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Your Questions About Las Vegas Tv Show

November 1, 2012

Helen asks…

Does anyone know the name & artist who performed the end song on the TV Series Show Las Vegas Delinda’s Box II

The song had lyrics that stated come lay down next to me cry on my shoulder

Administrator answers:

No and judging by the answers given here… Oh there are none…t

Ruth asks…

TV show “Las Vegas” season finale Feb 15 2008, what is the song at the end of first hour?

Administrator answers:

The name of the song at the end of the first hour is “Right Here Right Now” by Justin James from his album Sun Drenched.

Sharon asks…

Does Las Vegas pay people off to say good things about them in the media, TV shows, and movies?

I’m going to give some examples here where they act like they’re trying to kiss Las Vegas‘s as# by how good they try to make it sound,…

1. TV Show “Fresh-Prince of Bel-Air”(Carlton acts so happy and excited about Las Vegas even after he loses all of his money)
2. TV Show “Married with Children”(Peg and Marcie love the place, and after Al wins $10,000 from lasting 3 minutes with a big woman in a wrestling match, they take all his money and want to spend more of it in Las Vegas
3. TV Show “Full House”(They say positive things here and there in the show, Joey Gladstone’s all like happily gambling and Steph and DJ win a big jackpot on just one spin, very unlikely)
4. Movie 1994 “City Slickers 2 Legend of Curly’s Gold”(Near the end Billy Crystal says how people love to come for the $1.99 all you can eat buffets)
5. Movie 1997 “Vegas Vacation”(Don’t even get me started on this one. These are countless scenarios where Chevy Chase and the rest make Las Vegas seem fantastic and Russ(Papa Gorgio) wins a car after just one spin. The only voice of reason was Audrey when she said at the beginning how there’s nothing to do there. Nothing to do but gamble, she was right.
6. Movie 2008 “What Happens in Vegas“(When they want a vacation, their best friend tells them where they need to go for fun, where all their troubles melt away, and it being Las Vegas)
7. Movie 2009 “Last Resort”(One of them screams “We should’ve went to Vegas!”) Really? I’d rather go to a place for fun, like DisneyWorld or Alaska for the wildlife.
8. Many, MANY online gambling articles saying how slots are great fun, when we all know that just isn’t true. The odds of those slots are a laughable joke, but Vegas doesn’t want you knowing that.

Seriously, how much does Las Vegas pay those people off?
They must be paying them off or else they wouldn’t sound all that positive.

Administrator answers:

Right now, Vegas has money to pay two people: Jack and Squat.

I’m sure they have a budget to promote the city, but this money goes towards traditional advertising like magazine ads, TV commercials and billboards. Remember that these are government employees you are talking about. They aren’t going to be that proactive or that creative. Plus, they don’t need to spend money on product placement to get the word out about the city. Everyone already knows about Vegas.

The TV shows you mentioned were around for many many seasons. Almost all TV shows that have been around the block has a gambling and/or Vegas episode. Just like how most “experienced” TV shows have a Christmas and Halloween episode. Writers need material and they eventually squeeze a Vegas episode in there.

Does the catholic church pay people to say good things about God? I’ve seen so many movies that say good things about him.

Steven asks…

Who would you like to see replace Nikki Cox on the TV show “Las Vegas”?

I think Tiffani Thiessen would be a great replacement.

Administrator answers:

I agree Tiffani Thiessen would be wonderful.
Heather Locklear would be good also

Maria asks…

In the TV show “Las Vegas,” what was the year/make/model of the yellow muscle car Danny McCoy drives?

Administrator answers:

1968 Chevrolet Camaro

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