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Your Questions About Las Vegas Tv Show

November 13, 2012

David asks…

what episode of las vegas james caan made a cameo in.?

was just on wikipedia lookin at las vegas tv show and seen that it said james caan guest in season 5 but i dont remember. was it the episode where danny ripped a guys sleeve and showed a tat

Administrator answers:

This is not a “TRAVEL” related question, and belongs in the “ENTERTAINMENT” section.

However, James Caan actually appeared in 88 episodes of Las Vegas from 2003-2007. He played the character Ed Deline.

Thomas asks…

Which is the most popular TV show CSI of Las Vegas or CSI Miami??

Administrator answers:

There is only one real CSI and that is CSI LAS VEGAS!!!!

Ken asks…

What tv show is better Lost or CSI (Las Vegas)?

Administrator answers:

LOST, because it’s the most unique and engaging show on TV in years. Unique doesn’t always mean a show is good, but in this case we get a unique show that is unquestionably excellent. I can understand how people with short attention spans, or a desire to have every episode wrapped up in a neat package, would hate this show. But if you can invest the time and brainpower to to follow the mythology you’ll get more out of it. No insult intended. :)

Maria asks…

what is the name of the tv show that is about a girl who moves to las vegas to start a magazine.?

in the show there is also a rock/punk band. the girl comes to vegas and finds two new roomates through the internet. i think its kinda tv-reality based but i’m not sure. i’m more into finding out what’s the name of the band in the show.

Administrator answers:

Paradise city. It was on E! For a while but i stopped watching

Chris asks…

Chris, are you a boxing fan as well? or were you in Las Vegas because of your forthcoming TV show w/pacman?

Administrator answers:


Betty asks…

what was the TV detective show set in las vegas late 60′s early 70′s?

Administrator answers:

There was a show titled “Vegas” starring Robert Urich as Dan Tanna, the main character in it.

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