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January 4, 2013

Mandy asks…

How do i become a Halftime Show Sportscaster for Nba Games?

Q1-What College Courses would i have to take
Q2-What College is the Best for what Am planning to do

I really want to do something in sportscasting since i was real young i would be watching sportscenter every day everyone says im a Encyclopedia of Sports and i no more then the Usuall Sportscaster

Administrator answers:

Go to a four year college get a degree in Radio TV and Journalism. Work on the college paper. Serve your time. My friend Jim Nantz was a weekend sports caster on a local radio station while in college. Later on he filled in on weekend TV. His first sports director job was in Las Vegas. After about 10-15 years he made it to the big time. It is going to take time. Two good colleges to attend are Syracuse and Southern Illinois.

Mark asks…

Where can I buy an Entire Season of MTV’s The Real World?

I really want a complete season and I’v looked before but all I ever find is the first season or Las Vegas the ones I really want are Denver, Hollywood, and Key West. All where can I watch them if I cant buy them.

Administrator answers:

best tv show in pc reviews.

Lisa asks…

Cirque du Soleil show done entirely with songs from the Beatles?

My dad (a big Beatles fan), was talking to me the other day about how he’s heard of a show the dance/entertainment act Cirque du Soleil has done with only Beatles songs, and how he would like to see that. I was wondering what this show in particular was called? And can one buy it on DVD somewhere, amazon maybe?

Administrator answers:

I have seen this in Las Vegas – it is called LOVE. It is without a doubt the most amazing performance I have ever seen – and I have been a professional musician in NY since 1973. There have been “making of . .” special on TV, and my adult son got us *somewhere?* (we are not asking too many questions . . ) video, and I have the audio on my mp3 player – in with all the esoteric classical music I have. Tickets were $165 each – and I would pay it again. I have a friend who is going to Vegas in 2 weeks ( we live in NY) and we have INSISTED that he go!

I do not know when a commercial video of this will be available – you can search, now that you know the name. You Dad must be near us in age (we are 60) and I grew up on this stuff – it was the ONLY popular music I listened to, with the rest of my head deep into classical. If at all possible, he shoulod get a cheap flight and cheap room in Vegas and SEE THIS LIVE – you could all chip in for the ticket for a gift for every holiday for him for a year!

Sandra asks…

What is the best way to avoid getting caught in an upside-down mortgage?

I want to live in Detroit where the real estate is cheap and work for a New York company to support myself. However, I was warned about upside-down the mortgages.What is the best way to avoid getting caught in an upside-down mortgage?

Administrator answers:

