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Your Questions About Las Vegas Tv Show

October 9, 2012

Maria asks…

How many season are there in the tv show Las Vegas? And where can i watch season 5 epiosode 19 of Las Vegas?

i don’t want any links that require downloading anything or having to pay for anything

also if you know what happened in this episode please share maybe you can answer some of my questions for instance when James Blunt finished his performance Copper walks in clapping and Piper faints and Delinda is bleeding so my question is what happens next? Does Delinda loose the baby? How is Copper still alive? What happens to Piper and Mike? Does Delinda and Danny still get married? Does Sam marry Vic? Does Vic end up owning the casino? SO many questions PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER ME

P.S.i tried and and they don’t have the link



Administrator answers:

There were 5 seasons of Las Vegas, then it got cancelled. Sorry to tell you, but no one knows the answer to any of those questions. That was the season finale, but it got cancelled, so they never made any more episodes. We are all left wondering and that really sucks because I wanted to know, too. But, I did hear that the creator said that Delinda would have had the baby and he/she would have been very healthy. Too bad we’ll never see it on screen.

Richard asks…

I was wondering if anyone knows what song was on the episode, Run Cooper Run, of the tv show Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know the answer to your question but please bring back the last season’s cast.

Thomas asks…

i’m looking for a song that is on the commercails for the nbc tv show las vegas?

it’s a song that is a latin type beat and the guy singing just says bum bum bye um bum bye um bum bye um and it’s driving me crazy if you know what the song is please help thanks

Administrator answers:

“Can’t Stop” by Ozomatli

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