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December 7, 2012

Susan asks…

What hotels are good to stay in in vegas?

I’m going to be going to Vegas for my 21st birthday in a year (generic i know) and i was wondering what are some good hotels on the strip that are affordable but clean? I have read about the Flamingo and wanted to know if anyone has stayed there and has any comments about their stay? Anybody have any other suggestions as to what hotels may be good? Thanks a bunch!
Sorry GSpin I accidently gave a thumbs down rating to your answer, I meant to do a thumbs up lol! Yours was the best answer, thanks

Administrator answers:

I have nothing but good things to say about The Flamingo. It is by far my favorite hotel on Las Vegas for Overall Value. Anyway here’s a review I wrote about it on

I’ll start off with the bad first: we came in early around noon, and were told to come back around 3 pm to get our keys. We came back at 3 pm, they said come back at 4 pm cus the room wasn’t ready. That’s okay cus technically check-in time is 4 pm. Came back at 4 pm and was told the room wouldn’t be ready for 30-45 minutes….we asked for a manager. Our room was ready in 10 minutes, and he gave us a $30 coupon to use at the bar or gift shop. So that’s decently fair.

Anyway Flamingo’s location is quite possibly the best on the strip. Right smack dab in the middle, what more could you ask for? The distance from room to elevator to the strip was real short unlike so many other casinos where it’s an absolute chore to get from your room to the strip or vice versa. And I like how when you walk out of the’re right on the sidewalk…there’s no long ass escalator/path you have to take to get to the sidewalk. I mean wow.

We also liked the rooms considering we got the upgrade Go! Rooms that are newly remodeled, and look nothing like the outside of the casino (which is starting to show it’s age pretty badly). The beds were big, clean, and comfy. Huge ass 42″ LCD TV, a TV in the bathroom mirror, a separate shower and tub. The shower also had some body jets which was nice. No problems with the water temp. Or pressure. I’m used to staying in standard rooms or Vegas or even sh*t holes like Tropicana…this was anything but that.

Service: I didn’t like how they couldn’t guarantee my dry cleaning would get to me in the 6-8 pm slot that it said on the bag, but it did arrive on time. The cleaning ladies did a decent job, and didn’t steal anything so that’s also good. And when we called for our bags, extra glasses, and hangers..they were quickly brought up (very quickly)..that’s good.

Casino: The theme is losing it’s touch, but it’s still decently nice inside. It’s not Bellagio, it’s not O’Sheas either. Drinks take a little while to get to you, but I think I was up a couple hundred in this casino, and my buddy won $2,000 w/the lucky lady jackpot on the blackjack table…plus they had $5 and $10 tables during busy times..that works for me.

Pool: Really nice, I came a little late so no staff or bar was to be found…but I’m sure in the hotter days it’d be excellent.

View: my two rooms had amazing views. One had a good view of the pool, and the other had amazing view of the Bellagio fountains.

Price: I originally booked the Go! Rooms directly through Flamingo for $590 each plus tax for Friday & sat night. Then I cancelled and rebooked them for $610…why you may ask. Because I found a cheaper rate of $540 on Orbitz. Due to their Best Rate Guarantee..they not only matched the cheaper rate, but they dropped it 25%. Our rooms now were a little under $400 for the weekend per room. Sounds like a great deal to me.

Overall: Other a few slight quirks here and there. I can’t give Flamingo any less than 5 stars. I’m sure it’d be different if we paid more and/or were stuck with a standard room. But considering of our group we paid $100 each for the room here, compared to the $70 each at Tropicana or $90 each for Bally’s. I definitely will say Flamingo was well-worth the little extra money for the room quality and strip location. I’d highly recommend Flamingo’s Go! Rooms to anyone who wants a great value on the strip.


p.s. Other suggestions: Ballys for the same price range. Also affordable, great locaiton, clean. Stay away from Tropicana it’s garbage.

Anyway great websites: – real reviews by real people – critics reviews but gives reviews on the casinos, their service, clientele, rooms, pool, etc.

Mandy asks…

where to find best chapel in Las Vegas, NV?

