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February 16, 2013

Michael asks…

What are some good stuff to do at Las Vegas?

I am going to Las Vegas soon and I want to know what are some best things that you can do while you are there. I am going to be there for 2 full days in the weekend.

I want to know about stuff like shows, entertainment, thrill rides, or anything else that is interesting and fun to do in Las Vegas.


Administrator answers:

Thrill rides… Try the roller coaster at NY NY – it’s one of my favorites. See more at

Entertainment… All depends on what you like, but the Beatles Love is a good show even if you’re not into their music. O is another good Cirque show. For classic showgirl entertainment, try Jubilee! At Bally’s or Folies Bergere at Tropicana. There’s also lots of comedy (Wayne Brady at the Venetian), musicals (Mama Mia at Mandalay Bay), impersonator (American Superstars at Stratosphere), and illusion shows (Chriss Angel at Luxor). For more info, go to

You can get tickets online before you go to Vegas – some shows sell out quickly. But if you decide to wait until you get there, you’ll still find plenty of opportunities to see a great show.

There’s also free stuff (to draw you into the casinos, of course). Bellagio fountains are my favorite, and I’ve seen them a bunch of times. Try for more ideas.

Bottom line? It’s the kind of place where you can’t help but have fun!

Good luck,

George asks…

Where should we buy the tickets for the Las Vegas Shows?

I am planning to visit vegas and would like to know where to buy the show tickets? Buying it online would be cheaper or buying it in Las vegas would be cheaper? Costco sells online coupons worth $100 at a price of $80.

Administrator answers:

Tix4tonight (online or in the streets, there their kiosks are, which is in all the main areas of the Strip, for example, including right by bill’s gambling hall) is an option if you want to try and get a discounted rate. Otherwise of course directly from the resorts which are showing it; ticketmaster and, of course, too. But if you want a package, try smartervegas (they also sell coupons and you may get a deal on shows).

Lizzie asks…

can someone tell me something about the george wallace show in las vegas?

i know he appears at flamingo and is called best 10pm show in las vegas, but any information
on his show will be appreciated. thank you.

Administrator answers:

I suggest this show if you want to laugh and let loose. To top it off I sat in the first table closest to the stage in front of the stairs. I had an up close and personal view of him which was fun.
I was amazed at his generosity, he gave members of the audience gifts such as one $500 gas gift card, a spa package gift certificate for any Bally’s property, a few autographed dvd’s and I think I recall a book. He graced the audience with gifts. I saw the show last year I am not sure if he still does that but was a cool unexpected touch.

He gives a good funny show, I definitely think a person is getting their monies worth with this show.

I love the old school flamingo theater you can feel and almost smell the nostalgia in the room.

After the show he walks out to the front doors of the showroom to a table with his merchandise and will sign autograph’s if you purchase. I walked up to him to thank him for such an awesome show, he said thanks but seemed preoccupied with selling the dvds he had in his hand.

Anyhow, to sum it up this is a show worth seeing if you want some good old fashioned comedy. It’s a 2 hour show.

Joseph asks…

Has anyone seen Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian in Las Vegas?

Hey! I’m a local here to Las Vegas and I am going to see Phantom of the Opera tonight at the Venetian… I loved the music from the movie but I couldn’t get into the story. I’m only going because it’s a “girls night out”. Has anyone seen the actual show in Vegas and what did you think?

Administrator answers:

All of the Broadway shows that are brought to Las Vegas are being cut to a 90 min. Version. After the first part of Avenue Q, Vegas Big Wigs decided that most people who come to Vegas would rather be gambling and 2 1/2 – 3 hours is too long.

A 90 minute version might be just the thing for you! To better help you understand the story, buy (or check out from the library) the Broadway soundtrack. Inside is the libretto. Read along, and it will really help you enjoy it better when you see it!

Laura asks…

When should I book my flight to Las Vegas?

I’m going to Vegas, flying out from Indianapolis Sunday August 2, and coming back to Indianapolis Thursday August 6.

Hotel and shows are all booked so I’m locked into above dates.

Airline prices seems much higher with bad times on arrivals and departures right now, compared to last October when I went to Las Vegas.

Should I book the flight now or wait and keep checking daily for better rates?

Administrator answers:

I am flying out of Indianapolis on September 6, but I already booked my airfare. I found a round trip ticket on Northwest for just over $200. What kind of times are you looking at?

Southwest $279.20
this is the cost for all flights on those dates.

Airtran is too expensive.

Midwest Airlines $297.40
leaving 3:45pm returning 11:59pm

Northwest from $229.19 with tax

I hope this helps! Northwest seems to dominate the cheapest prices for your dates. With only 2 months until your trip, it is better to book the first flight that meets your price range. You never know when flight prices are going to go up, especially with the cost of fuel going up. It’s also a good rule of thumb to book your airfare between 3 months and 1 month before your trip.

Ken asks…

How can I get discount Tickets for the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas for Nov. 26th?

I am going to Las Vegas the week of Thanksgiving and I want to sit in the Poncho seats at the Venetian to see the Blue Man group? Are there any discounts or coupons out there? I would appreciate the help.

P.S. I will be buying 3 tickets

Administrator answers:

Here’s a Blue Man Group deal on
“Save $40 – Upgrade to Orchestra Seats”

Usually the deals get extended so keep checking for your dates, maybe different offers will popup by then.

Sandy asks…

is there a place where i can get good cheap tickets to the show love in las vegas for the end of june?

i’m going to las vegas at the end of june/beginning of july and a couple of us want to see love, just wanted to know if you knew anywhere to get good cheap tickets… THANKS!

Administrator answers:

Cheap .. No. They are offering a 25% discount on certain shows if purchased over the internet. Just go to the mirage website to check it out.

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