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January 10, 2013

Michael asks…

Where is a cheap place to get hair done for a wedding in Las Vegas?

My friend is getting married in Las Vegas this June and she is looking for a place to get her & her bridesmaids hair done for cheap. Does anyone know of any places?

Administrator answers:

Most hotels offer this as a service but most are not cheap. Vegas does have hair salons though, might want to start looking at that first.


Fashion Show Mall on the strip also has a Regis salon, its a few blocks from Harrah’s:

Helen asks…

What would be the most fun things for 2 single girls in Las Vegas to do?

My friend and I first decided that we were going to go to Las Vegas with a big group of girls and then we decided that it should just be the 2 of us. We really dont want to have to worry about people coming back and talking about us if we do anything too wild. Neither of us have ever been to Las Vegas and we just need some suggestions. We are trying to have as much fun as possible and go absolutely buck wild!!!
We’re going in October. We’re both good looking girls.

Administrator answers:

Here is a link with lots of information about clubbing:

Try to get a hotel right in the heart of the strip unless you are renting a car. There is a free tram that runs between Treasure Island and the Mirage and another that runs from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay then to the Luxor then back to the Excalibur.

Planet Hollywood has over 130 shops. Caesars Palace and the Venetian have good shopping, too. In the middle of the strip is the Fashion Show Mall with over 250 shops and 6 major department stores including Sacks 5th Ave and Bloomingdale’s.

The best breakfast buffet is at Paris, huge selection, made to order omelet station and the much sought after custom made crepe station (my wife recommends the raspberries and lots of whipped cream). There is a fresh fruit station and pastry station, too.

Planet Hollywood has the best value buffet. Bellagio and Wynn the best of the more expensive buffets. Las Vegas has lots of food from McDonald’s to Delmonico’s (Emeril). There is even a rotating restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere called Top of the World. Pricey but excellent food, excellent service and a view that you will remember forever. We love it. I strongly recommend the three course dinner for two at $160. Try to get a reservation near sunset for incredible views and colors as the sun sets.


Daniel asks…

Anything special going on in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving?

We are planning on being in Las Vegas all next week. Does anyone know of any specific ‘Thanksgiving’ly things to do or any events that may be going on to honor that?

Administrator answers:

If you put the dates in that you will be in LV this site will have info on all, show/events.



Sandy asks…

Which show should I see at Las Vegas?

I’m visiting Las Vegas in March and really want to see a show. I’ve already got tickets for Le Reve at the Wynn, but excited to see another one. My options are Cirque’s O, Mystere, or Ka. Also I’m interested in the Broadway style Lion King and Phantom. Le Reve I’m seeing with my family, but the second show I’m planning on buying is with my friends. Help? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I really like Cirque’s Mystere. I would skip O since you’re seeing Le Reve, and both are water shows.

Phantom and Lion King are also both great. Jersey Boys is another good Broadway-style show to consider.

Some other good ones to consider are Penn & Teller, Blue Man Group, and Lance Burton.

Thomas asks…

What are the best things to do in Las Vegas?

I am traveling to Las Vegas October 30th through November 2nd. I’m wondering what shows and parties and places that will be the most fun! I’m sure halloween will be a blast, and I’ve seen a lot of advertising for different parties, but I don’t want to end up at a drag (no pun intended ;) ). Also, November 1st is me and my boyfriend’s anniversary, so I might be looking for something romantic :)

Any suggestions would be wonderful!

Administrator answers:

If you’re looking to save a bit of money to spend on a nicer hotel or something, check out

They have a nice list of free things to do.

Laura asks…

Where to marry foreign girl in Las Vegas?

I am planning to marry a girl from china and get marry in Las Vegas? If you going to say something else like bad idea or crap…I don’t wanna hear it.

Administrator answers:

As long as you have passports proving who you are, you just have to go and get a marriage license downtown and then go to a chapel to get married. Here you just need proof of who you are. You will also have to show her visa. It is a bit complicated after that to keep her here after becoming your wife. Not as simple as you may think. It is just as easy to get married in China as in Vegas. There once you fill out the marriage license .. You are married. No ceremony needed.

James asks…

Best place to celebrate 50th Birthday in Las Vegas?

I have been to Las Vegas numerous times and am planning to celebrate my “50th” Birthday there in August 2010. Getting a group (approx 10-20) people together to go and am trying to get ideas for a great way to celebrate. Ages will vary from 21-70yrs old.

Administrator answers:

Here are a few things you can add to your list of things to do.

1) Dinner and Show at Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur.
2) Avoid clubs because of the cover charge but meet for drinks at one of the many lounges on the Vegas strip
3) Since all the pools are open in August, plan a pool party at your hotel
4) Vegas can be expensive. Follow these money saving tips and save where ever you can.

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