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December 17, 2012

Ruth asks…

What are some fun things to do in L.A. which tour is the best if your into seeing celebritys?

Im guna go to L.A for my birthday and i want to get the best experience. I would love to meet celebrities but what other things are fun to see. Are there any shows like there are in Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

There are NO tours that are good if you want to see a celebrity. Do you think that celebs just stand around waiting for the tour busses so they can sign autographs? Most celebs keep to themselves, and value their privacy. And we Angelinos give it to them. If you really want to see one, you have to be lucky and catch them while they shop or eat. Places like Ivar, Canter’s, and Spago are good spots to try and spot one. They are elusive, but you never know.

I’ve never been a fan of those “Star’s Homes” tours. You basically see some nice homes, to be sure, but mostly of dead celebs or former homes of celebs. Big Deal.

There are literally hundreds of things to do here in LA. Here is my top ten list:

Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth. Half a billion visitors can’t be wrong. (Sometimes it seems all at once)

Universal Studios: A theme park that grew out of a studio tour. And Universal City Walk is a fun place to hang out in the evening after your day inside the park.

Hollywood: Hollywood Boulevard is ready for its close-up, thanks to years of urban renewal and renovation. Enjoy the Walk of Fame, Entertainment Museum, Chinese Theatre and more. You can see a lot for free. The Hollywood & Highland complex has lots of shops and restaurants, and the Kodak Theater (home of the Academy Awards). I also like the El Capitan theater, because it has been restored to its former glory.

Rodeo Drive, 90210: Packed with exclusive shops, full of gawkers. They all came to enjoy the excess. Free, unless you intend to buy something.

Venice Beach: Los Angeles kitsch and over-the-top culture at its best. Here you’ll find Muscle Beach, street performers and tacky shops galore. Fun, VERY interesting, but I avoid it after dark, when it gets a little TOO interesting for my taste. And it’s a short bike ride from Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Monica Beach and Pier: Great beach scene and a classic seaside amusement park, complete with antique carousel that has been in a lot of TV and movies. (The Sting and “Three’s Company” come immediately to mind). After visiting the pier, you can ride a bike south a couple miles to Venice Beach.

Santa Monica Third Street Promenade – Downtown Santa Monica’s shopping promenade is often the scene of movie star-sightings. Just a short walk from the Santa Monica Pier.

Sunset Boulevard: Perhaps one of the world’s most famous streets, it began as a route between the stars’ posh neighborhoods and the Hollywood studios. It runs from downtown to the ocean, passing through the “Sunset Strip” on its way. It makes for a fun drive. Along the way, you see a lot of different neighborhoods: Hollywood, West Hollywood, Bel Air, and Pacific Palisades. When you get to the ocean, stop at Gladstone’s for Fish.

Queen Mary: Once the largest ship afloat, she’s been docked in Long Beach for longer than she sailed, and her elegance never fails to impress. Free to visit. You can actually stay on board, for a price.

Farmers Market and The Grove – A new shopping complex right next to a Los Angeles landmark, The Grove and Farmers Market coexist. Enjoy a movie or shopping, and then take the trolley to the Farmers Market for lunch or dinner. It is right next to CBS, so walk across the lot to see if they are taping “The Price is Right”. You might even get in.

TAAB: The Americana at Brand- The newly opened TAAB, developed by the same group that gave us The Grove, breathes new life into Glendale, and gives all those hip people in Eagle Rock and the eastern half of LA a great place to go.

Griffith Park – Home of the Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Park Observatory, Travel Town, the Greek Theatre, and Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

Getty Museum – The Getty’s architecture is so beautiful that it keeps me fascinated. No matter whether you like their art or architecture better (or maybe you’ll just enjoy the view), the Getty is sure to please. Free.

Attend a TV taping – You can get free tickets at,, or see the booth at Universal City walk. It’s very interesting to see a show being taped. The most popular, by far, is the Tonight show with Jay Leno. Check the NBC web site for all the details there.

