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February 21, 2013

Charles asks…

What items are produced in Las Vegas?

I am doing a project for school on Las Vegas, and one of the questions asks what items are produced in the city you are researching. Does anybody know what items are produced in Las Vegas, if, any? And I’m not talking about shows, like Cirque Du Soleil has productions in Las Vegas. I want to know if Las Vegas makes items in its city?

Administrator answers:

I suggest researching locally.

Start first at

You’ll find tons of info and links and you can get answers to your questions on 10 different local message boards with different perspectives, experiences, and local / tourist mixes.

You can also check the local groups

Mandy asks…

Cheap Weekend trip from Las Vegas to London?

Where could I find a cheap round trip ticket from Las Vegas to London? What do I need to know and have when to go through Customs?

Also, I am planning to either stay in cheap hostel, roach motel or someone’s home for the weekend.

How I do go around doing that?
I would prefer to meet someone there and have them show me around for the weekend.

Administrator answers:

Check out the brittish backpackers websites for accomodation and also check up a site called I THINK? Thats what it was called when i last seen it – but it gives you all the things you have to do for customs and security clearances and stuff like that, when travlelling to different countries.

Brittain is very providing of backpakers – so you could most likely find a place for around 15-20quid a night – but that will be very meager accomodation – but im sure it wont matter if your hardly there – remember the brittish pound and its dominance over all currency – even the US dllar shows up as only half of 1 brittish pound or quid – so save those pennies – because you will be needing them.

But all and all ,if you manage to get there, you will love it, its a gorgeous place, ESPECIALLY london – and its suprisingly hip and very “lively” – and like aussies, the pommies are friendlies, and you will always have a friend amongst the crowd.

Good luck!

Michael asks…

What does a girl who doesn’t like showing her stomach wear to a rave?

I’m going to EDC Las Vegas this summer (2012) and I don’t like showing my stomach or too much skin for that matter. It seems as though all you can wear to a rave is bikinis or pretty much nothing at all. So, what am I to wear? I want to dress up, but I don’t want to show skin.

Administrator answers:

You can wear short shorts and a tank top with some stockings and heels. I love this website they have alot of good products you could wear to a rave. Http://

Sandra asks…

How can I get free stuff in Las Vegas?

I am trying to make a cheap trip to Las Vegas and I would like to know how I can get free stuff, such as complimentary nights at a hotel, free show tickets or anything else that you may know of. Thanks

Ps. It doesn’t have to be free, but discounted at least.

Administrator answers:

First, if you’re willing to spend 90 minutes sitting through a timeshare presentation, you can often get a free hotel night, though such nights often have heavy restrictions (Mon-Thurs only, can’t use during peak holiday periods, must be used within a certain time period), so be sure to check the fine print. You can find timeshare reps on the strip and in almost every hotel lobby…and if you can’t just ask the concierge. They will sometimes offer you other choices for prizes too, like free casino chips.

Check your travel agent for packages. Often when you book a few nights at a hotel, you can get a coupon book that sometimes includes free meals or shows, or sometimes an “attraction of choice.”

For discounted tickets, there is actually a booth called Tix4Tonight that is right behind the coke bottle shop (3875 Las Vegas Blvd). You can often get tickets to even ‘sold out’ shows for half price or possibly a smaller discount, depending on the show’s popularity and regular price. It opens at noon, but they start showing availability around 11:30. You’ll want to be there no later than 10 for the best selection.

And when you gamble, be sure to sign up for the hotel Player’s club. Even if you don’t spend hundreds of dollars, you can still get points for playing, and points are accumulated based on “action” (which includes any winnings placed back on the table plus what you spend.) Meaning if you put $50 into a slot machine, than win $100 and put $50 of that back in, you’re still counted as spending $100, not $0. Points gets you free or discounted stuff.

Sometimes you can find discounted tickets on e-bay or craigslist, but these deals are often risky because counterfeit tickets are abundant.

You can also try this site for some good “2 for 1″ deals:

There are also quite a number of nice attractions in Vegas that don’t cost a thing to see. A good list of those is here:

Have fun!

David asks…

I am looking for an underground restaurant in Las Vegas, supposedly located underneath Caesar’s Palace?

Travel Channel/Food Network had a special on Las Vegas restaurants maybe a year or two ago, the show talked about a restaurant that was located underneath a popular Casino. Does anybody know what it is called and where it is located?

Administrator answers:

I live in lV & I’ve never heard of one under a casino but there are a lot of good ones at ceasars in the forum shops like joes stone crab & chinois!!!

Helen asks…

Would the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas be a good choice?

I’m planning a trip to Las Vegas and I’m taking my 12 and 16 year old. Our budget is about 1600 for the whole trip.(4 days). I’m wondering if this would be a good choice. If you don’t think its good what would you recommend?(on the strip)
Im planning to go in late March.

Administrator answers:

MB is a good choice but based on your budget and traveling w/ kids I think Excalibur is a better choice on the strip. MB is the end of the strip and does not have much for kids to do except the pool (still chilly in March)and Shark Reef (which you can catch the free tram over to see). MB also has lots of walking without things to keep them entertained. Excalibur is lil closer to mid-strip, has an arcade, a Sponge bob attraction, Tournament of kings dinner show, pool and offers an all day pass for the buffet which may save a lil money. It is across from MGM which has a lion habitat, next to Luxor, near NY NY that has a roller coaster and really does look like NYC, and near Gameworks, the most awesome, best priced arcade I have ever encountered. There is a cool M&M store attached to Gameworks too.

Whatever you do DON’T stay at Circus Circus. It is so dirty and surprisingly, their guards harass you the most about having kids walk through the casino. It is not in walking distance of anything either. It your kids really like rides and carnival games, its worth a trip to visit but don’t stay there. You can catch the Deuce bus down there for $7 per person for a 24 hr pass.

Donna asks…

What are some really cool things to do in Las Vegas?

Im going to Las Vegas for my birthday, My 17th b-day. Ive been to Vegas a lot but I want to know something really cool for my birthday! If you answer my question and you live in Vegas please tell me street names it would be a big help thanks! Any info is helpful thanks so much!!

Administrator answers:

Go to Chris Angel show at Luxor!!! Super cool!

Try Stratosphere and also go around Fashion Mall

FYI I’ve gone to most of the buffet and Flamingo is the best value !!

Robert asks…

Vacation with my wife, So i wanna go to Las vegas how would it be special?

I been to Las vegas a few times with my wife but mainly just walk around and a few drinks and gamble a few dollars, but i wanted to be special this time since we are so close to our anniversary, what would be a perfect 3day vacation?

Administrator answers:

Have a romantic dinner at Top of the World in Stratosphere or Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris

Gondola ride at Venetian

Helicopter tour of the strip at night (not as expensive as you’d think)

See a more “romantic” show, such as Phantom, O, or Zumanity.

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