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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

October 3, 2012

Ruth asks…

How is Las Vegas weather in early February?

Im planning to go on a trip for my 25th birthday. Considering February is still “Winter”, Im not sure if I should go or not. Im from Texas, so anything below 60 degrees is too cold for me! Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Hola Espana…

I think WAITING and coming a little later in the year would be better for you.

It WILL be in the 50′s or 60′s during most of February (I/we run a large convention in Vegas ‘every’ February)…and there’s always a week or so of rain/drizzle/? That month as well…we feel lucky if our convention misses it because we have a morning Fun Run, etc during the event as well.

My thought…Buy Yourself The Gift of Vegas…for your birthday (purchase/reserve your trip)…and then you can consider it your Birthday trip more ‘officially’…right? Then you can come our a couple/few months later for the pool parties, etc.

Otherwise, plan to ‘layer’ for the daytime-evening events and you’ll find there’s always plenty of fun things to do in Vegas! If you can’t find them…email me! (click on my profile/avatar picture here and send an email…I/we are Vegas experts!)

Lisa asks…

hows the weather in las vegas i will be there next weekend?

Administrator answers:

It will be 70 to 80°F next weekend. Typically in the middle of April the average High Temp is 75-80°F and the average low temp is about 53 to 55°F. It will occasionally get as high as 90°F. For the most part the days are sunny and the rainfall is pretty low in the month of April (in fact its the second driest month of the year on average in Las Vegas). Expect the sun to be shining and to wear sunscreen all day long as well as sunglasses. Bring a light jacket at night just in case.

Sunrise is at about 6:10 AM and Sunset is about 7:15 PM in mid April.

Nancy asks…

how is the weather in las vegas in the middle of april?

Administrator answers:

I live here. High 80′s to mid 90′s. Low 60′s in eve.

Steven asks…

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco Weather?

I will be visiting Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco over the next few weeks during the winter holiday. Please tell me what the weather will be for the next few weeks in degrees Celcius please. Thanks, also, what clothing would be suitable for the weather. Also, what are some good places to visit? Maybe some bookshops or streets or bakery shops or buildings or shopping malls?

Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Well, just two weeks ago, I was in Vegas, and it was raining. But as I was leaving one afternoon, it was sunny. It San Francisco, it’s sunny, but really cold at night and in the morning. I’m not sure about LA but I’ll be going there too in 2 weeks.

Joseph asks…

What will the weather be like in Las Vegas from 30/03/09 – 4/04/09?

What temperature in Celsius will it be? I am going over for a buisness trip and don’t know what kind of clothes to pack?

Administrator answers:

Live here and on 2-26 was 75 near the airport.
It is beautiful now.
This is the best time of year to visit.
You will not be disappointed.
You do not need heavy stuff. Just casual and light weight clothes.
By late March you may even be in the pool.

Linda asks…

What is the best month to travel to Las Vegas? What is the weather like in early September? Thanks!?

Administrator answers:

Any month is good, always hot

David asks…

Weather in Las Vegas now? Wondering type of clothes to pack…?

Heading to Vegas next week for spring break and wondering on how the weather is – hot, cold, rainy? Not sure what type of clothes to pack. I’m from hawaii so it’s pretty much always sunny and breezy here :) Sites online say different temperatures so I’m not sure what to believe, thought asking someone there could be much more helpful.

So ya idk jackets, pants, boots, or slippers, tank tops, shorts????

Administrator answers:

The forecast for next week ranges from 60 on Monday (with rain) to 73 on Thursday. Definitely a jacket for the evenings and maybe even during the day for the first couple of days. Then shorts and tank tops once it gets closer to 70. Boots? Nah. Slippers? Maybe in the hotel.

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