Wicked at the Pantages Theater- Located in the heart of Hollywood, this is an excellent and long running production, the most POPULAR show in LA right now.

Places to eat:
In-N-Out Burger: Multiple locations, best burger in LA, ask anyone.
Pink’s Hot Dogs: 709 N. La Brea, just north of Melrose. You might even see a celebrity. Maybe.
Tommy’s Chili Burgers: Look for the shack, an LA tradition. The original location is at Beverly & Rampart, a couple miles west of downtown.
Canter’s Deli: 419 N. Fairfax, between Beverly & Melrose. Near CBS, you might spot a celebrity.
Phillippe’s: 1001 N. Alameda. Great roast beef sandwiches. Near Union Station and Olvera Street. Watch the mustard, it’s hot.
The Pantry: Corner of Figueroa and 9th, downtown. Huge portions, they never close, GREAT steak and eggs.

Places to Stay:
Since LA is so spread out, there is no single place that is close to EVERYTHING. Most people who come here tend to stay in Hollywood, Santa Monica, or Anaheim.
In Hollywood, I recommend the Renaissance Hotel at Hollywood and Highland, the Best Western Sunset Plaza, or the Holiday Inn Walk of Fame.
In Santa Monica, the Holiday Inn Santa Monica is close to the pier and reasonably priced.
In Anaheim, I recommend the Howard Johnson (HoJo) Anaheim, and the Candy Cane Inn. If you want to splurge and make this a most memorable trip, stay at Disney’s Grand Californian. You get the full Disney experience.

Places to Shop:
Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica
The Grove, Los Angeles
Americana @ Brand, Glendale
Beverly Center, Los Angeles
Citadel Outlets, Commerce
Brea Mall, Brea
The Block at Orange, Orange
South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa
Fashion Island, Newport Beach
Santee Alley, Los Angeles

Ken asks…

Why will 3D movies not work with regular TV?

Apparently, you will need to buy a 3D TV or Blu-ray player to watch movies such as Avatar or UP in 3D. Why won’t it work on a regular TV? If you’re just sending light rays at your eyes, why can’t you send the same light rays from the TV just like the ones reflected off a screen at the movies?

Administrator answers:

Well first for a 3d movie to work you have to have double images of everything, then one image can only go to the right eye and one to the left. They are choosing field or frame sequential 3d format which uses the shutter glasses. One lens will open while the other one closes and they do this back and forth while the image for that eye flashes on screen while its lens is open. Now tv screens refresh so many times per second. Older lcd and plasma refresh at 60 hz or 60 times per second. So cut that in half and the right eye refreshes 30 times and the left 30 times with those double images flashing with them. At such a low speed you will see a flicker effect and the video looks choppy. So to get that refresh rate up for each eye so it does not see the flicker effect they are going with 120 hz so each eye can get back up to 60 hz like before. With the old crt models you could just plug it into a field sequential system and it used the 100 hz of those giving each eye 50 hz which is still high enough that you didn’t see a flicker effect. Now it is possible that they may come out with a system that just plugs into your higher hz lcd tv like the older systems but who knows.

If you want polarized 3d like they have in theaters you run into another problem. That 3d format uses a clockwise polarized light wave for the right eye and a counter clockwise light wave for the left eye. Then the glasses have circular filters that only allow on light wave through. Your tv can’t put out 2 different light waves. So they put a sort of coating on the screen so the very top horizontal line puts out one light wave, then the second horizontal line puts out the second light wave. 3rd line back to the light wave of the first line and then back and forth like that all the way down the screen. Then each line can only show the image for that eye. This will cut your resolution in half because half the lines only go to one eye. Where as with field sequential each eye uses all the lines. At the consumer electronics show in las Vegas only one company had a polarized tv and that was JVC, all others used the field sequential.

John asks…

What is the best hotel in Las Vegas during spring break?

I am searching for hotels and my daughter has a late spring break. I was wondering for opinions and ideas of good hotels. Make sure the hotel you mention has at least a casino and pool!

