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Your Questions About Las Vegas Tv Show

February 7, 2013

Jenny asks…

How did the naked Brothers band become popular?

hi umm my friends and i want to start a band and were around 11, 13, 13 year olds and our instruments are, violin, drums, sax….. maybe guitar.
so umm how did nbb (naked brothers band) become popular?

Administrator answers:

They probably lived in a big city like Las Vegas or a suburb, their family knew someone famous to help them, They auditioned for a TV show and people thought they should have their own show,They sent a video to a movie production?? Who knows! Research it?

Lizzie asks…

How can I watch Ring of Honor shows live?

I live in USA (NC) and I was wondering how I can watch live shows? I know its coming to TV soon, but not where I live. So can I order a channel, or watch it online, or etc.?

Administrator answers:

Well you can check Ring of Honor’s website to find out if any ROH wrestling shows
are going to be scheduled in your area they always book shows on the East coast.
The Sinclair Broadcasting group purchased Ring of Honor the show airs September
24, 2011 check your local listings for the time and local channel in your TV market.


BALTIMORE, MD – WNUV CW Saturdays at 10 PM and Sundays at 12:00 AM

BIRMINGHAM, AL – WABM MyNetworkTV at Saturdays 9 PM and Sundays at 11 PM

BUFFALO, NY – WNYO MyNetworkTV Saturdays at 9 PM

BUFFALO, NY – WUTV FOX Sundays at 11 PM

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -KFXA FOX Saturdays at 11:30 PM

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA – KGAN CBS Saturdays at 3:30 AM


CHARLESTON, SC – WMMP MyNetworkTV Saturdays at 10 PM




CINCINATTI, OH – WSTR – MYNetork Sundays at 12 AM

COLUMBUS, OH – WTTE FOX Sundays at 12 AM.

DAYTON, OHIO – WRGT FOX Sundays at 10:30 PM and 3:00 AM.

DES MOINES, IOWA – KDSM FOX Sundays 11 PM and Saturdays at 2 AM.

FLINT, MI – WSMH FOX Sundays at 11 PM

GREENSBORO, NC – WMYV MyNetworkTV Saturdays at 8PM and 12 AM.



LAS VEGAS, NV – KVCW CW Network Saturdays at 10 PM and 1 AM.

LEXINGTON, KY – WDKY FOX Sundays at 12 AM.

MADISON, WI – WMSN FOX Saturdays 12:30 AM and 3:30 AM.

MILWAUKEE, WI – WVTV CW Network Saturdays at 9 PM and Sundays at 12 AM.

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL – WUCW CW Network Saturdays at 9 PM and Sundays at 1 AM.

MOBILE-PENSACOLA – WFGX MyNetworkTV Saturdays at 9 PM and Sundays at 12 AM.

NASHVILLE, TN – WUXP MyNetworkTV Saturdays at 10 PM and Sundays at 1 AM

NORFOLK, VA – WTVZ MyNetworkTV Saturdays at 10 PM and Sundays at 1 AM.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – KOCB CW Network Saturdays at 9 PM and 2 AM.

PADUCAH-CAPE GIRARDEAU – WDKA MyNetworkTV Saturdays at 9 PM and Sundays at 2 AM,

PEORIA, IL – WYZZ FOX Sundays at 11 PM and Saturdays at 3 AM.

PITTSBURGH, PA – WPMY MyNetworkTV Saturdays 10 PM and Sundays at 12 AM.


RALEIGH-DURHAM, NC – WRDC MyNetworkTV Saturdays at 10 PM and Sundays at 12 AM.

RICHMOND, VA – WRLH FOX Sundays at 11:30 PM.

ROCHESTER, NY – WUHF FOX Sundays at 1:30 AM.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – KMYS CW Network Saturdays at 9 PM and Sundays at 1 AM.

ST. LOUIS – WDNL ABC Saturdays at 1:30 AM.

SYRACUSE, NY – WNYS MyNetworkTV Saturdays at 10 PM and Sundays at 1 AM.


TAMPA-ST. PETERSBURG, FL – WTTA MyNetworkTV Saturdays at 9 PM and Sundays at 9 PM.

Helen asks…

Can somebody give me some ideas for my schools homecoming theme?

