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June 9, 2013

Laura asks…

Is it safe to walk from the stratosphere hotel in vegas to the Gold and silver pawn shop?

I have live in the UK and have visited Vegas several times, but never really ventured away from the strip or the Fremont street experience. During my next visit i would like to visit the “Gold & Silver Pawn Shop” as featured in the t.v show “Pawn Stars”.

As i am unfamiliar with the surrounding areas of the Las Vegas strip i would like to know if it safe to walk to this store during day time hours?

Administrator answers:

It reasonably safe during the day time.

The stratosphere is not that great of a hotel and its well away from the main part of the strip. I would find a hotel on the main part of the strip and take the bus down to Gold and Sliver pawn. The bus service is very easy to use.

Mark asks…

How would I be able to get free phantom of the opera tickets?

My sister is obsessed with the phantom of the opera. It would be wonderful to take her to the show in Las Vegas. But, the tickets are out of my budget. Does anybody have any ideas about how I could get some.

Administrator answers:

1. Win a contest
2. Beg and plead
3. Find them lying on the ground..

Ruth asks…

Can I apply for a job at ANY store or just stores that are Now Hiring?

Im planning on going to the fashion show mall (las vegas) and just fill out an application at every store in the food court. Can u apply anytime (especially in the summer) or only when they are looking for new people? Oh and can u put OPEN when you fill out hours and days u can do?

Administrator answers:

You should apply just about everywhere because when you apply they keep application and remember all the skills and qualities you have put down and fire the lazy one at the job and call you for an interview and hire you so you should be really serious when filling out your applications put down all achievements like honor volunteer service your GPA and all because if they see you are a hard worker they see you will be a hard worker on the job

Sandra asks…

Is there a way I can get free show tickets in Las Vegas?

I’ve been here in Las Vegas for a few months now and I know you can win show tickets and sometimes get them if you play and earn points and some other ways to get them but I wanna know if there is a way you can get them totally free?

Administrator answers:

Yes, there’s a website, just go to and join to become a member, it’s free to join and you will recieve emails telling you to call a number then you can reserve your ticket.

Mary asks…

Who is that female comedian who performed in Vegas for a long time?

I remember every time I used to go to Las Vegas I would see ads up everywhere of a woman who did performances and stand up comedy. The picture ads were on billboards and cabs of her doing the splits and she had curly black hair i think. She was always shown live on the local channels over there.

Administrator answers:

I have to agree…I can only think of Rita Rudner.

*Can’t think of another WOMAN comedian with any prominence in town…
BUT…don’t remember any pics of Rita doing a split?!?!? I KNOW her a ‘fair bit’ (saw and chatted with her this morning at the tennis courts) but it would have been “a while ago” for her to be doing splits! :D
I’ll either see her again this afternoon or most likely tomorrow morning at the courts again…heck, I’ll ask her if she ever had a promo doing a split…and let you know!

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