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Your Questions About Las Vegas Weather

October 26, 2012

Ken asks…

when is the weather in Las Vegas going to go lower than 100 degrees??? right now is 111 degrees?

Administrator answers:

Not before Thursday – – except at night, of course.

Actually, looking at accuweather, not in the next 15 days as a high temp. Http://

I guess as you live in the desert, you’ll have to get used to it.

Linda asks…

what is the weather in las vegas?

Administrator answers:

Currently 58 degrees as of 8:30pm. High tomorrow is 67. During the summer, it can get up to 110 to 115 degrees during the daytime. During the winter it does get cold; usual high temps are in the 40′s and 50′s. At night during the winter it does get down to freezing and once in a while into the 20′s.

William asks…

What is the weather like in Las Vegas in DECEMBER?

Administrator answers:

It can get pretty darn cold and windy
but it RARELY snows

Carol asks…

Where do I find the monthly(daily) weather reports for Las Vegas, NV. (July, and August of 2006)?

Temp. ,precip , skys(cloudy or not etc.) For Free!

Administrator answers:

I prefer the site:

Click on product Preliminary climatological Data under product

Click on Las Vegas for location

click on Archive and then the month desired for each month’s daily data.

Joseph asks…

how the weather in las vegas NV?

im going there monday
and i need to know if its cold or wat?
thanks :D

Administrator answers:

Not cold but not hot. It will be mid 60′s. You can keep track of it by going to this website and in the middle they have the current weather … If you click on it it will give you all the information you want to know.

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