Learn to do math. It IS that simple. People, not their mortgages; got upside down by buying property that was over-valued and by not KNOWING how property is valued and what makes prices go up and come down.
There are ONLY 2 reasons property values go up or down. The first is the “time value of money”. Over time inflation causes the purchasing power of the dollar to go down and this is the main reason that a house built in 1930s now costs ten times more then what it did new. The house has not “grown” the value of the dollar has gone down. This is the exact same logic behind people investing in gold or silver.
The second reason properties go up OR DOWN in value is DEMAND. Demand is caused by more people wanting or needing the same property. If you have 100 houses on the market and 500 buyers wanting them then bidding wars start and prices go up. 100 houses and 10 buyers then prices go down.
What happened in the real estate bubble is that too many people were watching tv shows like “Flip This House”, “Flip That House”, “The Real Estate Pros”, etc and decided to buy a house for “investment” and this created a huge spike in demand for houses and prices went thr the roof causeing people to overpay. Other people were using thier homes as ATMs and every tme the value went up, they refied and spent the money to pay down their credit cards. When there was no “greater fool” coming to buy the flips or willing to pay more then the house was worth the bubble burst and prices started falling.
Look around you in Detroit. Yes, property is cheap because of what? More houses then buyers. Look at the population of Detroit, growing or getting smaller? Jobs being created or taken away? See ANYTHING that will make Detroit grow in population or jobs in the next 10 years????? So in Detroit IF the population KEEPS falling ad jobs KEEP getting out sourced or reduced and the Auto Workers losing jobs, benefits, and reduced salaries, who exactly is going to create the “demand” that will be needed to have more buyers then you do houses?
Houses may SEEM “cheap” right now but if the population and jobs keep declining then the value of the property MUST keep declining. Another factor you need to consider is taxs. If the city and county DEPEND on property tax to keep paying for city services and the income to the city keeps getting smaller then they WILL raise property tax, sales tax, income tax to balance thier budgets. Increased taxs add to the cost of owning there and will further reduce the “value” of the property.
There SHOULD only be 2 reasons to buy property. One- you can own for less then the cost of rentiing. Or #2- you can rent out the property for more then the cost of owning AFTER ALL costs to include management, Principal, interest, taxs, insurance, maintancee, and repairs. AND you see something that tells you the property will atlest hold it’s value over the rental period.
Here is Las Vegas, NV we had lots of people lining up to buy new houses for 300K to 400K and then renting them out for $1200 a month. They would LOSE money every month but IF the market was going up 20% to 30% per year; they could profit but NO MARKET EVER keeps going up OR down 20 to 30% a year. Not the stock market, and not real estate. Prices started coming down and THAT is why we are now te #1 place for foreclosures in the USA. There is no reason for somebody to keep paying $3,000 a month on a property when the income from that property is $1200 and the value is 100K to 300K less then what they owe.
Obama’s bailout plan will NOT fix this. I do not care if you “restructure the loan” to make the payment $500 a month for 100 years. People are walking away from houses because they owe more then the house is worth and ask yourself,”What is the value of my creditscore?” Is it worth 50K? 200K? Would YOU damage your credit score to get out from under 200K in debt? This is NOT about “sub=prime” loans or “Adjustable rate mortgages”. This is right now about prople buying based on “making more money in a couple of months then you did all of last year” and being able to blame OTHER people for their greed and now looking for an easy way out of too much debt.
Detroit IS cheap because of population and job loss; I would NEVER own property in that type of location regardless if you GAVE it to me.
Find a location where population is going UP, jobs are being CREATED, taxs are low, land is in limited supply, where prople WANT to live or atleast visit, where you have high taxs in the next state over so you benifit from both prople and jobs being driven out of the high tax rate and coming to you. THEN find properties that you can rent out for positive cashflow AND have property values driven up by growth. THAT is where you should be looking to invest and THAT is why I moved to Las Vegas 2 years ago and have waited for the bubble to burst. I am now buying property cheap here. Yesterday I looked at a 1bedroom

Maria asks…

Does a compass saying North point to civilization?

I see this being said pretty often in t.v. shows.
For example, when somebody is lost in the woods, forest, etc., and the only thing they have is a compass.
Is going North always the right thing to do?

Administrator answers:

No. That’s TV. If you were in Canada and you kept walking north, you’d get to the North Pole. Lots of people there, huh?

If you know where you ended up, you can use a compass to head to the direction of a known city. (ie: crashed in an airplane on takeoff from Las Vegas, head East, cause Las Vegas is closest. Nothing is North, California is waay West.)

Of course TV doesn’t know where to show people going, so it’s always North.

George asks…

Where is a cheap chapel in vegas that can do dress ups?

I hate traditional weddings. I want to go to vegas for my wedding and do what you always see on TV when a couple is drunk and got married where let’s say the guy is dressed up as elvis and the girl is in a show girl outfit. I tried looking it up but can’t seem to find any..

Administrator answers:

Lots of Vegas wedding chapels offer cheap basic ceremonies, but the “theme weddings” where Elvis marries you, or both of you get dressed up, or they bring in acrobats and live music, cost a lot more.

