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January 17, 2013

John asks…

Do you think a trip to Las Vegas with children would be innappropriate for them?

Co-workers say that Las Vegas is a place to have “adult fun” only. Would a trip there would not be okay for kids (10 and 12)? Are there enough kid-friendly activities for three nights?

What’s you’re opinion on us taking kids to Sin City?

Administrator answers:

Lots to do, water parks, roller coasters, Some of the cirque shows are good for kids. Circus Circus has an indoor theme park. Here is a site with too many to list

Nancy asks…

How much do las vegas performers get paid?

I recently went to see Circue De Solei “O” in Las Vegas. It was 105 per ticket, and they were nose bleed seats. The performance was awesome, and I was wondering if anyone knows how much those type of performers get paid? I hope a lot because the show was great, and sold out.

Administrator answers:

Like anything it depends on:
- Your experience
- Your role
- What the troupe/casino’s willing to pay
Most dancers that aren’t in a troupe are actually independent contractors. “Cirque” is/are troupe’s, so one would be paid whatever you negotiate with that company.
VERY ballpark: For someone with some experience: maybe $40-50K or so. It’s not as high paying as one would think.
The highest paid performers are exotic dancers. They routinely pull down $80-100K a year. (and no, they aren’t hookers either.)

Jenny asks…

What places in Vegas show Manchester United games?

I’m traveling to Las Vegas for Christmas, and I was wondering where I could see the Manchester United games on the 26th and 28th of November.

It doesn’t have to be right in Vegas, and a minimum age doesn’t matter either.

Administrator answers:

We watched all the Premiership games at MGM Grand in the sports book at one point we watch 4 at once ;-)

THe crown and anchor pub also shows football

Robert asks…

Does anybody have a video of the chandelier crashing of the Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas?

I have looked everywhere for a video of the chandelier crashing of the production of the Phantom in Las Vegas! Does anybody have one or have found one with great view of it?

Administrator answers:

Cameras are prohibited inside the theater, so unless someone sneaks one in there are not many videos around. There were some illegal versions on YouTube, but last I checked they were taken down. You might check again.

I’ve seen the chandelier crash because I’ve seen the play 4 times in Vegas. It depends on where you sit. It happens very fast. When the Phantom brings down the chandelier with a movement of his hand toward, it drops at 35 mph and stops 10 feet above the audience’s head. However, it happens really fast with strobe lights and then when it stops, it goes dark in the theater and it’s pulled back up. A lot of people miss it falling because they sit in front of the chandelier and unless they know when the drop happens, they don’t turn around fast enough to see it happen. If you sit behind the Golden Circle farther from the stage, it’s a good view, but then you’re not close to the stage! Trade-off.

The coolest part is at the beginning of the show when it’s in pieces and they pull it together. It’s sweet.

Hope that helps!.

Sandra asks…

How crowded will Las Vegas be due to rodeo?

Thinking about going to Las Vegas from December 6th to the 12th and I just read the National Finals Rodeo will be there the same time. Was anyone in Las Vegas this time last year? Is it crazy busy with cowboys everywhere? And does anyone know what shows and events close in December?

Administrator answers:

I was there last year and it was not crowded at all.

Decemeber ( before xmas) is the least crowded month by a good margin. So even adding a whole bunch of cowboys is not going to change all that much.

Any weekend in March-October is probably more crowded then that.

Mandy asks…

How can I meet the Ghost Adventure crew while on my honeymoon in Vegas?

We are going to honeymoon in Las Vegas in early 2014 a few months after our marriage in June 2013. The one thing that would make my honeymoon besides my new hubby would be to meet the Ghost Adventure crew and just get a signed Vegas t-shirt. I am not a fanatic, but really enjoy the show. How can I arrange this?

Administrator answers:

1. Find out where they will be with your here, who knows if that show will still be on the air or even in Las Vegas when you get here, they tour the whole country filming, chances of them being here in that month is pretty slim in my expectations – but I’ve been wrong before. Given that they are there to work and film what ever they are trying to catch, they probably won’t want to be disturbed.

2. Contact the production company and find out if they have an open set so you can visit them (you also contact the production company to find out where they are).

2a. They should have a website where you can contact them and find this information out. (or the station that airs them in your area). You can also buy them from their site generally or have a link to the site that does sell them.

3 Good luck.

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