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January 14, 2013

Mark asks…

Stuff to do for the weekend in Las Vegas?

I’m going on a trip to Las Vegas as a birthday gift.

I’m planning to stay from Friday (arriving at 3:35PM) and leaving on Sunday (3:40PM).

What are some of the best places and shows to go to under a $300 spending budget?
My hotel is the Luxor btw.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know where you will be staying and what kind of shows you lean to but your budget restricts you somewhat.

There are 2 websites that I recommend for budget travelers to Vegas. has good recommendations for cheap dining in Vegas. It is not organized that well so you have to plow through a lot of stuff to find what will help you.

Another website is which has sections for cheap show tickets, and buffets, etc. It has a lot of tables with comparisons that stuff a lot of info into a small space. also has a section on how to plan your trip here and save money. It is the only section of its kind that I have seen.

Steven asks…

What is their to do in las vegas for children?

Okay, i might be going to Las Vegas, but before i go i want to find out what their is to do there. Plus, are the prices cheap or expensive. Please tell me! Thank You!:)
My friend is thinking about visiting las vegas. He is fifteen years old. What should i tell him to see or do. Whan can he do or where can he go that is good!

Administrator answers:

This town is a family town.
What do you want to see Red Rock canyon.
Sunset park.
The wet lands.
Circus Circus and New York New York.
You have so many options here.
The casinos love families and will accommodate your wishes.
Tropicana The Titanic Museum.
Magic shows at almost ever resort.

This is the paradise that you need to visit.

Sandy asks…

What should I include in my project about Las Vegas?

So I decided to a school project about Las Vegas, i have to make and itinerary and a brochure(such as fun things to do in Las Vegas ect.)
What things about Las Vegas should I put in the brochure ect.?
Thanks. :)
Also we are allowed to do this(ask on the internet ect) as longs as I put it in the ‘Sources’ part of the project.

Administrator answers:

Here is one for the bellagio hotel

Itinerary can be something like this.
1-3 Days

Any trip to Las Vegas should include at least some time on the Las Vegas Strip. Gamble, shop, or site see – the choice is yours – but you should certainly take time to what all the fuss is about. One of the more iconic sites on the Strip includes the Bellagio Fountains. Timed to music and totally free, the fountains are worth viewing. You can also spend the afternoon shopping at the nearby Forum Shops at Caesars hotel. If you have time, be sure to see a show, as well. “The Blue Man Group” and “O” are two of the more popular, though there are a staggering number of shows playing every night of the week. Take time to eat out as well. Some of the best chefs in the world have restaurants on the Strip.

4-7 Days

With more time in Vegas, your suggested itineraries for Las Vegas can include a little more. Shop, dine, and gamble, but spend more time doing it. Also, you will have time to head downtown. Suggested itineraries for Las Vegas in the downtown area include the Fremont Street Experience. You can tour on your own on foot, or schedule a bus tour to ride along in an air-conditioned vehicle. Either way, you’ll have a chance to see more neon lights than you will see again in your life, as well as shop and snack at the outdoor market.

Once you have made your way back to the Strip, you can spend an afternoon seeing the sites. The Eiffel Tower Tour, Stratosphere Thrill Rides, and the Siegfried and Roy Dolphin Habitat are all worth checking out.

7+ Days

With a week or more in Las Vegas, your Las Vegas itinerary can include all of the activities mentioned above, along with a whole lot more. For a break from the hustle and bustle of the Strip, schedule a bus or helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, or Lake Mead. Most of these tours will take an entire day, provide lunch for guests, and are fully worth the expense.

In addition to these active pursuits your Las Vegas itinerary can also include some thrill rides, museum appreciation, and more. The Atomic Testing Museum, The Luxor IMAX theatre, and the New York New York roller coaster are excellent places to start. You can catch a ride down the Strip on the monorail, or walk.

While there is certainly plenty to do in Las Vegas, there are some universal Las Vegas travel tips to help any tourist. Las Vegas travel tips for guests hoping to see a show in Vegas include looking for discounted tickets. Almost every show offers tickets at discounted rates- simply ask around at the hotel where the show is seen. In general, Las Vegas travel tips for budget travelers will include trying to avoid booking your vacation during a holiday season, as rates will be higher for just about everything during these times. Whichever Las Vegas suggested itinerary you choose, you will be sure to have no trouble filling your schedule in Las Vegas.

Lisa asks…

What to do and where to go in Las Vegas?