Administrator answers:

I have nothing but good things to say about The Flamingo. It is by far my favorite hotel on Las Vegas for Overall Value. Anyway here’s a review I wrote about it on

I’ll start off with the bad first: we came in early around noon, and were told to come back around 3 pm to get our keys. We came back at 3 pm, they said come back at 4 pm cus the room wasn’t ready. That’s okay cus technically check-in time is 4 pm. Came back at 4 pm and was told the room wouldn’t be ready for 30-45 minutes….we asked for a manager. Our room was ready in 10 minutes, and he gave us a $30 coupon to use at the bar or gift shop. So that’s decently fair.

Anyway Flamingo’s location is quite possibly the best on the strip. Right smack dab in the middle, what more could you ask for? The distance from room to elevator to the strip was real short unlike so many other casinos where it’s an absolute chore to get from your room to the strip or vice versa. And I like how when you walk out of the’re right on the sidewalk…there’s no long *** escalator/path you have to take to get to the sidewalk. I mean wow.

We also liked the rooms considering we got the upgrade Go! Rooms that are newly remodeled, and look nothing like the outside of the casino (which is starting to show it’s age pretty badly). The beds were big, clean, and comfy. Huge *** 42″ LCD TV, a TV in the bathroom mirror, a separate shower and tub. The shower also had some body jets which was nice. No problems with the water temp. Or pressure. I’m used to staying in standard rooms or Vegas or even sh*t holes like Tropicana…this was anything but that.

Service: I didn’t like how they couldn’t guarantee my dry cleaning would get to me in the 6-8 pm slot that it said on the bag, but it did arrive on time. The cleaning ladies did a decent job, and didn’t steal anything so that’s also good. And when we called for our bags, extra glasses, and hangers..they were quickly brought up (very quickly)..that’s good.

Casino: The theme is losing it’s touch, but it’s still decently nice inside. It’s not Bellagio, it’s not O’Sheas either. Drinks take a little while to get to you, but I think I was up a couple hundred in this casino, and my buddy won $2,000 w/the lucky lady jackpot on the blackjack table…plus they had $5 and $10 tables during busy times..that works for me.

Pool: Really nice, I came a little late so no staff or bar was to be found…but I’m sure in the hotter days it’d be excellent.

View: my two rooms had amazing views. One had a good view of the pool, and the other had amazing view of the Bellagio fountains.

Price: I originally booked the Go! Rooms directly through Flamingo for $590 each plus tax for Friday & sat night. Then I cancelled and rebooked them for $610…why you may ask. Because I found a cheaper rate of $540 on Orbitz. Due to their Best Rate Guarantee..they not only matched the cheaper rate, but they dropped it 25%. Our rooms now were a little under $400 for the weekend per room. Sounds like a great deal to me.

Overall: Other a few slight quirks here and there. I can’t give Flamingo any less than 5 stars. I’m sure it’d be different if we paid more and/or were stuck with a standard room. But considering of our group we paid $100 each for the room here, compared to the $70 each at Tropicana or $90 each for Bally’s. I definitely will say Flamingo was well-worth the little extra money for the room quality and strip location. I’d highly recommend Flamingo’s Go! Rooms to anyone who wants a great value on the strip.


p.s. Other suggestions: Ballys for the same price range. Also affordable, great locaiton, clean. Stay away from Tropicana it’s garbage.

Anyway great websites: – real reviews by real people – critics reviews but gives reviews on the casinos, their service, clientele, rooms, pool, etc.

Mark asks…

Is it possible to go to the Drew Carey’s improvaganza show at the MGM grand or is it only for tv?

At the beginning of every improvaganza show, it states that it was at the MGM grand in Las Vegas. Now I was wondering if I was to go to Las Vegas would it be possible to get a ticket to go to the show, or does it not even exist and was filmed ahead of time. I have searched the internet and been unable to find a decent answer, probably as the show is relatively new.

Administrator answers:

Yes you can go to this show. For tickets try the game show network website or call the MGM Grand directly. It may be on summer break right now though.

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