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June 16, 2013

Sandy asks…

When does CSI season 11 premiere in Australia?

I don’t care when it premieres in the US or the UK.
I don’t care when CSI Miami or CSI Las Vegas premieres.
I don’t care when season 9 or 10 aired.
All I would like to know is when does Crime Scene Investigation season 11 start in AUSTRALIA!?!
Thankyou :)

Administrator answers:

There is no official date yet, though it more than likely wont air until next year. Most of the seasons began around February/March on Channel 9. It is difficult because the Australian TV season doesnt match America’s. American TV shows are mainly off air for their summer (our winter) and when they return, our summer hits a few months later and our TV stations slow up. This is because what is known as the ratings period does not apply during summer. There is no point screening big shows like CSI when they cant claim good viewership for them, so they save them up until the ratings season returns, in February/March. By then however, a good half of the season will have aired in America.

Donald asks…

is there any movie theaters in las vegas that show movies dubbed in spanish or at least with subtitles?

i cant seem to find any.

Administrator answers:

For the most part the practice of dubbing movies for adults has ceased. Even in Mexico you rarely see a movie dubbed into Spanish except if it is a movie aimed at children. A “fantasy” movie that appeals to both children and adults will often be dubbed in one theater and with subtitles in another.
So an English movie with Spanish subtitles are not shown in Las Vegas. Even with the size-able Latino population (roughly 30% of the city of Las Vegas) most adults speak English. The market for subtitles is all on cable TV. You will occasionally see a Spanish language movie with English subtitles. Mostly they will be at Village Square on Sahara or at the Suncoast casino. Limited to art house movies and no more than 2 or 3 a year.

Donna asks…

TV Show Actors Being Used in Multiple Shows?

So I watch a couple of shows in my spare time. I was wondering if shows are starting to share more characters than they used to. For instance, in Bones and NCIS, the father of Booth and Gibbs is the same actor. In NCIS, a government agent is the same actor who plays an FBI agent in Lie To Me. Cam in Bones has appeared multiple times in NCIS. These shows are all on Fox. Am I seeing things or am I right?

Administrator answers:

???Mark Sheppard???Mark Sheppard???Mark Sheppard???
In TV Shows Used
•White Collar
•Burn Notice
•Bionic Woman
•Las Vegas
•In Plain Sight
?And alot other shows he is in
?always plays bad

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