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Your Questions About Las Vegas Tv Show

July 7, 2013

William asks…

What happened to the Las Vegas (tv series) on the seven network?

Last episode I viewed was Delinda’s Box Part II and then the show disappeared? Where is it and when is it on again.

Administrator answers:

The season 5 premiere is going to be on Sept. 28 at 9 PM.

If you go to and click on Las Vegas, it says that you can watch all of the previous episodes on the web through there. There were 11 episodes after Delinda’s Box Part 2 according to You should be able to check to see if it will be showing in your area and on which channel.

Michael asks…

What TV station shows your teams games?

Las Vegas gets both Fox sports stations so I see the Dodger games on Prime Ticket.
what LOCAL stations?

Administrator answers:

FSN Wisconsin. They play 85% of the games, and when they don’t I listen to Bob Eucker on the radio.
Brewers rarely, but do have a broadcast or 2 on ESPN and WGN. WGN is out of Chicago, so the only way we’ll see them is if they play the Cubs.

James asks…

When Is That Horse Jumping Show On Animal Planet The Tv Show Going To Be?

Administrator answers:

According to the website:

May 12, 9:00 pm
(90 minutes)

Rolex Equestrian World Cup Finals
Its athleticism, power and grace – 4 hoof style, as the worlds greatest horses and riders meet at the Rolex Equestrian World Cup Finals in Las Vegas.

Mary asks…

When will the 2010 Andy Williams Christmas Show air?

On public television, in the Chicagoland area if that changes anything? I like to see it every year so I don’t want to miss it. Thanks (:

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, there is no 20l0 Andy Williams Christmas Show TV special. It is possible that PBS may be running an old one. However, if you want to see Andy perform his holiday show, he’ll be at his Moon River Theatre in Branson, Mo through Dec. 11, then he’ll be in Costa Mesa, CA 12/16-18, Rancho Mirage, CA, 12/21-22 and at The Hilton in Las Vegas 12/23-24.

Laura asks…

How to clear blood stains?

I mean clean completely. Not just so they would not be seen with eye. But so they would not be found even with UV light and chemical reactions like they do in CSI Las Vegas TV show. Completely destroy blood cells or whatever is there…

What chemicals should I use? Where can I buy them?
No, no, no. I’m pretty sure bleach does not works. You can clean them but they still are there. You can still see them in UV light. I want them to be gone not just invisible…
I’m serious. I did not killed anybody. I need it for work… _

Administrator answers:

Bleach. Any supermarket would do.

Maria asks…

What average do you need to have to become a crime scene investigator?

Im 15, in 9th grade and i want to become a crime scene incestigator later on in life. I currently have an average of 80.5%. First of all & most important, will i be accepted in university. Second, will they accept me in crime school or whatever we call it?
Thx :)

Administrator answers:

I’ve referenced and included the link to the official Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Force Crime Scene Analyst I job description. That is what the TV show CSI is very loosely based on. The TV show is not very realistic as analysts don’t carry a gun and chase criminals. They certainly can’t arrest anyone as they are technicians and not police academy trained.

They only need a two year associate degree. The description will say what you need to study and YES there are crime scene investigation courses.

Ken asks…

I want to be an actress how do I start?

I want to be an actress I live in Las Vegas and I’m 15 years old I have no experience but I would love to learn I have a huge problem I’m really out of shape and I know that nobody wants to see a fat girl on screen so need to fix that but if I send in a tape of my face and body I doubt they’ll like and call me back it’s my dream I really want this but how do I start? Please help me

Administrator answers:

It’s good to get in shape but that’s more about just being healthy. You don’t have to be bone thin to be an actress or anything.

If you’re serious about acting, then start by taking some acting classes. Voice and dance classes can be helpful too. Audition for what you can – school plays, community theater or other local productions. Perform with a choir, dance troupe or ther performance group. Check out speech/drama club and try competing in the acting categories at forensic competitions. Contact local film school and ask how they find actors for student films and check those resources. Look at the website for your local film commission and see what opportunities might be there. Read plays and scripts – all kinds. Keep an eye out for characters and monologues you love and want to develop. Check into local casting companies about getting work as an extra. Extra work is not really considered “acting” but it can give you an idea of what happens behind the camera. Get together with friends and make your own movies or web series or put on your own productions. Basically have fun learning and growing as an actor.

If you’re talking about more professional work, then you have to understand that professional acting is a business. It’s like starting a company and YOU are the product being sold. It’s going to take a big investment of time, effort and money for you AND YOUR PARENTS. Since you’re a minor, you can’t do it without your parents willing to be the CEO of your acting career.

You and your parents will need to understand the industry, the casting process, who the players are and what they do (and don’t do), industry contracts, actor unions, entertainment work permits, trust accounts, how to network and make connections in the industry, and many other things. There are a lot of scams and ripoffs out there. Many target people who think they can just show up and be “discovered” – but that’s just not how the industry works. You’ll need professional head shots, an acting resume and an acting reel (if you’re interested in tv/film work) which are the marketing materials used to sell yourself and your skills to talent agents and casting directors. It’s going to take some research for you and your parents to increase your chances of success. Some helpful websites:

Remember, you don’t have to have a professional acting career as a child to have one as an adult. You can just focus now on building a reputation as a talented, mature actor. Then look into acting schools/programs for after high school. You’ll want a well-respected school. It’s not only help you improve your skills, but is a good way to start to make connections in the industry.

Good luck.

Chris asks…

how do I lease a space in a Las Vegas casino shopping center?

Trying to find out how one goes about leasing a retail store in a major casino (Miracle Mile, Caesar’s Forum, the Venetian/Palazzo)…

Administrator answers:

It can be done. Just the other night on TV, the show is Counts Custom Cars on the History Channel. The guy took a lease out on a tattoo shop in the Rio or Palms. He noted it took three years to put the deal together and open the shop. You can go direct to the resort and begin asking questions. Or, you can get a real estate broker that can probably do it faster.

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