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Your Questions About Las Vegas Tv Show

December 24, 2012

Jenny asks…

Question about the TV game show, Wheel of Fortune?

Today they are featuring a show done at the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. It looks like they have very large audience, and in the background a good portion of the casino gaming area has been closed. What would the Venetian gain from doing this? It appears that they would be losing revenue by doing this. What are your thoughts?

Administrator answers:

Enlightened is correct. Lots of Wheel of Fortune viewers are elderly – that is, they’ve made their bundle. For five nights, 12 million viewers every night, they are watching Pat and Vanna tell them how wonderful Vegas is and how great that particular casino is.

I bet the other casinos tried to get Wheel and failed.

I did a Wheel audition at a local casino – but that didn’t take up any of the gambling area.


Ken asks…

What are the absulute things I should do in Las Vegas?

I am going to Las Vegas this week and I want to know some things I really need to do! Thx

Administrator answers:

Here’s a list of some FREE entertainment on the strip.

Volcano Eruption – Mirage
Fountain Show – Bellagio
Conservatory – Bellagio
World’s Tallest Chocolate Fountain – Bellagio
Fountain show – Caesar’s Palace
Forum Shops Caesar’s Palace
Miracle Mile Shops/Desert Passage Shops – Planet Hollywood/Aladdin
Wild Habitat – Flamingo
Lion Habitat – MGM Grand
CBS Preview – MGM Grand (you can preview and rate new TV shows on CBS) Last time i did this we previewed Numbers before it premiered on CBS! What fun to see a show you rated actually air on TV. Plus you get a coupon for $10 off of any item in the CBS store.
Sirens Show – Treasure Island
Masquerade in the sky show – Rio
3-D M&M Movie – M&M Store
Coca Cola Store
Hawaiian Marketplace – Free entertainment

Plus it just nice to hotel hop. Since each hotel has it’s own “theme” it’s nice to walk through and check out the casino and decor!

Daniel asks…

Can you watch Pay Per View Events at Las Vegas Sportsbooks?

Wondering if you can watch PPV events for free at the sports books or if they display them on the TV‘s while you are betting?

Administrator answers:

Nope. They’ll lose money if they do that.
Imagine them showing a big fight for free. A lot of people would gather round the sports book area and watch the fight. A lot of slots and tables would be empty and they’ll lose money. You’ll see them in local bars though.
But never in a Big name casinos.

Sandra asks…

Tattoo only exposed in contact with water?

Is there even such a thing?

Well, when I went to Las Vegas, I saw this commercial on the TV while I was just passing by in the casino of NYNY. The commercial showed this girl in her swimwear, coming out of the water, and the tattoo on her back appeared.

I tried finding info on it now, but couldn’t. Anyone know anything about it? Is it just a temporary tattoo or what?

Administrator answers:

Photochromatic tattoo
United States Patent 6470891

A tattoo that is invisible to the naked eye until the tattoo is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, whereupon the tattoo becomes visible to the naked eye, and which reverts to invisible upon removal from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The tattoo is formed by embedding in the skin a mixture including a non-pigmented carrier and one or more photochromic compounds that undergo a photochemical transformation from colorless to colored upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and which revert to colorless upon removal from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

As you can see it is light not water that activates it.

Mary asks…

What happened to the Westward Ho Casino?

I was just in Vegas & see that it was demolished. What is going to replace it? Will it be a newer Westward Ho or something else?

Administrator answers:

The Westward Ho Hotel and Casino was a casino and hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip in Winchester, an unincorporated area of Clark County in the U.S. State of Nevada. The Westward Ho was the last large motel style property on the Strip. It was mostly two-story building with parking surrounding the buildings.

The Westward Ho was built and operated by siblings Dean Peterson, Faye Johnson and Murray Petersen, natives of Hyram, Utah. It officially opened in 1963 and closed on November 17, 2005 following the sale of the property. Marketed as the friendliest casino in Vegas. It operated for 42 years, and was known as the world’s largest motor inn.

