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January 29, 2013

Betty asks…

what are the best bars in Las Vegas for a single guy?

I will be in Las Vegas for 2 weekday nights (a Monday and Tuesday) on a business trip alone. I am looking for a casual, but classy and upscale nightclub / bar to hang out at. Preferably not a dance club, but somewhere that you can just kick back and chill. I have heard that the Ghost Bar is good as well as the 40/40 club. I am new to Vegas however and any suggestions are appreciated. Also, how are the dress code rules at most of the clubs? Are jeans allowed? What type of shirts are acceptable? , etc.? … thanks!

Administrator answers: has a plethory of information on the Vegas nightlife. I’d recommend Blue Martini, Tabu, and Mix Lounge. There’s a lot of choices though.

Here’s a review of Blue Martini:

Following in the footsteps of a city that hates to define itself by just one thing (gaming, culinary destination, world-class show capital, etc.), Blue Martini at Town Square is hard to define as just one kind of venue. Is it a restaurant? Yes. Is it a bar? Yes. Is it a nightclub? Well, yes, it could be that, too.
Located in a spot that lends itself to a million different kinds of traffic – foot traffic from the mall, those looking for a hip spot to hang out just a little ways off the Strip, folks familiar with Blue Martini’s other locations – Blue Martini can only categorically be described as one thing: popular.

Set up in a deceptively large space, Blue Martini is stocked with four bars (three inside) and a patio that wraps its way around the front and side of the building. Red and blue lighting accents, as well as deep dark, cherry-colored wood table tops come together with a modern layout to give the whole place a vibe that feels simultaneously upscale and relaxed.

As one might guess from the name, martinis are Blue Martini’s bread and butter (although they do, in fact have bread and butter and an extensive food menu) and they boast an impressive 34 speciality ones, so you can work your way through them all. They run about $12, but happy hour cuts that cost in half.

A stage for live bands (which perform nightly) sits behind Blue Martini’s biggest bar and directly across from that is a DJ booth, so you’re always in a position to hear some good music. In between the bar/stage and the DJ booth is a dance floor (which is on the small side, but definitely serviceable), so if that good music grabs you by the ear, you might just end up showing off just how well you’ve perfected the Worm.

On Friday and Saturday nights, there’s a cover to get in, but it’s a single digit dollar amount (generally $5), so that leaves plenty of coin left over for quenching your thirst or, if the mood strikes, lighting up a cigar (on the patio only) from Blue Martini’s humidor.

There’s bottle service available and a little (well, big actually) suited doorman that sometimes stands outside when things are really hopping to keep track of the line that occasionally forms. Which means it’s a club, right? But then, if you’re hungry there’s that whole menu to eat from. Plus, all those bars…and we’re right back where we started. So maybe it’s a nighturantbar or a barestauraclub, whatever it is, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Daniel asks…

Disney World or Las Vegas for my honeymoon?

Me and my husband got married in February and I had a baby in April so we wanted to wait until after the baby was born for our honeymoon.
I want to start planning it today so do you think we should go to Disney World or Las Vegas? I LOVE Disney but I’ve already been there a few times. I’ve never been to Las Vegas.

Or do you have another place you would highly recommend?

Administrator answers:

If you’ve been to Disney then def. Consider Las Vegas. The shows, the restaurants, the nightlife, the hotels, the pools, the attractions, the casinos, so much more…you don’t even need to gamble. But def. Try to go there once.
P.S. Try to avoid the summer months. July & August are really hot there, but prob. Not much hotter than Florida.

Richard asks…

What are the can’t miss attractions in Las Vegas?

I am spending my 21st birthday in Las Vegas in June and I have never been there. I am going with someone who has been before but its been a few years. Ive already booked my hotel and of course i plan on indulging in drinking and gambling a little as well as shopping and seeing a show (LOVE Cirque D’Soliel at the Mirage) but i want to know what are the can’t miss attractions in Las Vegas? What are the best things to do and see and what isn’t worth it?

