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February 20, 2013

Betty asks…

Is It Crazy to Own More Than One Version of a Movie?

I am a huge collector of movies and tv shows. But is it crazy to own more than one version of the same movie? for example, i have Alien Quadrilogy on DVD and i want to hold on to it, but i also want to buy the Alien Anthology Limited Edition Egg on Blu-ray. Do people actually do this, my family thinks i’m crazy. I’m I?

Administrator answers:

NO, but also NOT all movies need to be on Blu-Ray. ONLY get what you think are worth it on Blu-Ray. That is how my friend and I go about it.

This is what I think, and how I would go about it in deciding what is worth owning on Blu-Ray.

Movies I think should be owned on Blu-Ray and NOT just DVD, IF you got the DVD first before there was Blu-Ray of it. Also If you are getting it on any format for the first time.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Terminator Salvation
Gone With The Wind
The Bridge On the River Kwai
The Departed
Hard Target(when there is a Blu-Ray release)
Broken Arrow
Minority Report
Die Hard With A Vengeance
Miami Vice
The Untouchables
All James Bond movies
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
2001: A Space Odyssey
Leon: The Professional
Big Trouble In Little China
Bad Boys II(when there is a Blu-Ray release)
The Fall
Planet Earth
Human Planet
Snow White And The Seven Dwarf
Cinderella(when there is a Blu-Ray release)
Peter Pan(when there is a Blu-Ray release)
Lady And The Tramp(when there is a Blu-Ray release)
The Little Mermaid(when there is a Blu-Ray release)
Beauty And The Beast
Aladdin(when there is a Blu-Ray release)
The Lion King
Fantasia 2000
Who Framed Roger Rabbit(when there is a Blu-Ray release)
X-Men First Class
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Despicable Me
Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Collection
The Magnificent Seven
The A-Team (ONLY if you are getting the Target exclusive, which is a Blu-Ray DVD combo)
Cop Out
National Geographic: In the Womb (when there is a Blu-Ray release)
America’s National Treasures
The Guns of Navarone

These are the movies, I think one has to ask him or herself is Blu-Ray needed or DVD is just fine already upconverted(some will say yes and some no).
Gran Torino
First Blood
Rambo: First Blood Part II
Dirty Harry
Raw Deal
Donnie Brasco
Once Upon A Time In America
The American
Wall Street
We Own The Night
Street King
Pride And Glory
Brooklyn’s Finest
Bruce Almighty
Fair Game (2010)
Spy Game
The Peacemaker
Celine Dion: A New Day… Live in Las Vegas
Andrea Bocelli: Under the Desert Sky
The Blind Side
Cirque du Soleil Flow – A Tribute To The Artists Of ‘O’
Oceans Eleven (original and remake)
Oceans Thirteen
Bounty Hunter
Die Hard
Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Live Free Die Hard
Batman Return
Batman Forever
The Social Network
Bad Boys
Vivere: Andrea Bocelli Live In Tuscany
Celine: Through the Eyes of the World
Keeping The Faith
From Paris With Love
The Bodyguard
True Grit (John Wayne one)
Rio Bravo
Road Warrior
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Cirque du Soleil: The Mystery of Mystere
The Good Thief
Lucky You
Blade Runner
Star Trek movies
Days Of Thunder
Yonkers Joe
The Fifth Element
Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Universal Soldiers
Layer Cake
Powder Blue
Back To The Future movies
Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man
Viva Las Vegas
Jail House Rock

No need for Blu-Ray AT ALL, DVD upconverted is good enough already(everyone would agree).
Shaft(Samuel L. Jackson one)
King’s Ransom
Even Almighty
8 Miles
Menace II Society
American Gangster
Dragonball Evolution
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
Power Ranger Movie
Righteous Kill
xXx: State Of The Union
Little Nicky
Universal Soldier: The Return
Universal Soldier: Regeneration
Universal Soldier: A New Dimension
Harlem Nights
Vampire in Brooklyn
A Rage in Harlem
Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision
Death Warrant
Big Daddy
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Scary Movie
The Happening
Queen of the Damned
Get Rich or Die Tryin’
New Jack City
Proof of Life
Mad Money
The Golden Child
Napoleon Dynamite
Donnie Darko
Waist Deep
Red Planet
Get Carter(remake)
88 Minutes
Assassination Games

Robert asks…

Will there be another reality TV show anytime soon?

By reality I mean shows like Flavor Flav, Real Chance of Love, A double shot, A shot. Please Help thank you.