The most (in)famous wedding chapel for quirky weddings is also one of the priciest, Viva Las Vegas Weddings (and it has definitely been on a lot of TV shows):

To save money, check out the online specials from Graceland Wedding Chapel (as seen on the Amazing Race):

Both are in the same part of town, north of the Strip proper on the way to downtown. Have fun!

Michael asks…

is it legal to street perform in las vegas?

like if one wanted to play guitar on the streets of Vegas.. Do you need a permit? Is it legal but not for money? Can you do it for free?

Administrator answers:

The GOOD news is.. All yoiu need is to get a BUSKER’S LICENSE from City Hall the BAD news is.. THEY DON’T ISSUE THEM.

If you DO NOT ACCEPT ANY MONEY.. If you are just doing it for your own amusement and to help you get exposure for playing in public then YOU CAN DO THAT because it is covered UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT.. But if you take ANY MONEY AT ALL then you WILL be picked up and have a chance to see if the TV show about life in the Las Vegas Jail is really true.

Charles asks…

Planet Hollywood hotel and casino Las Vegas rooms and buffet?

Did Planet Hollywood remodel their rooms recently. I am staying there this weekend, but unsure of how clean the rooms are. Do they have crab legs at their Spice market buffet? Thanks everyone.

Administrator answers:

Spice Market Buffet is presented in 9 different pavilions that includes 2 salad bars, a seafood section, a desert section, and the additional 5 sections – each with a cultural theme. These themes include:Asian, Italian, American, Middle Eastern, and Mexican and each offers many diverse items from which to choose

With seafood section, you can help yourself to crab legs, oysters, sushi, jumbo fried shrimp, and baked salmon. Other signature items include seafood enchiladas and shrimp jambalaya.

Planet Hollywood Rooms include:

Hollywood Hip: standard room with a Hollywood “hip-style”. Choice between one king bed or two queen. It is 450 square feet, has two speaker phones, an ironing rack, an oversized bathtub, a shower, and 42-inch plasma television. A purple sitting chair is also available by the window. This room is also available as a “fountain-view room” which offers a remarkable view of the Bellagio Resort and Casino and its fountain water-show. It has the same accommodations as the Hollywood Hip and is usually available at an extra charge.

Resort room: similar to the Hollywood Hip but larger and with more accommodations. It is about 560 square feet with a choice between a king bed or two queens. It has the same ironing board, oversized bathtub, and internet access (for a fee). What is extra other than extra space is that this offers two windows and two chairs. It offers a sofa, double sinks, and ambient bathroom lighting.

Resort Vista: not only does this room have a great view but it is also 570 square feet with a king size bed, marble bathroom floors, oversized soaking tub, a writing desk, coffee table and sofa. This is an add-on to the other mentioned features.

Panorama Suite: about 1,255 square feet this is perhaps considered the most elegant room in the resort. It has a panoramic 180-degree view of the Las Vegas Strip from living room. It features luxurious accommodations like a double door foyer entrance, two sofas or one sofa and several chairs, one 52-inch flat screen TV in living area, a dining area, wet bar with refrigerator, adjoining powder room, large writing desk, separate bedroom area with couch and table, one 36-inch flat screen TV in bedroom, oversized soaking tub with retractable wall, and an iPod station in bedroom.

Jenny asks…

Where can I watch the Mayweather vs. Hatton fight in Las Vegas?

I know MGM is showing it closed circiut in ballroom, but I’m looking for something more like a sportsbook or bar. Will they even be allowed to show it live? I have no idea how that works in Vegas. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The fight will ONLY be broadcast on closed circuit TV at MGM properties. The last time I checked (a few days ago) the only MGM properties that had tickets left for closed circuit were TI and Monte Carlo. Call now because even the closed circuit has been selling out fast. The cost is $50 per ticket. I hope you get lucky and some tix are still left.

Call the MGM box office, or TI and Monte Carlo box offices directly.

Hope this helps. I’ll be there.

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