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December 5, 2012

Steven asks…

How to attend the 2007 SEMA show in Vegas?

This year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas seems to not be open to the general public. Do you know why and is there a way to get there?

Administrator answers:

It’s only for vendors or tv shows, as to way to get in, you’d have to know someone.

Maria asks…

How does the City Center las vegas look like? Did anyone actually go inside?

I’ve been to Vegas a million times so wanna take a break, but does the City Center worth a trip to go? Or nothing too special?

Administrator answers:

The casino at City Center will open this weekend but all the local TV stations have show the insides, fantastic.

John asks…

What TV shows should I rent if I like Supernatural?

I’ve never had cable or satellite so I want to rent some good shows or watch them online. Can you recommend any? I love Supernatural and Smallville! I’ve rented Rome, I loved that. I like those type of shows.

Administrator answers:

One Tree Hill maybe?
I love supernatural.
Its one of my favourite shows ever.
And I like smallville too.
I’ll tell you my favs since we have similar tv taste it seems:

Greys Anatomy
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl
The OC
CSI (Las Vegas)
Desperate Housewives
Ugly Betty
Ghost Whisperer.
Tru Calling

Mostly from these I would suggest:
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl
Ghost Whisperer.


Chris asks…

Do you guys have any suggestions on a new show I can start watching?

I was really into Being Human on Syfy but the season ended. I also was watching One tree hill,Vampire Diaries and Supernatural but their boring me now. I’m not really picking on tv shows I’m kinda into a little bit of everything. So if you guys have any suggestions that would be great…Thanx (=

Administrator answers:

I personally enjoy crime scene kinda shows or comedy.

Detective/ action:
-CSI: Las Vegas
-CSI: Miami
-CSI: New York
-Human Target
-Monk (this one is more based on comedy and the show has already ended, but you can still watch the reruns on tv)
-Hawaii Five-O

-The Office (Some of the episodes…)
-Ugly Betty (Drama)

-Cake Boss (About a guy who make AMAZING cakes that are awesome)
-The Amazing Race

I hope this helped!!!! :D

Ken asks…

I want to see Criss Angel do a taping for his TV show?

Going to Las Vegas in November..Does anyone know when he is just walking around Vegas or has a taping schedule that you can watch?

Administrator answers:

Go to the shows site:

Donna asks…

Anyone know where I can find auditions for movies or shows?

I live in Las Vegas

I’m 14, able to play a 12 – 14 child.

Help? Thanks! I really want to get in to this business and I’ve done my homework and know what to do such as slate, marks, etc.

Administrator answers:

Well if you mean auditions for feature films and network tv shows, such as disney channel and nickelodeon well they require for you to be in unions like SAG and AFTRA. Unless,you are like an extra in a movie, for that, check with casting agencies. And you also have to have some form of representation like a manager or agent. Once you have done that, your agent or manager will help you with getting gigs.

A really good idea to get into acting is by joining a local talent agency or by enrolling in acting classes. All you need is a headshot and resume and they can help you out from there. Also, make sure that your resume is filled up. Even if it is just school or local theatre plays. Casting directors will be pleased that your resume shows you have a lot of experience.

Hope that helps.

Mark asks…

How do I watch the Las Vegas Bowl in 2009?

In New Zealand (where I live) there is only one channel that shows US sports. My team BYU is playing in the Las Vegas Bowl in 2009 and ESPN does not offer coverage for it. How else do I watch the game?
In New Zealand (where I live) there is only one channel that shows US sports. My team BYU is playing in the Las Vegas Bowl in 2009 and ESPN does not offer coverage for it. How else do I watch the game? Unfortunately I also cannot use ESPN360 to watch the game. :(

Administrator answers:

Chances are good that justin dot tv will show it

Susan asks…

How did you get hooked up to YOUR favorite TV show?

My favorite show now is CSI (ANY KIND) because it’s very realistic and I really like it. I got hooked to it when I was randomly switching channels, and I got to CSI Miami. I didn’t know what it was about but I saw the background. It was very realistic and then the drama came and I got hooked to it. Now I watch it every chance I got! Whats your story?

Administrator answers:

I love CSI (all of what i’ve seen so far which were Miami, Las Vegas and some of i think new york). I love them ’cause they were so analytical… They make crime solving and forensics look so cool. I also love without a trace, house, bones and fallen.

Mandy asks…

What’s the name of the TV show about a dysfunctional family with a sexy redheaded daughter?

This was an old show that didn’t last very long, but was very similar to Married with Children. The daughter was the typical sexpot like Kelly Bundy but had red hair and a brain. The actress playing her has been in other movies or shows, but can’t think of her name. Does anyone remember the name of this show??

Administrator answers:

That show was Unhappily Ever After. Her name is Nikki Cox, and I’ve seen her on the show Las Vegas. I think she was dating Bobcat Goldtwaith too–the voice of the bunny on the show!! You know- from the Police Academy movies. Weird

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