I got some friends that are planning to get married, they arent sure where to be the best chapel and affordable. They are planning to come to Las Vegas but arent sure where to go to which chapel can someone help me to find best place for them?

Administrator answers:

Hey, I recommend the Chapel of the Flowers, they have a new show on TV about them that I watch (Happily Ever Faster) and they seem like real professionals, the weddings I have seen look lovely and the interior is very classy. They aren’t too expensive either, look on their website, all the pricing is great.

Sharon asks…

What time does “The Shield” come on in Las Vegas?

I’m traveling to Las Vegas for the week and I will miss my favorite show “The Shield”. Does anyone know what time it will come on and it is still going to be the channel FX? I will be at a hotel naturally, the hotel has cable/satal tv will they have that channel?
I’ve tried calling the hotel, noone knows.

Administrator answers:

Hey, another Shield fan! What a great show.

You need to call the hotel back and find out these two things: 1) Do they have either satellite OR cable television.
2) Do they have the FX channel. (Season 6 of The Shield only airs on this channel so you are out of luck if they don’t have it.)
The answer really relies with the hotel, so ask to speak with a supervisor if you have to.

Now there is no easy way to say what time it comes on. I am in the Pacific Time zone (same as Las Vegas) and The Shield airs at 10 pm for cable users, but I have DirecTv (satellite) so my times are technically Eastern time. This means I get to see The Shield three hours before my brother who has cable!
So the translation of all of this is that The Shield will air at different times depending on what service the hotel has. Here is a quick run down for this Tuesdays show:
7pm PST for satellite
9pm PST for satellite (repeat)
10pm PST for cable
11pm PST for cable (repeat)

The local cable company in Las Vegas is Cox. I wasn’t able to find an online schedule on their website. Perhaps someone in Vegas that has cable can confirm the times.

Good luck.

John asks…

Did Joan Rivers really go on the zipline in Las Vegas?

I was watching an episode of Joan and Melissa, and on the episode she was in Las Vegas , and went on a ziplne with her grandson Cooper. I was wondering if she really went on the zipline. I heard that she had a stunt double. Is that true?

Administrator answers:

That show is the worst example of “enhanced reality” of all the reality shows on tv.
Left to their own devices do you think they would ever in a million years go on ziplines or go camping?
Considering how fake and contrived the situations are I wouldn’t be surprised by stunt doubles at all.

Richard asks…

How does a thin film transistor television screen address each of the picture’s pixel points to color it?

I’m interested in LEDs and Active Matrix TFT (thin-film-transistor) the color resolution/reproduction from devices such as portable video devices when compared with larger ones, like the jumbotrons in football stadiums, signs and venues such as the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, NV.

My direct interest is in applying a combination of the type of addressing methods currently in use on LED signs such as those used in major cities and the methods used in handheld devices. I welcome suggestions and input on which form of addressing the various LED groups would best work in a football-field-sized, “justified motion field” a grid that acts as a large video screen projecting from below the field, (via fiber optics), while built-in sensors underneath interact with Active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification tags, (using something akin to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Technology), for signal ID verification of movement above the field, tracking movements of ball/players and half-time shows…

I’m sure you think that you know what you’re talking about, however, your answer applies to a whole different method of picture production, one which utilizes an electron gun and would apply to Cathode Ray Tube CRT Televisions and not the kind I am inquiring about: portable thin film transistor type of LCD Liquid Crystal Displays in small handheld devices, these use a wire-grid addressing method that specifies a signal to a point on a grid from both sides and top to bottom to tell each pixel at each point of intersection on the grid to light up a specific color, red, blue, green or shades and combinations of the three to form 16,000,000 colors or, all at once to form white and none on at all at that grid point to form a dead cell pixel, many of which, when ‘off’ make shades and spots of gray to black. There is no electron gun involved, as the only backlighting provided is via 2 or 4 side lights, usually flourescent strip bulbs. I need replies from persons in such fields

Administrator answers:

Howstuffworks compares CRT’s with LED Jumbo TV screens. Worth a check. Good luck.

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