Administrator answers:

To add to what others have said, you could also check out the Shark Reef exhibit at Mandalay Bay, it’s not free, but it’s definitely worth it.
Try to check out the volcano at the Mirage, they recently gave it a facelift.
If you like looking out across the city at night, going up the fake Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel isn’t bad, and you can also see the Bellagio fountains from up there.
I also hear the Stratosphere has a cool night view from the top.
The M&M store is a fun little place to go.
If you like celebrities, then you might like the Madam Tussaud’s wax museum at the Venetian.
Also, there’s the Titanic and Bodies exhibits at the Luxor. I haven’t been to the Bodies exhibit, but I did see the Titanic one and I liked it, so much so that I want to go see it again. If you’re at all into the Titanic, go see it.
If you want romance, you might like the gondola “ride” at the Venetian. You’re taken down recreations of Italian canals.
I’m a touristy guy, so I like to also just stroll through such hotels as Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Venetian, etc. They all have huge shopping malls inside them.
You can also go to such Web sites as for more detailed info about both free and for-pay things to do and see.
Have fun!

George asks…

What is the name of the convention/ trade show for alcohol in Las Vegas?

I have heard about the largest trade show for alcoholic products in the U.S. is in Las Vegas, What is that called, and are there any other in the U.S. like it?

Administrator answers:

Nightclub and Bar Convention and Tradeshow

Lisa asks…

How much would it cost (fuel-wise) to fly a small plane from Nashville to Las Vegas? ?

I’m getting a rideshare with someone to Las Vegas from Nashville, TN. It is 1800 miles and we’re in this guys small airplane with 3 other people. How much should I contribute to the cost of fuel? He just emailed asking for a donation. I am in college so $100ish would be my maximum! Thanks
He said it was 1500 miles, cruises at 160 mph, and a Beach Bonanza airplane?

Administrator answers:

What aircraft? What power plant, fuel capacity, cruise speed, fuel consumption at cruise? What weight of passengers, luggage, and fuel? How many stops for fuel, food, and/or layover? These and other variables will have a huge effect on the answer.

Example: a Cessna 172L 4-seater with a 150 hp Lycoming engine can carry 42 gallons of fuel and 663 pounds for people, baggage, and flying supplies. Plan for 120 miles per hour and eight and one-half gallons per hour.

120 miles per hour equals 128 gallons of 100LL fuel for 1800 miles of flying – not including ascent and descent. Av gas 100LL sells for anywhere between $2.99 and $6.55 (average $4.56) within 50 miles of Nashville. The 172L has enough fuel for only 4-hour flights so you will be refueling 4 times each way, and the cost of fuel varies widely, as I’ve already shown. Your 128 gallons of fuel will cost between $380 and $840 – probably averaging out to about $580. Also remember: this is the cost ONE WAY – double it to get back home. Add the cost of a motel halfway – total flight time will be about 18 hours, and no pilot can do that in one day.

That’s for a bare-bones single engine aircraft that’s twice your age and half your size. No aisles, no toilet, and food/drinks is what you carry on. Replace that with – say – a Cessna 421 twin-engine 8-seater, and the speed will double, the range will double, and the fuel consumption will almost triple. Total flight time would be about 7 hours, and you’d only have to stop for fuel once each way. THAT plane would cost between $1340 and $2980 (average $2040) each way. You might get a toilet in that plane.

This doesn’t even begin to address the safety issues – like flying a small airplane across the US Midwest in the winter.

FYI: Southwest Air offers flights nonstop Nashville, TN to Las Vegas, NV for as little as $109 each way. Non-stop flight time is as little as 3.5 hours.

Robert asks…

I really want to be a voice actress, it there any voice acting company in the Las Vegas area?

I really want to be a voice actress, but I live in Las Vegas and I am not sure if there is any studios there for anime voice acting. Any Advice?

Administrator answers:

In all honesty, you want to be in either LA, Chicago, or NY. Those are the three major markets for voiceover work. LA is the capital for animation.

Getting into voice over acting is a hefty investment. Largely because you have to invest thousands of dollars in putting together a demo reel that shows your range as a voice actor. There are different types of voiceovers. Commercials are the biggest chunk. Then there are promo, narrative, foreign language, audiobook, and animation. In animation, you want to create original characters, NOT imitations of Bart Simpson, etc.

Before forking over thousands of dollars to get your reel, get a lot of training before. Good training consists of proper vocal exercises and warmup, proper diction in American standard English, breaking down a VO script into phrases, and being able to make that script come to life with your imagination and not just some regular read. Improv is also highly recommended as well for you want to be able to loosen up and use your imagination when you’re in that isolation chamber (recording booth).

If I had to recommend a book, I think The Art of Voice Acting, 3rd edition by James R. Alburger is a good place to start. He also gives recommendations for other Voiceover resources as well.

Here’s a great Voice Acting resource site:

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