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January 13, 2013

Ken asks…

what song was beyonce singing on new years eve?

Right around the time the ball dropped last night (I think soon after) the tv showed a performance of who I think was beyonce singing. It showed her in a white dress with her hair tied and there was a huuuuge screen or backdrop behind her that showed videos of things that have happened this year (disasters, tragedies, etc) does anyone know what song she was singing or where I can watch the video? I’ve tried looking for it but all google has showed me is that she performed in las vegas at a private show? I’m almost positive it was her singing though.

Administrator answers:

It was Beyonce! She sung her song “I Was Here”, & here’s the video of the performance.


& here’s the official video

Laura asks…

Would you believe that The State of Oklahoma is voting for a Temporary Ban to All Combet Sports?

State legislators in Oklahoma have placed a temporary ban on all combat sports (pro wrestling, MMA, and boxing) in the state effective March 31. Oklahoma native Jim Ross responded optimistically to the story, saying on Twitter Wednesday, “Things Change. Stay Tuned.” He added, “I think things will be rectified in a good way.” WWE is scheduled for TV tapings in Oklahoma on October 1 and 2.

Administrator answers:

I hate this kind of political crap. And that’s all it is; a weak attempt to buy the votes of soccer-moms on the loosely-defined platform of “opposing violence”. Local councils on the cusp of an election always try and pull this type of garbage. They’re looking for “wedge-issues” to stand out and apart from the other parties and combat sports very often fall victim to those political games.

That’s happened here in Vancouver before. We had to fight for UFC and local professional boxing and MMA events to be permitted in the city of Vancouver for a VERY long time before city council finally relented and allowed it. And guess what happened? Nothing. UFC showed up, they put on a great show at our biggest sports arena, literally everything went fine and nothing bad happened in the least. I’m not even an MMA fan in the least, but I know the economic benefits it brings to virtually every city it comes along to, and it’s a great boon to the town. Ditto for big time boxing and wrestling events. Those types of events draw people in from all over the world, and everyone reaps the benefits, from the city, which brings in millions in tax revenue, to the countless local businesses, everything from bars to taxis, which service the fight fans.

But city councils play a very dangerous game when they pull this crap. Even if they eventually lift their “combat sports” ban, which they inevitably will once an election passes, it becomes more and more difficult to attract those events, from WWE shows to UFC PPV’s right down to local boxing cards, because it isn’t worth the hassle and the red tape that invariably comes with it. When those bans are removed council doesn’t want to look like they’re going back on their moral positions, so they always, ALWAYS impose strict and frankly ridiculous rules and regulations on combat sports attempting to obtain fight licenses. All this accomplishes is pissing the promoters off and making then NOT want to come to that particular city. That’s happened in Vancouver. The city gets a reputation for that garbage.

Why do you think the WWE goes to Boston and Dallas every two or three months, but they only go back to New York on big and special occasions? Because Boston and Dallas license them easily and know what they bring to their respective cities. Meanwhile, New York has a pain-in-the-behind (not the word I wanted to use) licensing committee which causes headaches. That’s why we’ve seen so many blockbuster boxing fights leave Madison Square Garden, which used to be THE place for big-time heavyweight championship bouts, and go to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. You still see them from time to time at MSG, but nowhere NEAR what they used to be, because New York council tries to stake out the “moral high ground” with voters, which is just stupid and wrong.

Sorry about the length of my answer here, this topic just gets me fired up.

Sandy asks…

Does exculibur the one in las vegas have good cable?

Does exculinur have nickoloden , cartoon network, disney channel, pbs kids, and discovery channel because my kids doesent want to be bored all the time they like show like those

Administrator answers:

I have stayed at that hotel twice now. The tv only has about 18 channels, they don’t want you watching tv :/ they want u gambling :/. I didnt have nickoloden , cartoon network, disney channel, pbs kids, but it had tnt and tbs i think :)

Chris asks…

Does anyone know about CSI Las Vegas episodes?

Looking for the episode that has the Las Vegas wall show in it, where they find a womans handbag in the sand box at the show?

Administrator answers:

“Built to Kill: Part 1″, Season 7, Episode 1.


Michael asks…

Are there other shows like Commander and Chief?

I really liked that show Commander and Chief that used to be on TV.

Are there other shows that are like that one?
If so, What are they called?

Administrator answers:

Mr. President
Boston Legal
The West Wing
Law & Order
Ally McBeal
Las Vegas

Ruth asks…

How do you react when people say that civil unions have the same rights and benefits as marriage?

Do you try to explain to them the difference, or do you shrug it off as pointless? Or something else?

Administrator answers:

I don’t bother. I think it shocks them more when I tell them how I really feel – that as far as I’m concerned, with the circus that most STRAIGHT people have made marriage into, I wouldn’t touch it with someone ELSE’S ten-foot-pole. That if marriage is supposed to be such a FREAKIN’ “sacred” institution, then why is it fodder for nearly half the shows on daytime and afternoon TV? Would Jerry Springer, Maury, Judge Judy, Judge Hatchett, Judge Joe Brown, etc. Even have careers if married people weren’t out there making @$$e$ of themselves?

Hey, be my guest. Give me and my partner all the legal and financial benefits we need to live our lives in equality and security, but if you want to hold onto your “marriage” title, please, by all means, KEEP IT. At least WE won’t be among that 50% flying to Las Vegas or Tijuana looking for that quickie annulment.

Jenny asks…

What NBC Las Vegas episode was Criss Angel in?

It was a short cameo with the needle trick and the walk on water thing. I can’t find and it’s driving me nuts! So if anybody know the name of the episode or the number or a link I’d really appreciate it!

Administrator answers:

I found him listed for “Bold, Beautiful and Blue”, Season 3, Episode 8.


I don’t actually watch this show myself so apologies if this isn’t what you’re looking for.

Maria asks…

Youtube Experts? Can you please help me get clips to make videos?

Say i wanted a clip from…um…i dont know a tv show, spongebob lets say haha (i dont really want him) anyway. People make like videos all the time of clips of tv shows with music and stuff. How do i get those clips? Like i wanted to make a video for CSI Las Vegas, and everyone has clips from the show. how do i get those?

Please please help xD

Thank you Everyone!

Administrator answers:

I know you want spongebob lol. The only way that i have every put up clips of a show is by downloading the entire episode, or if you can download something that has the clips you think you want. I cant remember but i think you can dl from youtube but if not try just like youtube and you can dl. Then make sure you have Windows Movie Maker or something like it so you can edit, cut out the clips you want and put them together however you want also movie maker lets you put whatever music you want with it so you could make say a CSI music video thing, then click publish and wmm will string all the clips together than just upload to youtube or wherever you want to upload it
oh download full episode’s from utorrent or limewire or somthing like that

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