Our mascot is Tigers and we’ll be playing the Hornets….yall got anything?
Or does anybody know of any websites?

Administrator answers:

Well when, where, and what is the weather? October? So match the theme with the weather so it will work out.

Some popular homecoming themes are:

Cartoons Cereals (boring)
Under the Sea (wonderful theme)
Mardi Gras (fun for those that are familiar)
Fairy Tales ( Mythology can be fun)
Decades (choose an era, 50′s, 70′s)
Medieval ( a joisting competion, elect a Princess/Big Man on
Campus, Mr. Pretty legs)
Las Vegas ( have the cheerleaders in La Vegas attire)
Fast Food (boring)
Big City (NYC, Paris, London)
Games (Board, Sports)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (boring)
Hawaiian Music
Oriental Disney
Wild West
Amusement Parks
Nautical Jungle
Futuristic Outer Space
African Safari
Star Wars
TV Shows
Down South

Some of these are boring and have been done a million times!

Lets do something different. 2006 is a time for reflection!
How about:

Flashback? A retro theme. Woodstock, hippies, incense.

Do you remember? With a bon-fire and snake dance.

Hero’s theme? Open mic to tell stories.

Rock Around the Clock? Do a time line theme.

In the Year theme? Recall events, disasters, Katrina.

Themes can be about anything, not just the home team!

Incorporate the team colors into the overall theme. But choose a theme to represent any sentiment you feel is appropriate.

But if you are wanting to incorporate the Tigers and Hornets…….

Then put on a show where the football team are all dressed as Tigers. Do a flambouyant display where the Tigers go on a hunt! Have one the players lite sparklers or ground chasers all over the field to represent the Hornets, this would belittle the the Hornets as likened to fireflies. The Tigers prowl the football field in search of Hornets. The Tigers carry mason jars or maybe some plastic container to capture the Hornets, then bash the containers on the field. Use some major procussional music to accompany this action.

Listen to Joe Satriani “Crush of Love” the music is very suductive and quiet powerful.

And DON”T do Queen’s “We are the Champions” it is way over done!

Maybe try “Swing Batter Batter” by Trace Adkins. Or YOUR states fight song?

Hey have you ever heard of Mascot kidnapping? There are several versions to the “kidnapping” deal. But you may want to read about this one for yourself. It is not condoned in most schools. But can be safely done………….

Good luck with this, have a wonderful experience!

No spell check, so who knows how I did? Sorry!

Anna M.

Donna asks…

I want to study and become a homicide detective but how can i get there?

i need help. i want to study forensic science but i want to be a homicide detective something like csi Miami. what should i study and how to get there

Administrator answers:

From retired federal agent, criminal justice professor, private investigator, forensic hypnotist, and member of the Academy of Behavioral Profiling.

Most CSI are not detectives, some are not even peace officers. There are forensic programs available, do some research online. A true forensic analyst is educated in the physical sciences as they are applied to evidence.

To be a detective, first you have to be a regular patrol officer for a certain number of years, which varies by jurisdiction. Then you must qualify for and pass the detective’s exam.

To become a police officer, the standard requirement for most jurisdictions is a minimum of 60 undergraduate hours, although a Bachelor’s degree is preferred. Any major is applicable, but Criminal Justice or Psychology may stand you in better stead. You must have no felony arrests, and many misdemeanor arrests are also disqualifying. Any prior drug use of any sort is disqualifying. There is a polygraph test, physical fitness test, psychological evaluation, and full background check.

Http://; 06/13/06

Is ‘CSI’ for Real?
By Paul D. Rosevear

There’s no doubt about it: Between the contagiously spreading viewership of ‘CSI,’ similar spin-offs ruling the remote and exploding enrollments in forensics programs at many colleges and universities, the current crop of on-screen case-crackers are certainly proving inspiring. The field of forensics is certainly entertaining a multitude of people approximately 50 million each week.

But is the line between entertainment and education getting blurred? Read on to explore the difference between forensics and “faux-rensics.”

