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February 12, 2013

Donald asks…

Why are the portfolio’s on Yahoo Finance showing incorrect 52 week ranges?

My portfolios on Yahoo Finance have incorrect 52 week ranges being shown, i.e. Las Vegas Sands is showing a 52 week high of $30 something when its much higher than that. Is there a way to fix this problem, or is it yahoo finance in general that is making the error. They were fine until a week ago.

Administrator answers:

This is a glitch, report it to Yahoo finance so that they can fix it.

Helen asks…

What are fun things to do in Las Vegas with teenagers?

I am going to Las Vegas to a concert with my two younger kids that are 12 and 15. What are some fun things to do there that don’t invole strippers, drinking, and gamballing.
This is in February and I will be there on my daughters 15th birthday, so maybe something fun we could do that day…

Administrator answers:

Check out 24/7 a online magazine which info and discounts. Register online with the shopping outlets before you go and print out any discounts for the places you know you want shop. Look at the website for Fashion show mall and see when the fashion shows are on this can be so much fun to watch. Also if your staying in a hotel you may get better discounts for shows playing in the hotel. Don’t book too much before you go as there are lots of tix2nite in the hotels giving up to half price on shows and buffetts. Try one of the nicer hotels for a buffett its good fun but the food everywhere is lovely on a buffett.
Free night got to be Freemont Street at night so good you must make sure you get down and visit.
On your daughters birthday why not do a gondala ride at the venitian hotel $18 each but mention its her birthday and you will get seronaded.
If you like pizza try Blondies inside the miricle mile at planet hollywood and the drinks are refillable. There is a big M&M store and also there is the free circus inside circus circus hotel, I could go on and on…. Where are you staying? If on the strip make sure you are in the middle towards Ballys, Bills and Ballagio

Betty asks…

Do you need to show id when crossing the Nevada border from Arizona as a passager?

Driving to Las Vegas and one of my passengers can’t find their wallet! Do the request everyone to show ids when crossing state to state borders?

Administrator answers:

Unless you are speeding or breaking the law and they have a reason to stop you a person can go to any state in the US without showing any id to enter.

Nancy asks…

Can someone point me to a nearby atheist-run center of some kind in Las Vegas where I could find food and bed?

I really want one where it is run by atheists. Some place where I can be shown the love of an atheists, and be taught about the atheist way? Some place I could maybe get a meal, and a good night of sleep if I’m tired?

Could you point one out to me somewhere in Las Vegas area?

Administrator answers:

Oh look, someone else who doesn’t understand what secular means!

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