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November 19, 2012

Mandy asks…

What sports teams are shown on TV to residents of Las Vegas?

Currently living in New York, I’ve become accustomed to seeing the Yankees/Mets/Giants/Jets/Knicks… on TV.

I am considering relocating to Las Vegas and am wondering, which teams have a market in the area? I’m aware that I would be able to see any team in any sports bar, but what teams would be offered on the cable stations to the residents at home?
Ummm I didn’t ask whether or not I could watch New York teams. I asked which teams hold the Las Vegas market.

Administrator answers:

I am ex Jersey guy.
On the local ESPN radio station 1100 am. They play the Yankee games on the weekend. Amazing. John sTerling and Waldman, plus all the ads for Pathmark whacky.
Then we get the Dodgers, Padres and Angels on Cable TV.
For college football is is the Mountain West Conference, but I only watch UNLV when I get a chance.
NFL we get the Chargers and the ESPN radio station above broadcasts the Chargers games on Sunday. In preseason we get the Radiers, Denver and Chargers.
You see a lot of Dallas games in NFL time. BUt the Jets did well and they should have a lot of national games.
Basketballl this is a Lakers town, same they are on ESPN radio, but UNLV basketball rules all winter long. Lots of radio time and interviews. They are a good team , sso it is interesting.
Hockey. Do not care. They have a minor league team in town.
Hope I helped you.
Pizza and bagels out here stink.

Daniel asks…

Does a portion of the profits from the TV show “Toddlers & Tiaras go to help stamp out kiddy porn?

This show contains obscene images of 4 and 5 year old girls forced to dress up like Las Vegas show girls. The producers of this abomination seem to be promoting kiddy porn.

Administrator answers:

Yes, and the profits from “Jackass” go to MADD.

Sharon asks…

what happened last night on las vegas?

I missed the tv show las vegas last night. Can someone tell me what happened?

Administrator answers:

Basically, Danny’s uncle came to town and Delinda loved him. Danny said he’s trouble and didn’t want him around. At the end, men who were robbing the Montecito gassed the whole place and EVERYONE on the floor passed out, including Danny. Cooper fired Sam! It was “to be continued” at the end, so we’ll have to wait until next week!

Hope this helps…

Helen asks…

I don’t get America’s Got Talent tv show, They say Yes to everyone and they get to go to las vegas?

I have been watching in for a month now and most of the people are retards and they get told yes they get to move on
Is this show fake or what???
when is the las vegas one going to be on they have said yes to millions of people by now

Administrator answers:

We only see a small portion of all of the auditions. They pick the ones that seem most interesting. There have been lots of people that were told.

They are almost at the end of the initial talent search. Then they start weeding them out in Vegas and then we get to vote.

Betty asks…

Las Vegas episode Pros and Cons?

In the TV show Las Vegas episode 7 “Pros and Cons” there is a song that plays at the end when Danny is kissing the Con Artist I was wondering if anyone knew what that song was.

Administrator answers:

Ranger 58 – I am not positive but I believe it to be one of these songs below:

“Wikked Lil Grrrls” – By Esthero
“Sway (The Passengerz European Mixshow)” – By Michael Bublé
“I Like The Way” – By Bodyrockers
“Let It Ride” – By Charlie Clouser

Linda asks…

What tv shows are available on cox on-demand?

My wife is interested in Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives and Jon & Kate Plus 8, so my question is are these tv shows available on Cox on-demand in Las Vegas? What other good tv shows are on there?

Administrator answers:

1. Go to the Cox web site and you’ll find a complete listing for where you live. Or call Cox customer service and they will send you a complete schedule for LV.
2. This is TV ELECTRONICS, the wrong forum. Non-tech TV questions, especially re: TV programs are discussed in the Y/A “Entertainment & Music-TV” forum – not here.
3. If your wife likes ‘sex in the city’, she’ll love it in suburbia and in the country!

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