The Prosecution

In light of the public’s rabid appetite for ‘CSI’ and programs like it, experts have mixed feelings on the impact the show’s popularity is having. “‘CSI’ is getting more people interested in the science, which is fantastic,” explains Dr. Jennifer Thompson, program director of multidisciplinary studies at University of Nevada (Las Vegas), which offers a forensic science degree program. “The shows themselves are idealized versions of the field,” she said. They’ve got wonderful technology that just isn’t available in real life, and everything gets solved in a neat and tidy hour!” In fact, one of the professors teaching in UNLV’s program is Daniel Holstein — the real-life inspiration for leading character of ‘CSI,’ Gil Grissom.

In each episode, the investigators spend time collecting data at crime scenes, conducting tests and experiments at laboratories, reviewing evidence at police departments and questioning suspects. In reality, there are highly trained specialists who do each of those tasks separately, and case resolution is far from TV-perfect.

Data analysis often takes weeks and months. “It’s the speed and the specificity more than anything,” says Dr. Stephen Theberge, assistant professor of chemistry at Merrimack College (North Andover, Mass.). Theberge teaches a forensic analysis course and offers a forensics concentration for chemistry majors.

“You don’t just stick something into a machine and immediately find out it’s got Maybelline lipstick on it, color 42. It’s just not that easy,” he says. Characters on forensic TV shows often possess the skills of many different kinds of specialists — it’s much more exciting to see the countless aspects of the field crammed into one supercharged investigator. “The investigator position on TV is an amalgam of a police officer/detective and lab scientist. In reality, this position doesn’t exist,” Theberge says.

The Defense

Though some of the miraculous tactics and technologies used to solve crimes on TV and in movies don’t really exist, you’d probably be surprised to find out just how many of them actually do. This coming fall, James Lucas, adjunct faculty member at Oakton Community College (Des Plaines, Ill.) will be teaching law enforcement students about the equipment used by the FBI and other crime-solving institutions.

“We are the first college-level forensics course in the U.S. To feature instruction using the Intergraph Video Analyst System,” he says. This system utilizes NASA-developed Video Stabilization and Registration technology to examine video. “Very often, it’s never more than a tattoo, or a kind of sneaker, that is needed to identify a criminal from video footage,” he explains. “This was the same technology that was able to identify the Ryder truck used in the Oklahoma City bombing.”

Like Thompson and Theberge, Lucas acknowledges that TV’s depiction of the ease with which forensic technologies can yield results is usually exaggerated — but that plenty of amazing gadgetry does exist. “In addition to the video system, we’ll teach students something called Faces 1.0, a program that creates composite facial drawings,” he says. “The full-fledged police version has 2,000 extra choices for eyes, features, aging

Charles asks…

Do you consider burlesque dancing an art form?

…or are we basically looking at strippers who think they’ve found a way to dodge the social stigma associated with pole dancing for tips?

Administrator answers:

Sure. There is a big difference between hunching a pole, and being able to dance. One example being the Las Vegas show girls that practice daily, selling out, tastefully done, yet exotic. The headdresses are not easy to wear and be able to dance. It’s all about costumes too. It’s entertainment. It’s been a tradition for years, and considered a form of dance. Those high kicks are not easily achieved.

I enjoy all forms of dance, and I don’t consider a woman hunching a pole dancing, although I have seen a few be able to dance using a pole tastefully done on TV and in movies. I avoid the local strip clubs because I’ve heard they don’t offer anything in the form of dance. When men tell me these things, I listen. Don’t you?

William asks…

Which CSI tv show is your favoite and why?

I like csi: miami the most because its more LIFE to it then the rest and now that grissom or whatever you spell his name left csi:las vegas is kinda boring!! but i want to hear it from someone else?

Administrator answers:

I love csi miami. Its hot a lot of sun and a lot of crime. Cali is always solving crime in white, horatio is my fav with his sunglasses on and he always remain calm and eric is sexy

Nancy asks…

Do local Puerto Rico channels ever show shows in english?

I was seeing what tv channels Puerto Rico gets, and I clicked on a movie on wapa, and the info was in english. This was on TV guide. Com. Was the program in english or spanish would you guess?

Administrator answers:

Do local Puerto Rico channels ever show shows in english?
* On local TV channels the programming is in spanish.

* If transmitting a show like Miss Universe, the Academy Awards ceremony, a boxing event in Las Vegas, or the Rose Bowl Parade we may get a few parts of the transmission in english from the main hosts / presenters or reporters, but also the comments from the latino hosts / presenters or reporters.

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