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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

October 19, 2012

Thomas asks…

Does any one know or experinced what the weather and temperature is like in Las Vegas during Oct?

We are going in a weeks time and was advised by our travel agent that this was the best time of year to go as its loads cooler but other people have said its too cold to go then…… Views please.
Sorry forgot to say I am coming from the UK. Its about 14c here so I suppose anything thats above that would be nice!

Administrator answers:

I moved from the UK to Las Vegas two years ago, and i was surprised at how cold it does get out here!

During the day our top temp is about 84, and at night it’s dropping to around 61 ish. We are slightly under the average temperature at the moment as we are stuck in a “cool pool” as the weather guy said last night.

The best thing to do is bring shorts and tees during the day, and jeans and a fleecy top for at night, i have to admit i’m still walking around in flip flops so it’s not that bad, but we get alot of cold winds blowing though the valleys, and that makes it feel a lot cooler than it is!

Have a great time here in Vegas! October is the perfect time to visit!

Mark asks…

What is the weather like in Las Vegas in early November?

Administrator answers:

Quite comfortable. Although it is stating to cool down considerably and many of the pool areas will close down. So if you are big Sun and poll person then you may be a little dissapointed.

Days are likely to be anywhere from 60-80. Maybe a little higher possibly. But dont expect great pool weather. Its more a golfers ideal time of year.The average day would be around 70-75. It can cool down rapidly at night though. As soon as the sun goes down it can be down right chilly. So you will have to dress for wide range of temps. Bring a jacket or sweater for the evening and shorts for the day if it is warm.

Richard asks…

How can i change the weather that comes up on my home page from las vegas to some other city?

Administrator answers:

Left click on weather and change city or zip code

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