My beau and I are going on vacay to Las Vegas this week and we really want to do (and see) as much as we can without spending a fortune. (We want to save our cash for the casinos.) What’s hot, and what’s not? We don’t just want the typical recommendations like the Bellagio fountain show of the Blue Man Group. What are some of the smaller treasures on (or near) the strip?

Administrator answers:

When you go to Las Vegas these usual things you will want to see for FREE:

1. Number one on my list is to watch the fountains displays in front of the Bellagio hotel. It usually runs every 15 minutes in summers starting at 3:00 PM; runs continuously until about midnight. Each show is different (there are more than 20 different tunes choreographed) so stay and watch at least 2 or 3. ALSO, go inside the Bellagio hotel to its lobby and view the beautiful glass sculptured ceiling AND the seasonal floral arrangements in the Atrium.

2. The “Sirens of TI” show (spectacular) in from of the Treasure Island Hotel; it runs every 90 minutes starting at about 4:30 PM. Simply stand on the sidewalk in front of the TI Hotel.

3. The volcano erupt in from of the Mirage Hotel; starting at dark until midnight. Again, just stand on the sidewalk in front of the hotel.

4. Go down to Freemont Street and see the light shows. There are usually 3 or 4 different shows, starting after dark (about 8:30PM) and lasting about 5 or 10 minutes each.

5. Go to the RIO hotel to see the Masquerade in the Sky show. It is like Mardi Gras parade, only suspended from the ceiling over the gambling floor. It runs every 60 minutes starting about 3:00 PM; the last show starts at 9:30 PM..

6. Go to the MGM Grand hotel to see the Lion habitat. This is better then the tiger habitat at the Mirage Hotel because there are usually trainers in with lions to keep them active.

7. Go to the Mirage hotel to see the white tigers that Siegfried and Roy show used. This is kinda passe because the tigers rarely do anything but sit and stare.

8. Go in Caesars Palace and walk through the Forum shops to the first fountain (its spectacular) then take the first fork to the left to go see the aquarium. Then continue on through the shops to the second fountain and wait for the show to start.

9. Go into the Flamingo hotel to see their animal habitat with flamingos and penguins.

10 The Excalibur hotel also has a free show starting at 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

11. If you are a Star Trek Fan, go to the Hilton (off the strip) for “Star Trek The Experience”; it cost about $25.

People go to Vegas to sightsee as well as gamble. You can see most of the stuff on the Strip by walking, so you don’t need a rental car. There is a free monorail between Bellagio and the Monte Carlo Hotel and also another free one between Excalibur, Luxor, and Mandalay Bay. The one on the opposite side of the street which runs from the MGM to the Hilton you have to pay to ride. There is a free bus between Harrahs Hotel to the RIO Hotel that runs every half hour. There is also a free bus that you can get outside the Barbery Coast Casino that will take you to the Orleans and some other off strip casinos.

Plan which hotels/casinos you want to visit each day so you can make the most of your walking and the free monorails and scuttles. When you get to Vegas you will probably have in your hotel room a free guide to the city called either “What’s ON” , “Showbiz”or “Las Vegas Today”. These are helpful guises as they have a map of the Strip and city with the hotels marked, current hotel shows and prices, plus useful coupons. Some coupons will give you a free souvenir from certain hotels; you just have to take the coupon to the hotel. They also list hotel restaurants and buffets time sand prices.

JOIN PLAYERS CLUBS: Do join ALL of the players clubs because they are your ticket to lower priced return trips. The hotels will email you, or send by regular mail, specials on room rates and shows. The players clubs are free; all they want to see is your driver’s license. You can join some of these clubs online before you go.

SHOPPING: There’s shopping at Fashion show mall right next to Treasure Island Hotel (across from the Wynn Hotel), or you can drive or take a taxi or the bus south of the Strip (just past the airport) to the outlet mall. For more shopping, drive south on I-15 to Primm, NV (at the Calif border … About 45 miles) and there is a big outlet mall and some casinos.

