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January 19, 2013

Linda asks…

How long is the Phantom of the Opera running at the Venetian in Las Vegas?

I was just wondering if anyone knows how long Phantom is running in Las Vegas…thanks!

Administrator answers:

I haven’t heard of anything regarding the show’s closure. I suppose it will be here a long time. They did specially make a theatre at the Venetian for it, so I guess they’ll want to keep showing as long as possible. I hope that answers your question.

Mary asks…

How can I find a healthy male yorkie puppy in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas? If you find one it will be appreciated if you left the name and the number of the breeder, facility, or Society. Also state the price. Please don’t tell me to got to the local humane society. I already checked there. Please help. Thanks-a-mill!
also pure bread perfered

Administrator answers:

Http:// lists hundreds of breeders from around the US.

I’d expect these breeders to charge the average price for a well bred Yorkie – $750-$1500.

You can also try

Added: “Prince & Princess Store” is a puppy mill. Or I should say, a broker that sells puppy mill dogs. No matter how much they promise that they aren’t, they clearly are. It’s amazingly obvious to anyone who has done 5 minutes of research, dani. Http://

They actually make my stomach hurt they are so disgusting.

Http:// is in Tucson, but they show in Las Vegas, so they could bring a puppy for you next time they are up there.

Http:// is in Oregon, but same deal.

Ruth asks…

Can I sneak a camera into a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas?

I’m going to Las Vegas to see Cirque du Soleil for the first time in Las Vegas. Will they check my bag for a camera? Will they take it away from me? I hear they walk up and down the aisle during the show looking for people using cameras, is that true?

Administrator answers:

I just saw O at the Bellagio a few days ago. Man it was great! I was really unsure about paying so much for a ticket, but it was totally worth it considering you would probably dump that much playing blackjack and leave with nothing. But with seeing this show you will remember it. I saw a lady in front of me take out a camera to take a picture, she was quickly told not to by the staff. The theater is so big that attendents are walking up and down the isles to help people find their seats. You will not enjoy this experience looking through a camera. Plus there won’t be enough light to get good video or pictures. Plus it won’t be any good.

Lisa asks…

What is a good clean comedy show in vegas?

My wife and I are going to Las Vegas and would like to watch a comedy show that is not nasty and filled with foul language. Anyone know of any? Must be a funny show.

Administrator answers:

George Wallace at the Flamingo is the best. I went to the comedy club at Harrahs once and the language wa disgusting and not funny.

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