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February 20, 2013

David asks…

So ive just learned that im going to Las Vegas for a realtor convention and I have a few days to spare to play

around. Im from South Carolina and never thought I would be going to LAS VEGAS!! I need help! What can I do for fun! I want to have the time of my life, any and all suggestions PLEASE.

Administrator answers:

Visit That will give you an overview of what’s going on in Vegas at the time of your visit. Make sure you take in a show or two.

It really is a fun place to explore, lots to see and do. Not only gamble.

If you do gamble, do it for entertainment only! Stick to your budget.

Most important Have fun!

Laura asks…

What is the name of the places that have water shows gushing up from the sidewalk?

I am interested in trying to find one of these places near where I live (Las Vegas) for a photo shoot that I want to do but I do not know the technical name for them to search. I’m not talking about the Belligio Fountain Show as I am looking for something that is on land, coming from cement as opposed to the water. Hope that’s not confusing.

Administrator answers:

Town Square has one in the children’s play area.

Susan asks…

Going to Las Vegas in September, any good birthday promotions from the casinos on the strip?

My birthday is in Late September, I am going to Las Vegas in early September does anyone know of any good birthday promotions from the casinos on the strip. It can be for gambling, food or entertainment. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The best value buffets are not on the strip.
The strip is for tourists that don’t have transportation to get off the strip, and are a captive audience for the overpriced meals. Way overpriced IMO.

Locals eat off the strip.

Try the Orleans, Silverton and Main Street Station (Downtown) for great value buffets, AND you can get 2 for 1 coupons for the buffets by oredering a book called
AMERICAN CASINO GUIDE 2007 Edition. (Author Steve Bourie) Available on Amazon, eBay etc. Coupons good until Dec ’07, also good for some shows and a few casino bets.

You need to go downtown and get the FREMONT STREET EXPERIENCEfun book coupons for a Main St 2 for 1
It’s well worth the cost of the book if you are going to LV for 3 or 4 days or more. LOADS of great coupons in this book.

Silverton Lunch Buffet is $9.95 and 2 for 1 in the book, amazing meal for 2 for $10 !!
Others are $15 max, but 2 for1′s are in the book.

You need a car to get off the strip for Silverton or Orleans, but you can take a bus downtown for Main Street Stn.

Th book is WELL worth the cost if you are there for a few days with a car. Have Fun !

Chris asks…

What should I pack for Las Vegas?

I’m going on vacation to Las Vegas in the beginning of March. I will be there from Friday the 8th until the following Tuesday. What should I pack for the trip? I am going for my 16th birthday if that helps! I will be staying at the Mirage and am planning on going to one show. Thanks for your help!
I am going with my family and I am not going to have sex when I am there.

Administrator answers:

I would just bring normal, every day clothes and a nice outfit for the show. And good walking shoes. And yes, chapstick…you are in the desert. Check the local temps and dress appropriately.

Camera, chargers, lotion, your bathroom stuff, sunglasses!, cash, credit card, some pepper spray in your checked luggage (can’t put it in carryon).

Btw, there is a Las Vegas section under Travel! Might want to ask your question there :)

Michael asks…

What are some fun things to do in Las Vegas besides Gambling?

I am 14 years old and going to see the Jonas Brothers in Las Vegas. I will be there for five days. What are some fun things that I could do?
Oh and I am going to be flying in and won’t have a car. So, my mom n I want it to be kinda close to the mgm grand hotel where we are staying. We can rent a taxi, just don’t want to have to pay a bunch of money.
I LOVE Fashion so the fashion mall thing would be AWESOME!!!!

Administrator answers:

There are tons of shows you can see! :)
likee Cirque du Soleil.
Also check out the Fashion Show Mall!!!! Its really great.
Here’s a site with directions;

the Capitol Grill is a restaurant you could go to. Its GREAT!
Try not to go into the trashy side of the strip [strip = downtown lol] because nothing good [or pg-13] is down there. Haha

OH! You HAVE to go see the Bellagio!


it’s reallyyyy amazing.
And make sure you watch the fountians outside of the Bellagio! They play music like every 30 minutes and the fountians ‘dance’ to it. Lol

have fun at the jonas brothers concert!!!!!!!!!! :)
i was almost gonna go but we couldnt fly out there because we’re going up to my cousins house.. Lol.

Paul asks…

Can people book passage on a ship for simple travel, without subjecting oneself to a “vacation cruise?”?

Up until the 1960′s, they used to have ships that people could travel around the world on. Sometimes they consisted of a few cabins set aside for that purpose on commercial freighters. Can people still travel that way, without subjecting themselves to Las Vegas style musical shows and giant buffets and all that nonsense? I think it would be a nice way to travel.

Administrator answers:

Definitely. Check out
They have a few routes online but you can ask them about any route.
Freighters have just 12 maximum places set aside. More than that and they have to have a doctor on board.
Some other outes I know about are LA to Australia, Europe to West Africa, Europe to Buenos Aires.
There are some places you can’t get on like Australia to Asia. You can’t get on in the Gulf. Some places don’t have a lot of exports or imports like the South Pacific and so no freighter trade.
It is about $100 a day and includes all your meals but because it is the cargo that is most important you need to be a bit flexible about sailing times. The other advantages are you get to hang out on the bridge and with the crew. A great way to travel.

Ruth asks…

What is there to do in Las Vegas for an 18 yr old?

My bf is 21 but I want to know what is there for me to do in Las Vegas?
Im a girl and Im not gay.
What fun activities are there to do?

Administrator answers:

You can go to all the shows from 7 cirque to 3 broadway plays to others like Blue Man Group. You can go to all the restaurants

Day time
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at Venetian plus enjoy wandering the Grand Canal Shops
Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay
Ride Manhanttan rollercoaster NYNY
Lion Habitat at MGM plus close is Game Works and Cola Museum
Adventuredome at Circus Circus
Forum Shops at Caesars where the ceiling changes and 2 free anatronic statute show
101 stories atop Stratosphere just off Strip are 3 scarey rides

The biggest issue is what you can do when BF goes gambling. You cannot even watch so you may think of his gambling in the day while you go to one of the above activities

Thomas asks…

What’s the best stuff to do on the old Las Vegas strip?

My crew is going to make a visit to the old Las Vegas strip when we go out next week. I’m just wondering what there actually is to do over there, except take in some of the classic Vegas culture?
Sorry, by “old strip” I meant Fremont St. downtown. I’m from Chicago, so I may have used the wrong description.

Administrator answers:

Unlike everyone else who is posting on this question, I really like Fremont street downtown. The hotels are clean and reasonably priced. I’m not really young anymore, and I don’t like to stay at the resorts on the strip. That’s what they are-resorts, and if you like that kind of thing, then great. I enjoy gambling, free drinks, good food, and WINNING when I gamble. Downtown is the easiest place to gamble and win. I spend relatively little time in my room, so as long as it’s clean and comfortable, I’m a happy camper. It’s just a nice change of scenery than the strip. The Fremont street show is free, and for more food than Hugo’s, the Triple 7′s at the Main Street Station is a great brewery. Enjoy.

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