Administrator answers:

Project Runway is coming in August to Lifetime and Top Chef Las Vegas is coming in August to Bravo.

Ruth asks…

Is frankie Muniz ever going to come back to acting?

I mean I know he is a racecar driver now for some odd reason but is he ever going to make a return
I don’t mean like full time just one off films of tv shows

Administrator answers:

He might be in a television movie coming out next year called Destruction: Las Vegas. At least that’s what IMDB says

Chris asks…

Where could I buy a real cape at?

I don’t want a costume cape, but a real cape. Something along the lines of Batman, Dracula or Darth. Though, I am not trying to look like a superhero, just want to wear a cape because I think they are cool.

Administrator answers:

There are some thrift type stores that are located in areas where there are movie studios. I know of a few in the Studio City, CA area and they will have items like that. There again, you might be better off looking on-line such as eBay or even Craig’s list. You could Google it too. I’m sure there are collectors out there that will sell these items though they may be expensive. Oh, don’t forget Pawn shops too. Did you ever see on TV the Pawn show with the one in Las Vegas? Can’t remember the name of the store at the moment but I’m sure you can find it on Google and give them a call…hope I helped.

Paul asks…

How do I force myself to dream about someone?

I wanna how to make myself dream about something/someone specifically

Administrator answers:

You can make yourself dream about anything but it takes a long time and effort to do it and you can only start the dream, what weird turn it takes you can’t predict. I do this all the time. When I lay in bed trying to fall asleep I think about the dream I want, I actually talk the dream through in my head as if I were acting in a TV show, and before you know it I am asleep and the dream continues but you never know if your mind will stay on subject.

As an example, I started a dream about taking a vacation in Las Vegas and ended up dreaming about cooking. It was weird, I was in Vegas driving from one casino to another and pulled over to get gas and went inside and instead of a gas station it was a cafe and the chef was having trouble filling orders so I jumped in and helped him cook and gave him a bunch of new dishes. And I have never been a cook.

John asks…

Who do you want to win on I love New York 2?

I think that Taylormade is really in love with her. I really want Budda to get cut.

Administrator answers:

This is a Travel question board for Vacationers, Tourists, and In general New York City Questions.

I suggest you put questions regarding this TV show at the appropriate Yahoo board, as noted below

Home > Entertainment & Music > Television > Reality Television

I hope this woman changes her fake name to Las Vegas or New Orleans or New Mexico soon!! Both she and this show are trash and an embarassment to a great city.

George asks…

Where to go in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for a 21st Birthday?

I am going to be 21 in December and Me and my boyfriend want to go to California and Las Vegas to celebrate. Our destinations of interest are Las Angeles and the Las Vegas strip but being from the east coast we are not sure of any fun and romantic places to go to in these 2 places. Can anyone give us some ideas of places to visit and things to see in both places besides the obvious like casinos and beverly hills

Administrator answers:

There are literally hundreds of things to do here in LA. Here is my top ten list:

Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth. Half a billion visitors can’t be wrong. (Sometimes it seems all at once)

Universal Studios: A theme park that grew out of a studio tour. And Universal City Walk is a fun place to hang out in the evening after your day inside the park.

Hollywood: Hollywood Boulevard is ready for its close-up, thanks to years of urban renewal and renovation. Enjoy the Walk of Fame, Entertainment Museum, Chinese Theatre and more. You can see a lot for free. The Hollywood & Highland complex has lots of shops and restaurants, and the Kodak Theater (home of the Academy Awards). I also like the El Capitan theater, because it has been restored to its former glory.

Rodeo Drive, 90210: Packed with exclusive shops, full of gawkers. They all came to enjoy the excess. Free, unless you intend to buy something.

Venice Beach: Los Angeles kitsch and over-the-top culture at its best. Here you’ll find Muscle Beach, street performers and tacky shops galore. Fun, VERY interesting, but I avoid it after dark, when it gets a little TOO interesting for my taste. And it’s a short bike ride from Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Monica Beach and Pier: Great beach scene and a classic seaside amusement park, complete with antique carousel that has been in a lot of TV and movies. (The Sting and “Three’s Company” come immediately to mind). After visiting the pier, you can ride a bike south a couple miles to Venice Beach.

Santa Monica Third Street Promenade – Downtown Santa Monica’s shopping promenade is often the scene of movie star-sightings. Just a short walk from the Santa Monica Pier.