DINING: The hotel coffee shops and buffets are now much more expensive than they were years ago. So, if you want to eat for less try one of the Denny’s for meals (one in the Casino Royal hotel/casino and another across from the Monte Carlo hotel/casino). There are also a McDonald and a Burger King on the Stip near Harrahs. You can get breakfast and dinner buffets a few dollars less at the Imperial Palace hotel/casino and at the Gold Coast hotel/casino. Buffets cost less at the Circus Circus hotel/casino and in Freemont St hotel/casinos. Some hotels have food courts. There is a food court in the Monte Carlo hotel/casino, one in the NY, NY hotel/casino, and in the Palms Hotel (across the street from the RIO.) There is an Outback Steak House in the Casino Royale Hotel and another across from the RIO. There is a Cheesecake Factory and a Planet Hollywood in Ceasers Forum shops. There is a Margerittaville in the Flamingo hotel. I recommend Tony Roma’s, a ribs and chicken restaurant; one in the Stardust hotel/casino, one on Freemont St and another on Sahara Ave near Paradise Rd.

MOVIES: There are movie theaters in the Palms (multiplex) and also another on the Strip across the street from the Monte Carlo hotel, near the MGM hotel.

BOWLING: If you like to bowl, there are alley’s in The Gold Coast Hotel/Casino (beside the RIO) and in the Orleans Hotel Casino. .

ACT LIKE A KID: If you like roller coasters, there are roller coaster rides at the NY, NY hotel/casino, at the Sahara Hotel/Casino, and rides for those with a strong heart at the top of the Stratosphere Casino/hotel. The Circus Circus Hotel/casino has arcades and an indoor amusement park. There is a place called Game Works below the Coke World experience that has all type video games


RED ROCK CANYON: Its about 20 miles west of Las Vegas out Charleston Blvd (you can pick up that street at the north end of the Strip) Its a scenic drive-through park. Go early, not in the heat of the day; there’s no shade.

HOOVER DAM: Drive about 30 miles southeast of Vegas and go to Hoover Dam; the National Park Service offers tours there (@ $15.) and its interesting stuff. Go on past Hoover dam to Boulder City and then to Lake Meade for a swim and/or to visit the new casino there. Also, there are tour companies that will take you on a cruise of the river below Hoover Dam. Check the Vegas web sites.

VALLEY OF FIRE STATE PARK: Drive about 35 miles north of Vegas on I-15 and go to Valley of Fire State Park, another scenic park area.

ZION NATION PARK: It’s a long drive (about 2-3 hours), but you can drive North on I-15 to Zion National Park and back in one day.

DEATH VALLEY: If you like to visit National Parks, drive about an hour and a half south of Vegas on I-15 and take RT-127 to Death Valley National Park (total drive may be 3 hrs each way).

GRAND CANYON: The drive to the Grand Canyon is 5 long hard hours on mostly two lane roads with trucks and campers (only a short way on I-40). You can drive there and back in one day if you leave early morning, like 6:00-7:00 AM. That will put you there about noon and you will have 4 or 5 hrs before starting back and getting back to Vegas about 11:00PM. I recommend staying overnight at the Canyon (there are plenty of motels near there, like Best Western, Ramada, Quality inns) and drive back the next day.

Is that enough. I’ll be there next week myself.

Nancy asks…

Why aren’t under five year olds allowed in Las Vegas theaters?

My family is going to Las Vegas in a couple days, so we’ve been looking up different places to go and things to do. I’m fourteen, turning fifteen soon, my older brother is sixteen, and my parents are in their mid thirties. I also have a little brother whose two and a half.

What I don’t get is for shows like Cirque du Soleil, Jersey Boys, Comedians, why under five year olds aren’t allowed to see it. In this day and age, it’s not like they haven’t been exposed their fair share of swearing anyway, and their too young for anything to really be considered inappropriate that they see. So what’s wrong?

Administrator answers:

Las Vegas is an adult town. Its not a playround for a two year old any more then it is for a teenager. It’s not so much the content as it is the length or the time of the show. Most of the shows that you mention take place at night after 7pm and last about 2 hours. Nobody wants to listen to a bored crying kid in the middle of a show that they paid $150 + for. Additionally, if you look most evening comedy shows start at 9pm or later. YOU wouldn’t even be able to go to a late evening comedy show as they tend to be raunchy and alcohol is served. Don’t assume that YOU will be able to go to any show because you are older then your brother.

If you would like to go to a show that will be appropriate for your entire family then you need to find something during the afternoon. These include mostly magic or animal shows. Look for shows at the Circus Circus or Excalibur which are hotels geared for kids. Your brother may be able to go to the Tournament of KIngs, Squawk, Nathan Burton, etc. If this bothers your family then DON’T COME. There are many other places in the world like Walt Disney World that will welcome young children.

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