool anywhere else. It feels good, and then getting a massage later will be the perfect way to settle into a fun night. Something about swimming in the heat as the sun is going down in the Vegas desert is relaxing and calming. This will cost little to nothing.

6. You can shop at the FORUM in Caesar’s Palace or the Passage at the Hollywood Planet Casino. They have the widest selection and the nicest shops. There is, of course, the Las Vegas Premium Outlets just off the strip that any taxi can take you to – good deals there!

7. You can watch the fountains at Bellagio, the Fremont Street Light Show in downtown, and catch a Cirque Du Soleil show (such as KA at MGM Grand or ‘O’ at Bellagio – those are my favorite). Just enjoy yourself and have fun, dont plan out every little thing.

Lucky you, have fun – wish I was going too. Happy 21st B-day!! Hope this helps!

Ken asks…

What should i wear when i go out in Las vegas in september? where should I SHOP?

What are some good popular and good stores to go to, Im going to las vegas and i never have really been clubbing or anything like that. SO i dont know what to wear, what are some good website to go to for “clubbing clothes” ALSO i live near L.A. (like near Upland) if you have any good stores to go to in the area or good malls (I wear XS)…LIke cute dresses, Oh ya I dont have a buget…The only store I was thinking of was BEBE…SO anything that would help would be GREAT!
YA im thinking HIGHER end, Guess TOTALY works,… Jcpenny, Kohls …Thats not what Im really looking for……
Any other sugjestions….???

Administrator answers:

Bebe have pretty good stuff at decent prices also Arden B
and Guess check out Shopbop website shows you whats trendy I would wear something with a little shine or sparkle for Vegas think diva babe!

Daniel asks…

What or where should we go in Las vegas?

So me and my family is will go to las vegas this summer and we booked a hotel called the mirage and we are first time visitors so other than the LOVE show what else could be there to do in the hotel or in Las vegas?

Administrator answers:

You should read over this site. It lists must see and dos while in Vegas. Then go to the helpful tips that are really good for first time visitors. If you are under 21 you should read that page as well. The Mirage is a great hotel and you will enjoy the pool.

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