Sunset Boulevard: Perhaps one of the world’s most famous streets, it began as a route between the stars’ posh neighborhoods and the Hollywood studios. It runs from downtown to the ocean, passing through the “Sunset Strip” on its way. It makes for a fun drive. Along the way, you see a lot of different neighborhoods: Hollywood, West Hollywood, Bel Air, and Pacific Palisades. When you get to the ocean, stop at Gladstone’s for Fish.

Queen Mary: Once the largest ship afloat, she’s been docked in Long Beach for longer than she sailed, and her elegance never fails to impress. Free to visit. You can actually stay on board, for a price.

Farmers Market and The Grove – A new shopping complex right next to a Los Angeles landmark, The Grove and Farmers Market coexist. Enjoy a movie or shopping, and then take the trolley to the Farmers Market for lunch or dinner. It is right next to CBS, so walk across the lot to see if they are taping “The Price is Right”. You might even get in.

TAAB: The Americana at Brand- The newly opened TAAB, developed by the same group that gave us The Grove, breathes new life into Glendale, and gives all those hip people in Eagle Rock and the eastern half of LA a great place to go.

Griffith Park – Home of the Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Park Observatory, Travel Town, the Greek Theatre, and Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

Getty Museum – The Getty’s architecture is so beautiful that it keeps me fascinated. No matter whether you like their art or architecture better (or maybe you’ll just enjoy the view), the Getty is sure to please. Free.

Attend a TV taping – You can get free tickets at,, or see the booth at Universal City walk. It’s very interesting to see a show being taped. The most popular, by far, is the Tonight show with Jay Leno. Check the NBC web site for all the details there.

Wicked at the Pantages Theater- Located in the heart of Hollywood, this is an excellent and long running production, the most POPULAR show in LA right now.

Places to eat:
In-N-Out Burger: Multiple locations, best burger in LA, ask anyone.
Pink’s Hot Dogs: 709 N. La Brea, just north of Melrose. You might even see a celebrity. Maybe.
Tommy’s Chili Burgers: Look for the shack, an LA tradition. The original location is at Beverly & Rampart, a couple miles west of downtown.
Canter’s Deli: 419 N. Fairfax, between Beverly & Melrose. Near CBS, you might spot a celebrity.
Phillippe’s: 1001 N. Alameda. Great roast beef sandwiches. Near Union Station and Olvera Street. Watch the mustard, it’s hot.
The Pantry: Corner of Figueroa and 9th, downtown. Huge portions, they never close, GREAT steak and eggs.

Places to Stay:
Since LA is so spread out, there is no single place that is close to EVERYTHING. Most people who come here tend to stay in Hollywood, Santa Monica, or Anaheim.
In Hollywood, I recommend the Renaissance Hotel at Hollywood and Highland, the Best Western Sunset Plaza, or the Holiday Inn Walk of Fame.
In Santa Monica, the Holiday Inn Santa Monica is close to the pier and reasonably priced.
In Anaheim, I recommend the Howard Johnson (HoJo) Anaheim, and the Candy Cane Inn. If you want to splurge and make this a most memorable trip, stay at Disney’s Grand Californian. You get the full Disney experience.

Places to Shop:
Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica
The Grove, Los Angeles
Americana @ Brand, Glendale
Beverly Center, Los Angeles
Citadel Outlets, Commerce
Brea Mall, Brea
The Block at Orange, Orange
South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa
Fashion Island, Newport Beach
Santee Alley, Los Angeles

Obviousman’s Ultimate Guide to LA Clubs. Keep in mind that club owners continually make changes, so be aware. The general rule of thumb is to dress to impress, and try to get on the guest list beforehand.

The list below is pretty inclusive, but is subject to change. Since my clubbing days are over, I have to rely on my spies for clubbing reports.They are usually too hung over to be of any use, or their in jail, and I’m tired of bailing them out. So, the best place for info is now This article covers the Holy Grail of club destinations, the Sunset Strip, but there are other articles as well:

