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January 13, 2013

Helen asks…

Where can I get coupons for Las Vegas attractions?

We are taking a family trip to Las Vegas this July and we are on a tight budget. Does anyone know any websites where we can print free coupons for various attractions in Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

These are not free, but, take a look, they may be worth it to you.


The ACG has a large number of useful coupons

The LVA’s MRB has around 100 useful coupons

Free attractions

LV has a number of free attractions
Some of the best include
The Fountains of Bellagio
Fremont Street Experience
Mirage – Volcano
Sirens of TI
Rio – Show in the Sky
Aquarium – Silverton
Lion Habitat – MGM

Susan asks…

Has anyone had a personal experience with, American advertising in Las Vegas?

My brother purchased some advertising from American Advertising in Las Vegas. He received notification that he won a Bahamas vacation but without airfare. Now the advertisers says he has won a large sum of money, but they want him to buy more advertising before they release the money. I think it’s a scam. Has anyone had any personal experience with this company?

Administrator answers:

What you have described, clearly shows it scam. I have no personal experience, but know much about it. Its not real, its fake. . Forget about it.


Mary asks…

What are some fun things to do in Las Vegas?

Okay so I’m a teenager and I’m going to las vegas for spring break, what r some fun things for me to do there?

Administrator answers:

You’ll be a bit limited, but there are still some things to see and do.

*You can see many of the shows in Vegas – there are some great comedy, musical, and magic acts in Vegas
*Circus Circus Adventuredome
*Stratosphere thrill rides – or just go up for the view and to watch the rides
*NYNY arcade and coaster
*Excalibur arcade
*Tournament of Kings dinner show at Excalibur
*MGM Lion Exhibit
*Shark Reef at Mandalay
*Titanic Exhibit at Luxor
*Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden at Mirage
*Madame Tussaud’s wax museum at Venetian
*Shopping at Fashion Show Mall

Maria asks…

What bars are showing Wrestlemania 28 in Las Vegas?

I am in Las Vegas for the week and need a place to watch Wrestlemania TONIGHT. Any clue as to whether or not any bars are showing it here?

Administrator answers:

I don’t even known bro. I am watching it right now, but I don’t know what Bars are showing it. Here is a stream if it helps it’s what I’m using.

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