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Your Questions About Las Vegas Tv Show

January 18, 2013

Mary asks…

Where are the best low stakes hold em games on the Las Vegas Strip?

I’m staying at the Bellagio and want to play some texas hold em’ but I’m not a high roller. Please offer advice/information.. anything would be appreciated. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Treasure Island is not too far from there. They have a low roller friendly poker room that is nice and modern, and relatively new.

They offer $1/$3 no limit, and tournaments that cost well under $100, several times a day. If you can afford to stay at the Bellagio, then these prices should be well within your range!

I would caution against going to those really cheap casinos and playing $1/$2 no limit or cheap tournaments. You’re going to get a bunch of idiots playing like they just watched a TV show in there. That’s why I like TI. It a cut above the cheapest level of play, without being too expensive.

Mandy asks…

Can someone tell me what happened on the show Las Vegas final episode?

Did Delinda gave birth? was it a boy or a girl? was the baby ok? How was A.J Cooper alive? did the three couples ended up getting married? did Delinda’s parents get back together? I want to know everything.

Administrator answers:

Series finale. Mike’s mother finds out about his marriage to Piper and is upset; Casey’s little brother and Delinda’s mother arrive at the casino. A pair of pre wedding night parties cause chaos and a plane crash could be the end for Cooper. Guest star is James Blunt.

The final episode was a cliffhanger with many issues left unresolved and will remain unresolved according to TV Guide Canada However, Michael Ausiello of TVGuide said that there are plans, should a proper resolution not be possible, to have the characters of Danny McCoy and Delinda Deline cameo in an episode of Knight Rider carrying a newborn

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