A.D.: 836 North Highland, Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.467.3000
Airliner: 2419 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.221.0771
Aqua Restaurant and Lounge: 424 N. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, California; Tel. 310.275.8511
Area: 643 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069 310-652-2012
Arena: 6655 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.462.1291
Aura: 12215 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, California; Tel. 818.487.1488
Avalon: 1735 Vine St., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.462.3000
Bar Lubitsch: 7702 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.654.1234
Basque: 1707 North Vine St., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.464.1654
Circle Bar: 2926 Main Street, Santa Monica, California; Tel. 310.450.0508
Circus Disco: 6655 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.462.1291
Club 740: 740 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, California; Tel. 213.225.5934
Club 7969: 7969 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.654.0280
Club Lingerie: 6507 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.466.8557
Club Ripples: 5101 E. Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California; Tel. 562.433.0357
Detroit Bar: 843 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa, California; Tel. 949.642.0600
Dragonfly: 6510 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.466.6111
El Dorado: 11777 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 310.207.0150
Element: 1642 Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.460.4632
Forbidden City: 1718 Vine St., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.461.2300
Gabah: 4658 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.664.8913
Garden of Eden: 7080 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.465.3336
Good Hurt: 12249 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 310.390.1076
Here: 696 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, California; Tel. 310.360.8455
Ivar: 6356 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.465.4827
Jewel’s Catch One: 4067 Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.734.8849
Jimmy’s Lounge: 6202 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.457.1066
Joseph’s Café: 1775 Ivar Ave., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.462.8697
King King: 6555 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.960.5765
LAX: 1714 Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.464.1071
La Cita: 336 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 213.687.7111
La Velvet Margarita Cantina: 1612 Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.469.2000
Les Deux: 1638 N. Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.462.7674
Level 3: Hollywood and Highland Complex, Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.461.2017
Little Temple: 4519 Santa Monica Blvd., Silver Lake, California; Tel. 323.660.4540
Lounge 217: 217 Broadway, Santa Monica, California; Tel. 310.394.6336
MJ’s: 2810 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.660.1503
Mayan Theatre: 1038 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 213.746.4674
Monroe’s: 8623 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, California; Tel. 310.360.0066
Montmartre Lounge/ Day After Nightclub: 6757 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.465.5369
The Mor Bar: 2941 Main St., Santa Monica, California; Tel. 310.455.6720
Mother Lode: 8944 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, California; Tel. 310.659.9700
Nacional: 1645 Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.962.7712
Pearl: 665 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, California; Tel. 310.358.9191
Privilege: 8117 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, California; Tel. 323.654.0030
QC’S 20/20 Montebello: 901 Via San Clemente, Montebello, California; Tel. 323.724.4500
The Ruby: 7070 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.467.7070
Three Clubs: 1223 N. Vine St., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.462.6441
Upstairs at Cinch: 1519 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, California; Tel. 310.395.4139
The Vanguard: 6021 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, California; Tel. 323.463.3331
Vine: 1235 N. Vine St., Los Angeles, California, 90038; Tel. 323.960.0800
The Viper Room: 8852 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, California; Tel. 310.358.1880
Zanzibar: 1301 5th St, Santa Monica, California; Tel. 310.451.2221

Post a question in the Las Vegas forum for information there.

Mary asks…

What are the pros of gambling? Can you give any facts to support your reasons?

Please let me know If you find any website, magazine, etc that can support your statements.

Administrator answers:

I think the most compelling argument for gambling is freedom. It is quite clear when you see the explosion of online poker, if you’ve ever seen how many new construction sites there are in Vegas, if you see how many people purchase a lottery ticket, that people wish to gamble. The Venetian in Las Vegas is currently building a new wing that will make it the largest hotel in the world. This accolade is currently held by the MGM, also in Vegas, that has over 5,000 rooms.

Las Vegas is the most famous gambling destination in the world, there are over 130,000 hotel rooms, and they are expanding all the time. While you can go to Vegas to eat nice food, do some shopping, see some shows, the vast majority of people go there to gamble.

So clearly the demand for gambling exists. Millions of people gamble online or play lottery tickets. Millions of people watch gambling on TV these days. All this despite the fact that America has some pretty draconian anti-gambling laws in most parts of the country.

If people want to gamble, and it is quite clear that they do, then they should be allowed to in a free country. It’s their money, they have earned their money and paid their tax on it. If they want to risk it gambling that is their right.

Gambling also raises money for good causes too. The most common form of gambling is the lottery. Tennessee was one of the last states to legalize the lottery, which they did about 2-3 years ago. Already in that time they have raised three quarters of a billion dollars for education. With Tennessee consistently ranking in the bottom five states for education, one cannot ignore the likelihood that this money is going to be of some benefit to education in this state.

So in conclusion, people have demonstrated a clear desire to gamble with their money, and should therefore be allowed to in a free country. Gambling creates employment, raises revenue for good causes, and earns the government millions of dollars in taxes.

If gambling were outlawed in this country, it would cost thousands of people their jobs and decimate communities like Las Vegas, which is currently the fastest growing city in America.

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