According to the Clark County Assessors Office the property was sold to a Denver, Colorado company named C D P W H Acquisition, LLC (Centex Destination Properties a subsidiary of Centex Corporation) who will reportedly will build high-rise condominiums.

In January 2005 the Westward Ho opened an expansion casino simply called The Ho located at 2920 South Industrial Road, but unlike its parent property The Ho was strictly a gambling hall, convenience store and gas station geared primarily towards truck drivers and other transient travelers using the I-15 Interstate highway corridor. On November 25, 2005 eight days after the Westward Ho permanently closed their doors The Ho also permanently shut their doors.

The Westward Ho has been demolished and the property is currently for sale.

Voyager Entertainment had plans to build a large observation wheel on the property together with Centex Destination Properties but those plans have been canceled.

A 56,000 square foot Casino
744 rooms, though its press material frequently listed 777 rooms, 900 rooms, or over 1,000 rooms
Three outdoor pools
A 700 seat show room
Free shuttle to move those staying at the hotel around the property
The Megadog: 3/4 lb footlong hotdog for only $1.49
Driving along the strip, the golden umbrellas, polished gold brass fixtures, and mirrored facade were popular icons on the northern strip. The free-standing golden umbrellas (known as spectaculars in the lighting industry) stood over 80 feet tall and when installed in 1983, were revolutionary designs. These pylons were emulated both on the strip and Fremont Street (Golden Gate, Las Vegas Club, Bally’s).

Inside the casino, the prevalent color scheme was brown and green, emphasizing the brass and dark Oak fixtures. There was also a faux-champagne fountain in the rear lobby, which poured water down a pyramid of stacked champagne flutes.

The Westward Ho was also famous for regular events, such as the “Grub-Steak Jamboree BBQ”, “HO-waiaan Luau and Dinner”, and the “Fabulous Doo-Wop Dinner” which included outdoor dining and party-atmospheres.

While other casinos on the strip featured table minimums at $5, $10, or $20 minimums, “The Ho” often had table minimums as low as $3, which made it popular with avid gamblers as well as locals.

Las Vegas Sun
Clark County Assessor’s Office Property Information For Westward Ho
Las Vegas Strip History website (Provided historical information) (Website requires use of Internet Explorer browser)
Voyager Entertainment
UNLV-Department of Gaming History
Casino City
KVBC-TV Reports Closure of Westward Ho
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hope this helps

Sandy asks…

Where is the pawn shop off of the tv show pawn stars located?

I would like to meet the guys off of there.

Administrator answers:

Easy two points – Las Vegas.

John asks…

What are some movies/tv shows where an airbag inflates on a woman?

as much detail as possible would be great. These would be going on my youtube channel so i would prefer something where the woman doesn’t die.

Administrator answers:

CSI Las Vegas season 7 episode 2, Built to Kill part 2. Catherine gets in a car wreck.:

Final Destination 2: Keegan Connor Tracy (character Kat) is hit by airbag:

Line of Fire:

Charles asks…

What is your favorite TV show of all time?

Mine is The Office and CSI: Las Vegas… Miami sucks because that Horatio guy is a terrible actor!

Administrator answers:

I can’t say that I have one favorite show of all time. I love The Simpsons, Hey Arnold! (of course), The Office, Fringe, I Love Lucy is also hilarious.

Laura asks…

Does anybody know if seeing Terry Factor in Las Vegas is a good show to see?

I have booked his show because I loved him on TV. So how is his show?

Administrator answers:

I saw him the last week he was at The Hilton (end of last year) and it was a very good show. He uses quite a few different characters, sings a lot of different songs and has some pretty good skits & dialogue between him.. And himself (the dummies). He’s very fan friendly, he encourages you to take pictures during the show, which is very very rare. If you liked him on TV you will like him live.

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