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February 23, 2013

Jenny asks…

What is good about the fonts – Bauhaus 93 and Broadway BT?

Can somebody please give a brief description of each font and the good points about both. Also why would they be appropriate as the font of the brand name/slogan on a drinks bottle? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Bauhaus 93:
Bauhaus 93 is a variant of URW Blippo Black. Only 1 font was produced.
The font is used in the credits for such TV shows as The Jeffersons and Roseanne, the late 1970s logo for Filmways, and the now-defunct Bamberger’s department store chain.
This font was used in interior and exterior signage at the Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World, until recent refurbishments (there may be a few of these signs, featuring this font still present throughout the resort). The Internet cartoon Homestar Runner often uses Bauhaus in its titles and menu options. It is also used in the Playmobil brand toys.
A version of Bauhaus with lowercase characters was used for the second series text-only labels and black background picture labels on Atari Video Computer System cartridges.
More notably, the font is currently used by Las Vegas based indie-rock band, The Killers. It has appeared on the cover art of all four studio albums, as well as their compilation album; Sawdust, and live album Live From The Royal Albert Hall. The font is used during performances also, being visible on backdrops and bass drums often.

Broadway BT:
Used on Playbill’s. Check out the link for more info on Playbill. Not often used.


Betty asks…

What is the most search term on google ever?

I want to know what the most searched item/topic/term whatever is on google. For the entire time google has been going.
oh okay. Thankyou!

Administrator answers: draft 2009 results
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